A diminutive young woman, Galina barely looks her age — which can roughly be gauged at 19 turns old. Her hair is a thick fall of black that's generally twisted up in a braided bun and pinned in place at the back of her head. Pale gray eyes observe the world with a clinical coolness, set beneath mildly arched brows; overall, she is a very severe and angular sort of figure, which, when coupled with her too-pale skin, grants the impression that she might well have been carved of cold marble. The sense of frailty is only skin-deep; there is a wiry sort of strength in her, a strength that suggests she's not entirely helpless.

For now, her clothing consists of a dark brown, short-sleeved work-shirt with a white thermal underneath; the thermal's sleeves are often rolled up to her elbows, leaving her forearms plainly visible. The shirts are coupled with a black pair of trousers made of heavy fabric, though the extra fabric is tucked into the tops of her boots. A broad leather belt, equipped with a plethora of leather pouches buckled to it, keeps the trousers in place and serves to keep a few tools of her former trade easily at hand. The addition of gloves — oft-tucked into her belt if not worn — a cloth or two tucked in a back pocket, and dark, multi-buckled boots that end at mid-shin completes the ensemble. She can usually be spotted with a large leather satchel, the strap running crosswise over her person, emblazoned with the healer's emblem on the front flap. Her knot is that of a weyrling at Fort Weyr, a thread of gold denoting the hue of her lifemate.


Galina is the third child of Katenka and Arkady, preceded by her eldest sister Lilya and eldest brother Makari. Her younger brother, Ippolit, was born two turns later. Since her youth, she's always been fascinated by medicine and the art of healing; it fit well with her clinical nature and her need to analyze everything to figure out the problem and the correct solution to it.

At the age of twelve, she was sent to the Healer's Hall for proper training beyond what little the resident Journeyman of her home, Ogren Hold, felt comfortable teaching her. She caught on quickly enough and delved into her studies, where her perfectionist nature rapidly developed and bloomed. Tending to keep her distance from other Apprentices and students, she preferred, instead, to spend her time sitting with the Journeymen and Masters when she could to further her education.

Shortly after turning sixteen, she was sent with a few other Healer's Apprentices to Ista Weyr to assist and further their collective education. She is still not yet certain whether she cares much for the warm weather and the humidity; indeed, the very climate is at odds with her cold and distant personality in a way that she did not fully anticipate. Being Holdbred, the very nature of the Weyr is a peculiar thing and, while she's willing to stay for the sake of her education, she's often puzzled or downright disturbed by Weyrlife as a whole.

With her elders, she is exceedingly respectful; others are viewed as a strange species of alien that only makes sense when they are sick or hurt. Humor is lost on her and attempts to engage her in conversation are due to take peculiar turns. At the least, she's willing to make an effort to be sociable; she just utterly fails at it in spectacular ways.


Name Relation Location Position
Katenka Mother Ogren Hold Resident
Arkady Father Ogren Hold Resident
Lilya Sister Ogren Hold Resident
Makari Brother Ogren Hold Resident
Ippolit Brother Ogren Hold Resident
Vadik Nephew (by Lilya) Ogren Hold Resident

Other Notable NPCs

Name Location Position
Lyuba Ierne Weyrhold Greenrider to Allochkath
Grigoriy Fort Weyr Senior Journeyman Healer, Mentor
Agnessa Ogren Hold Head Cook
Ilari Ogren Hold Tea Artisan/Botanist
Ivanna Fort Weyr Journeyman Weaver
Nadya Fort Weyr Apprentice Weaver
Bogdan Fort Weyr Apprentice Healer / Candidate


Star In The Cabin Blue Cyanosis

The first thing that stands out about this handsome little blue is his eyes. Perhaps a little bit bigger than some, they lend an innocent, almost naive appearance. The next is his odd coloration, spiralling upwards in shades of indigo and lapis on his hind feet and the tip of his tail, up to pure, clear aquamarine on the tips of his wings and headknobs. Right in the center of his belly is a little chestnut-hued diamond, seemingly the origin of the swirling shades covering his body. He is a bit roundish in appearance, but one touch is enough to affirm that it's not pudginess, but muscle beneath his hide. Claws of matte ebony tip each talon, ready to grip a perch or fish at turns.

Dangerous Liquid Brown Redwort

Dashing and daring this brown has a dangerous edge to him, if not as much physically, certainly in his mere presence. The flash of blood stained talons are enough to set one back and the certain glint to his eyes which makes him seem that trouble is likely his middle name. Of his body, but for talon and tooth you will not find a sharpened edge. He is all curves, smooth and sensual, alluring in a dangerous fashion for those who get to close are likely to get burned. Not by flame but by the chemistry which flows liquidly upon his hide, or at least by appearance seems to. Such an odd pattern the brown of his body is dark and a slightly reddish-brown that looks to stain easily. Such a volatile element he is, and disastrously alluring. Maximum safety precautions should be taken when in his presence, he is not one to fool around with.

My Mind to Your Mind Bronze Panacea

Molten copper and bronze swirl and combine together, cooling into the rigid, angular form of this elegant firelizard. Ripples of liquid brass slide over his sleek body, covering him in a shining coat that only amplifies the logical fluid grace in his calculated movements. Hints of pale caramel accent the smooth lines of his regal head, tiny motes of gold skipping along the length of his long pointed headknobs. A wash of pure light spreads over the expanse of his wingsails, creating a dazzling array of faded bronze, copper and brass that meld together perfectly. Hidden strength lies in long, lithe limbs and great intelligence seems to peer out from deep within his alert, whirling eyes.

Secret Salve Green Numbweed

Soothing shades of lighter-than-mint green have been liberally and evenly spread over the sleek curves of this firelizard, with a curious iridescence akin to oil upon it. The color crystallizes at her delicate headknobs and graces her sleek eyeridges before it scintillates down the smooth curves of her neckridges. Sage salve pools at her feet, while numbed jade spills down her 'sails in a smooth solution that evaporates at the trailing edges of her wings. But the even mixture of pale hues on her hide isn't entirely pure, for down the length of her tail, dark tendrils and twists of some arcane herbal mixture can be found spiraling throughout.

Experimental Feline Bronze Elixir

Rust and tarnish coats the lean musculature of this firelizard, spreading over his long and lanky body in a smooth coating of reddish bronze. Dark crimson engulfs his elongated ridges, the spiky protrusions rolling back over his head like a fiery Mohawk before settling into undulating waves down his back. Sharp, claw-like talons poke out from the end of long feline limbs, their dark color at odds with his molten appearance. Slashes of black, almost like tribal markings, crisscross over his shoulder, while thick bands of steely hue encircle his legs in some mockery of jewelry. Pure fire erupts from his back in the form of his wings, the membranes an array of fluid copper, bronze and brass.


Dare to be Different Gold Vidyazath

Rolling waves of palest straw gold flow over the thin hide of this dragon, seeping deeply into the delicate contours of her body in a smooth plain of sun-bleached hue. Subtle hints of red-gold drift along the aquiline bridge of her sharply angular muzzle, spreading along to her peaked headknobs like a field of ripened grain. Ripples of amber and honey tumble down her long arched neck and breeze along her narrow haunches, creating a pattern of faint wheaten barring that shows up clear against her otherwise ghostly hide. Tiny stripes of the same hue start at the base of her broom-thin tail and the tops of her lean limbs, the banded design continuing on until it fades into nothingness. Warm golden tones of caramel and butterscotch, flushed with undertones of red, color the entirety of her ridges, the jagged peaks rising and falling evenly down her narrow back. Muted umber talons stand out starkly against the pale hide of her paws, each point carrying a wicked curve despite appearing flimsily thin from far away. Darker burnished gold and rich flaxen shades melt together into a light mottling over her rather large wings, the deep folds of membrane almost looking like an enveloping cloak that drapes loosely over her slight frame.