Gender Female
Aliases Fla, Avia, Flava
Place of Birth Fort Weyr, Lower Caverns
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Apprentice Beastcrafter
First Appearance


This young woman stands at an average height of about 5'4" inches, and while she may appear to be on the scrawny side there is a solidness to her muscles from years of hard work. Pale blonde hair hangs in thick waves to just above her waist when left down, the color something similar to straw that has been left out in the sun. Muddy brown eyes are wide spaced in a face of harsh angles and pale skin. A thick line of scar tissue runs from the left side of her nose to the edge of her hairline, a break in what is already irregular features.

Waist length, her hair has braided into many tiny braids and then pulled up into a runner tail. Brown weyrhide pants are cinched tightly at the waist, the seams along the sides dyed a brilliant scarlet. The accompanying shirt is dyed the same shade of red, its stitching the alternate brown. Well made boots, calf-high and thick soled complete the outfit.


Flavia was born to one of the lower caverns women named Fioni and as it was Fort Weyr she was raised with the rest of the caverns brats. Her father, didn't live there at the time or at least she's not entirely sure on that point but he was a brownrider by the name of K'rius who has since relocated there from Telgar. She grew up as normally as any other child born and raised in a Weyr and when she was old enough she chose her vocation in life.

Being weyrbred she's well aware that dragons are work, just as much as anything else but when she was asked she stood at a few hatchings. None of them ending her with anything other than a new group of friends and an appreciation for the hot sands. Each time she returned to her craft, the care and training of the runnerbeasts of Fort. For while most would take a ride a dragonback others would prefer to travel at a slower pace in a manner much similar to their own walk.


Name Relation Location Position
Fioni(NPC) Mother Fort Weyr Assistant Cook
K'rius Father Fort Weyr Rider to Perseverance Through the Storm Brown Kilaneth
Pralius Half-Brother Fort Weyr Journeyman Healer


Quietly Magical Mystery Green Lumi

This delicate little flitter might be a rarity amongst greens, her tiny form possessing unusual poise from such a small thing, as precious as one of her shinier relatives, judging by the dignified manner in which she carries herself. Every movement is precise, from the way she holds her head to the careful twitch of her thin tail. A pale, leafy hue wraps her body in soft, vibrant color that spreads outward across fragile wings, the membranes tinged with the barest, almost watery mottles of teal and viridian. Despite her long limbs, the firelizard manages to avoid appearing gangly or awkward, each toe tipped by gently curved claws in a shade of silver-brown, they help root her to the spot when she is still, though she seems as light on her feet as she is in the air. Her muzzle appears dipped in a muddier olive tone, although it fades evenly over her eyeridges, the facets of which might seem to peek at the world with deep intelligence, a mystery perhaps, to be uncovered.

Snow on the Roof Bronze

Deep, burnished shades melt across this lizard's hide. His face, feet, and tailfork are a rich caramel color, the rest darker, almost a chocolate shade except for the definite glint that sets him aside as a bronze. His wingsails are a stark black, large and billowing like a coat when folded in, and he has an air of gentle calm about him, seeming to examine each soul for its own particular worth. His other defining feature is his headknobs. They are large and bulbously pronounced and painted in pure white. No hint of color lays on or between them, just a pure snowy, downy white.