Portrayed By Tyler Hoechlin
Gender Male
Aliases Haris, Stallion*
Place of Birth Fort Area
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Trader
Status Greenrider
* don't ask


The epitome of tall, dark and handsome, H'tal stands six feet tall with black hair and green eyes. He's all masculinity from his thick eyebrows and stubbled jaw down to his broad chest and lean waist; well-earned muscle from head to toe. For all his abundance of brawn, though, he's a little lacking in brain. But that's probably what makes him kind of a sweet guy, right? He generally wears practical clothes, though he has a propensity for being shirtless almost as often as he isn't. It's not his fault, though. It's easier to fix things without it. Someone probably told him that once.


Born into a trader caravan, Haristal is a simple man who has thus far led a simple life. With skills that fall outside of the realm of typical trading, generally having less brain than brawn, his career has leaned more toward that of a handyman and occasional muscle in service to the more trade-y traders. He's been perfectly okay with that and doesn't really seem to have much desire to reach beyond his current position in life. When given the chance to stand by brownrider Fl'n, however, Haristal accepted and currently calls Fort Weyr home.


Name Relation Location Position
TBD Father Caravan Trader
TBD Mother Caravan Trader
TBD Sister (+4) Caravan Trader
TBD Sister (+2) Caravan Trader
TBD Sister (-2) Caravan Trader
TBD Sister (-4) Caravan Trader


Title OOC Date Cast
To-dos won't pay the bills October 20, 2016 H'tal, Thys
Come With Me if You Want to Live (Sygni is Searched!) November 5, 2016 Am'ry, H'tal, Sygni