Fey pixie, yon woman-child: for how else to ordain the platinum-gilded strands of sunshine's silk which falls lightly about the delicate beauty of fine-boned expression? Pixie, indeed; short in stature and slim in build, with budding promise displayed as smooth curves at hip and bosum: the wicked promise of fulsome destiny entirely of an accord with lips often holding the full curve of a pout. Even without, fae she would be marked nonetheless, if only for her eyes: deep woodland pools of grey-green they are, shading slate into beryl, an ancient palette rendered in startling youth.

Typical garb is worn appropriate for the time of year and place of residence, with a flair for fashion. It is not entirely unknown for Harmony to be sporting bright colors in some form or another, be it in her hair or on her clothing.


It was spring, when baker journeyman Harlee transferred into Xanadu Weyr and by chance ran into brownriding Ci're in the rain. This chance meeting sparked a romance which burned bright and fast. The torrid love-affair between Harlee and Ci're lasted only one sizzling summer, but it was enough to see Harmony born the following spring— and while Harlee would eventually marry a Healer and have further children, and Ci're would continue his love-as-thou-wilt ways, both doted on their daughter in a mutual war for her affections.

This, of course, meant Harmony grew up somewhat… spoiled, pampered by her mother in particular, who would insist upon Harmony's entrance into the bakercraft at an early age. Ci're approved of his daughter's work, especially when it began to show that Harmony had a deft hand with seasonings, and a love for all things soups and stews (though his belt surely did not).

Moving up into a senior apprenticeship at seventeen surely was enough to inflate Harmony's ego out of all proportion, but the posting elsewhere - which she was greatly anticipating - did not accompany it, likely due to her mother's meddling. Harmony remains in Xanadu, cooking up a storm, and more than her chili has a bite: for sweet she may be to her parents, but the kitchenstaff is quite aware of her sarcastic, entitled bend.


Name Relation Location Position
Harlee Mother Xanadu Weyr Baker Journeyman
Ci're Father Xanadu Weyr Brownrider
Circelyn Half-Sister Xanadu Weyr Dragonhealer Grade 3



Always Seeking and Scampering Blue Crosenturath (aka, Scrat)

Ripples of azure ebb and flow over the smooth, glassy hide of this plump, squat young dragonet. Chilly sea blue splashes against his belly with hints of sea foam, the color lightening and brightening as it rises over his curved sides towards his spine like sea ice trapped for centuries at the pole. Layer upon layer of darkness and light are subtle, giving the suggestion that there is much more to him beneath the surface. Pale sky blue wraps around his long, long and narrow muzzle, thin lips recessed just enough to show two little baby dragon teeth. His rounded eyes bulge just enough to be noticeable, like squeezing a bag filled with water, sticking out from his face and giving him a slightly startled expression.

His neckridges are drenched in more icy blue hues, darker colors overlaid with lighter, as if he were sculpted from the sea ice itself, with all its complications and layers, fractures and imperfections. Wings are broad and short, almost stubby in their youthfulness, the membranes thin enough to see the veins running through them. Green ichor within his blue hide brings a turquoise depth to his sails, when lifted against the pale Fortian sun. His haunches are powerful and round, and his tail is thick and short and almost stunted, with a subtle banding running through it. This awkward little guy is definitely a son of Velokraeth.

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