Portrayed By Tyler Posey
Gender Male
Aliases Haze
Place of Birth Near Fort
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Dragon Bronze Kainaesyth
Status Active
Email moc.liamg|yksrepinuj#moc.liamg|yksrepinuj

Current Theme Song


Thick dark black hair lays quietly upon a head with just a bit too much space in the forehead to be considered classically attractive. The cut is rough, leaving some areas longer than others. When hit just right the wind blows heavy strands over piercing dark brown eyes which perch under thick eyebrows matching the colour of the hair. Lightly tanned skin reaches from forehead down to toes, with no obvious scars or other markings upon the skin. Hands and well developed muscles show signs that perhaps this young man is no stranger to hard labour. He stands just slightly shorter than his peers, with broad shoulders tapering down into a medium sized waist. A typical days clothing includes a canvas shirt over loose brown pants kept in place by a wide leather belt.


Hazelon was born in a small cothold near Fort. For the first eight turns of his life he and his parents lived quietly there. They worked in the fields and had very little standing within the hold itself. He had begun showing interest in following his parents rather than beginning a craft when a man named Laris entered their lives. Easily swayed his parents abandoned their position to join him when he began to sweep downwards through the area. Because Hazelon was so young, he was relegated to the secondary family camp. Nominally cheerful he was able to keep himself more or less on an even keel as life in the camp got harder. As time wore on, some of that chipper exterior began to wear down as he attracted beatings when his work was not to par. Sweetness was replaced with an ingrained determination to do things correctly, and avoid physical punishment.

When the final raid on the island was accomplished and Hazelon's parents determined to share Laris guilt, Hazelon was left an orphan and taken in by the weyr. His experiences have left him a quiet teenager, more apt to listen and watch before taking any action. At sixteen he has begun to slowly step out of the shadows and develop a plan for his future. He feels partially responsible for the actions of his parents.

Recent events have shocked him out of the shadows an into the spotlight. After a round of negotiations with Rayathess Haze allowed himself to be convinced to help the young man with his journeyman project. While in the forest they were beset by bandits and Hazelon was caught up with the renegade band after Rayathess was shot by the renegades. He lived with them for several days before killing a guard and escaping. He was caught by wingleader Abigail and delivered back to the weyr. His future is uncertain as he grapples with either leaving Fort altogether to try restarting somewhere else, or stay and ride the wave of untrust and fear that has grown up around him; as well as attempt to find some bridge between his lingering guilt over the Laris band and fear of this new renegade leader- Ustrr.

After recovering fully from his midadventure Hazelon slowly grew less focused on his fear. Enough that when Wingleader Abigail asked him to stand for the small clutch of nine eggs upon laid by Nyalle's Kayeth and Th'ero's Velokraeth. He accepted. During candidacy a poor choice to go seek privacy when on an excursion lead to an attack on a small group of candidates which was thwarted by the timely entrance of the mature riders of the weyr. Th'ero took an arrow for Hazelon, who was badly beaten by Ustrr before the man escaped. Twisted by the need for revenge, Hazelon set to return his candidacy knot, only to be asked to continue for the sake of the woman who had searched him… by the man who took the arrow for him. (Talk about emotional manipulation there.) When least expecting it bronze Kainaesyth flipped the now Ha'ze's world upside down.


Name Relation Location Position
Unamed Father Deceased Holdless
Unamed Mother Exiled Holdless
Jaze Daughter Drake's Lake Baby!
Galeon* Son Fort Weyr Weyrbrat
Aleoa* Daughter Fort Weyr Weyrbrat



Title OOC Date Cast
Totally. Inappropriate. February 28, 2015 D'ani, Ha'ze, Inri, Nyalle, Th'ero, Thys
Ha'ze Wins November 25, 2015 Ha'ze, Kimmila, Th'ero
All for Revenge November 24, 2015 Ha'ze, Th'ero
Down Go the House of Cards November 23, 2015 Abigail, Ha'ze, Inri, Jajen (NPC), Mr'az (NPC), Th'ero
Timing is Everything November 21, 2015 Ha'ze, Jajen (NPC)
A Reward for Lies November 20, 2015 Ha'ze, Mr'az (NPC)
Strange, Isn't It? November 15, 2015 Ha'ze, K'vir
Warnings from Unlikely Sources November 06, 2015 Ha'ze, Th'ero
Almost Normal November 02, 2015 Ha'ze, Jajen (NPC)
Clash November 02, 2015 Abigail, Ha'ze
Truce? October 25, 2015 Ha'ze, Jajen
Exile's Return (Vig) October 24, 2015 Ha'ze
True Fortian July 11, 2015 Ha'ze, Nyalle
Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours May 09, 2015 Ha'ze, Rayathess
Suspicious Questions May 03, 2015 Ha'ze, Jajen (NPC)
Peace Offering April 27, 2015 Ha'ze, Myra (NPC)
Talk with Fists April 21, 2015 Ha'ze, Th'ero, Iaverulth (NPC), Kainaesyth, Velokraeth
Clash April 10, 2015 Ha'ze, Jajenelja (NPC)
Not a Time to Talk April 13, 2015 Abigail, Ha'ze
Breaking Point April 06, 2015 Ha'ze, Th'ero
Get Yourself Away, Apprentice March 22, 2015 Beyrl, NPC Harper Journeyman (Ha'ze)
Kouzevelth's And Kainaesyth's Eggs Hatch April 01, 2015 Aaron, Alister, Beyrl, Brebain, D'ani, Daralyn, Gabriela, Haristal, Ha'ze, Inri, Kera, Kyzen, Lucy, M'icha, Senira, Thys, Zhirayr, Kainaesyth, Kouzevelth
Fort! Where Men Are Men And The Goats Are Scared March 27, 2015 D'ani, Gabriela, Haristal, Ha'ze, Inri, Senira, Th'ero, Zhirayr
Goats and Eggs March 23, 2015 Anrila, Ha'ze
Don't Get Caught March 22, 2015 Alister, Beyrl, Gabriela, Lucy, NPCs by Ha'ze
Can't Touch This March 08, 2015 Kyzen, Lianri, Kainaesyth, Kouzevelth, Velokraeth
A Fitting Fitting March 05, 2015 Brebain, Inri, Ha'ze
Someone Tell Daralyn He //Can// Say No... (Daralyn Searched) March 07, 2015 Daralyn, Ha'ze
The Weird Ones Come in Pairs (Kouzevelth Clutches) March 07, 2015 Ha'ze, Inri, Kouzevelth, Kainaesyth, Mirinda, Lianri, Zhirayr
... What? March 04, 2015 Anrila, Beyrl, D'ani, Ha'ze, Rayathess, Zhirayr
He's Insane! February 27, 2015 Beyrl, Ha'ze, Lucy
Price of Overconfidence (Backdated) February 05, 2015 Br'enn, Ha'ze, Mr'az (NPC), Nyalle, Th'ero
Incognito Bailouts, Part II (Something Fishy) February 22, 2015 D'ani, Ha'ze, Inri
Drunken Proposals & Incognito Bailouts February 22, 2015 D'ani, Inri; Dremkoth, Kouzevelth, Kainaesyth
Hunted Down February 11, 2015 Abigail, Gabriela, Ha'ze, Jajen (NPC); Iaverulth (NPC), Kainaesyth, Kayeth, Niumdreoth
Not By the Books February 20, 2015 Alister, Beyrl, D’ani, Ghantin, Inri, S’dny, Th’ero, Wh’ton, Z’len, Zhirayr; Dremkoth, Kouzevelth, Kainaesyth, Marzoth, Velokraeth, Waszth, Tisjadath
Congratulations, It's Babies February 09, 2015 Anrila, Ha’ze, Kainaesyth, Rayathess, Zhirayr
Lend A Hand February 07, 2015 Abigail, C'rus, Ha'ze, Kimmila, Th'ero
Woman February 01, 2015 Gabriela, Ha'ze, Aaron
Causing Disarray January 30, 2015 Thys, Ha'ze
Childish Aspirations January 25, 2015 C'rus, Ha'ze, Kyzen (NPC)
Keep It Outside the Weyr January 27, 2015 Ha'ze, Th'ero
Sore January 26, 2015 Abigail, Ha'ze
And uh, Then She Knew January 25, 2015 Abigail, Gabriela, Lucy, Th'ero
What She Doesn't Know January 23, 2015 Ha'ze, Gabriela
Issues January 15, 2015 Ha'ze, Kimmila, Th'ero
Escape and Purple Boxes January 19, 2015 Zhirayr, Ha'ze




This bronze is small and quick, understated and sneaky. His coloration is odd to say the least, and varied. Parts of him are polished and gleaming, but other spaces on his hide sport patterns of scratches, and still others nearly black crags that give the illusion of cutting deep into his body, despite him being whole and healthy. He's small though, for a bronze, though not stunted. Just a bronze in miniature, and wickedly intelligent.