Sex Female
Age 17
Position Scribe
Place of Birth Fort Hold
Casting Call Kat Dennings


Standing at medium height, Hanild carries herself with an air of confidence and grace at all times. She is thin, but not waifish; her form has grown from young teenage awkwardness toward womanly curves and is best described as 'svelte.' Fair but unfreckled skin makes her dark blue eyes stand out against the rounded nose and strong eyebrows, with the whole of her face softened by wavy brown hair that falls just past the shoulderblades.

Hanild's dress takes advantage of her slender frame to fit quite closely around her svelte curves. Hand-knit, this warm sweater of a dress features long sleeves and a tea-length skirt, with a simple scoop neck and a plain, undyed yarn. Color is not this dress's main feature; that would instead be the texture of its variable knit, evident throughout, with lace and cables and bobbles just about everywhere.


The oldest child and only daughter of two Smiths posted to Fort Hold, Hanild was always a little bit of a spoiled child. Her mother's status as a respected jeweler left the family well taken care of, as there were always piles of commissions and any piece her mother simply felt compelled to make, well — that was generally purchased within a sevenday of completion. Hanild's father, on the other hand, worked in civil engineering and was much more likely to be talking about roads than about jewelry. He made less and worked more, and that was never much of an issue to anyone.

So Hanild's childhood was largely rife with enjoyable moments, and very little catastrophe or even discomfort. The birth of two younger brothers, one when Hanild was four and one when she was nine, were not perhaps able to be considered the most enjoyable things in a child's life, but she survived being an older sibling relatively unscathed. The boys always wanted to do boy-things, and so she simply acted too airily proud and feminine to stoop to the level of playing with her brothers. Miraculously, her parents actually let her get away with it.

As time passed, Hanild began to mature, and it seemed like a good idea to consider what her lot in life would be. By the time she was twelve, her parents were attempting to find potential future husbands for her — something she did not, at the time, object to, for it seemed all good and right that any proper woman should be wed, and after all, her parents had such good taste! And they were introduced intending to be matchmade, and that worked out all right, did it not? They were also attempting to find work for her, and that was a little more — difficult. She wasn't too talented in the way of Smithing or Harpering or even a little bit interested in Healing, and others mentioned that perhaps the couple were attempting to push their daughter into too much too soon. She remained simply a holdbrat as long as was appropriate, of course, for all that her arrogant maturity made her little interested in playing with children (she would much prefer to spend time in her mother's studio, for all that she was poor at working with the tools — she had very good ideas for what pieces should look like, and her mother welcomed her help) and by the time she was fourteen, the mystery had been solved.

For all that Hanild wasn't interested in being a Smith, she did occasionally help her parents with drawings, and more appropriately, with notes. The girl's handwriting was one of the most impeccably neat the Hold had seen in quite some time, and upon the Headwoman spotting some of her notes, hired her straightaway as a scribe. The life of taking notes, and recopying them in a careful and well-trained calligraphic hand, suited Hanild ideally. She loved her fancy pens, which she only got more of as she continued her length of time in the position. Everything was, in fact, well and good and wonderful, and she eventually graduated to having her own quarters; far too good, she thought, for the resident dorms, and no longer able to stay with her parents and brothers due to being far too /old/ for those things.

It stayed just as well and good, really, until Hanild turned sixteen and the topic of marriage came up again. Instead of being excited by it as she was as a child, she was rather repulsed, having made her way as an independent woman and a good holder. She had no interest in babies, or taking care of men — especially not if they were as dirty as her brothers, though if one was as decent and neat as her father that /might/ be tolerable — or being the head of a house. She was busy being the all-important scribe for the Hold's matters, spending her time with Lords and Ladies taking notes on meetings! But her parents pushed, and eventually convinced her to meet a few of her would-be suitors. None, of course, were good enough for Hanild, who thought herself perfect.

At seventeen, she was merely being pressed to try to at least consider one of the gentlemen for longer than a few hours by her parents, for all they were largely concerned that Hanild didn't even seem to have very many friends (while she did, they were mostly younger teenage girls who were happy to be in the inner circle of Queen Bee Hanild). She was quite disinterested in this plan, and, in fact, had become quite disinterested and rather bored with most everything, as well as sick of her noisy brothers, and tired of the endless flirtations from the hold's older and rather unattractive steward. Instead, she thought, she needed adventure, and having never left the Hold, had always been interested in what a Weyr had to offer on that count. The life was supposed to be different, right? More carefree? Less … stuffy?

When she ran off to Fort Weyr about a month later, Hanild had the — mild — blessing of both parents, who insisted that she was welcome to return home anytime she saw the error of her ways. As it was, Hanild wasn't expecting to do that anytime soon. In fact, if Fort didn't suit, she could always find another place to move; Weyrs had dragonriders for hire, right?


Name Relation Location Position
Adrasteia Mother Fort Hold Jman Smith (Jeweler)
Mikandros Father Fort Hold Jman Smith (Engineer)
Goran Brother (-4) Fort Hold Holdbrat
Krister Brother (-9) Fort Hold Holdbrat
J'kairn Cousin Igen Weyr Bluerider


None. Perhaps yet.


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