Portrayed By Lulu Antariksa
Gender Female
Hair Brown Sugar
Eyes Chocolate Brown
Height 4'11
Aliases Gabby
Place of Birth High Reaches
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Dragon Ahzavayth
Status Active


Dark velvet hair is spiraled through by veins of brown sugar and glossed by fickle tendrils of honey flowing through the darkened mass that rolls to the narrow sweep of her shoulders. Framing brows arch along the ridges above milk chocolate eyes framed by thick ebon lashes. Her nose is centered almost too perfectly above expressive lips bracketed by laugh lines. Her small body is gently rounded into yet attractive curves. A flat stomach and wiry arms attest to years of hard work. Her slender hands are lightly calloused with each finger adorned with simple rings. An assortment of braided cloth and beads are strung together in a miasma of bracelets that decorate her left arm.

A top of flimsy white cloth teases the boundaries of propriety without going over the line. A low neckline skirts her shoulders and dips slightly in the back, though quarter length sleeves shroud her upper arms. The simple cloth covers her torso and tucks neatly into a flowing red skirt. From narrow hips to ankles the skirt swings loosely when she walks and highlights the black patterns sewn into the deep red fabric. On the rare occasion that she remembers to don shoes, they are always a pair of slouch boots with buckle straps and a sensible rounded toe.


Born in High Reaches Hold, Gabriela is the middle child of three. Her parents, Gabriel(Master) and Abathia(Sr. Journeyman), are both of the Harper Craft. She lived an uneventful childhood. Spending mornings with either of her parents during lessons and evenings with the rest of the Hold brats and her brothers (Batari and Thiare). Gabriela and her siblings were given freedom to explore Reaches and discover their calling. Her brothers settled into ‘respectable’ Crafts in their parents’ eyes. Batari, her eldest brother, rising through the ranks of the Harpers. Following in his parents footsteps. While Thiare, the baby of the family, is apprenticed to the Healers.

Gabriela is the wild one of the bunch. There is a proverbial black sheep in every family and that mantle fell soundly on her shoulders. Rather than apprentice into a traditional Craft, Gabby chose instead to fall in with a Clan of Traders. At the young age of fifteen she found herself all but fostered into the Dealyr Clan. Jhithana (Matriarch of Dealyr) and her son Jhouk (Leader of Dealyr) became Gabby’s pseudo-family. Rather than wait through the cold winters for her favorite family to return to the Hold, Gabriela packed her belongings and set out on the road with them. For her it was a comfortable life that she loved dearly.

Following the deaths of Jhithana and Jhouk to a tragic accident, life became far less comfortable for poor Gabriela. Yaethiel, a cousin to Jhouk, took up leading the Dealyr Clan. Used to living under the watchful eye of her adopted brother Jhouk, Gabriela found herself in a strange new predicament. Yaethiel was determined to see her married off into the Clan as was their custom. Something she’d managed to avoid by not having been truly born to the Clan. Faced with marriage to an elder Clan member, Gabriela fled.

Letters home to her parents produced the expectation from them that she return to her chosen life and marry as decreed. After all, Gabby had turned her back on them as they see it. And so she is a tad homeless now. Unwilling to face her family in the chilly climes of High Reaches, Gabriela found passage with a visiting dragonrider to Fort Weyr. So here she is. Lost and lonely with no family here to speak of. Only the promise of tropical weather and the deep desire to escape the reach of the Dealyr Clan and chose her own path on her mind.



Title OOC Date Cast
Frozen Carcasses January 21, 2015 Gabriela, Kimmila, Th'ero
What She Doesn't Know January 23, 2015 Ha'ze, Gabriela
And uh, Then She Knew January 25, 2015 Abigail, Gabriela, Lucy, Th'ero
He's really not a former killer... honestly January 29, 2015 Gabriela, Thys
Woman February 01, 2015 Gabriela, Ha'ze, Aaron
Hunted Down February 11, 2015 Abigail, Gabriela, Ha'ze, Jajen (NPC); Iaverulth (NPC), Kainaesyth, Kayeth, Niumdreoth
Big Surprise Small Package March 01, 2015 Th'ero, Gabriela, Beyrl
Wash N' Fly (Gabriela is Searched) March 13, 2015 Fl'n, Gabriela, Thys
Eggs Touching Candidates March 15, 2015 Beyrl, Gabriela, M'icha (npc'd by Th'ero and D'ani)
Sew and So March 19, 2015 Alister, Gabriela
Don't Smack the Eggs March 19, 2015 Alister, Beyrl, Gabriela, Ingan (NPC), Inri, M'icha, various NPCs; Kouzevelth
Don't Get Caught March 22, 2015 Alister, Beyrl, Gabriela, Lucy, NPCs by Ha'ze
Tricked! March 23, 2015 Beyrl, C'rus, D'ani, Gabriela, Kera, Mirinda, Laurali, NPCs
Robes versus Loincloths March 24, 2015 Beyrl, Gabriela, Haristal, Lucy, Senira
Fort! Where Men Are Men And The Goats Are Scared March 27, 2015 D'ani, Gabriela, Haristal, Ha'ze, Inri, Senira, Th'ero, Zhirayr
Kouzevelth's And Kainaesyth's Eggs Hatch April 01, 2015 Aaron, Alister, Beyrl, Brebain, D'ani, Daralyn, Gabriela, Haristal, Ha'ze, Inri, Kera, Kyzen, Lucy, M'icha, Senira, Thys, Zhirayr, Kainaesyth, Kouzevelth
This Wasn't Covered In The Manual April 03, 2015 A'ster, B'ryl, Gabriela, Lucy, and lifemates.



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