Portrayed By Angharad Jones Buxton
Gender Female
Aliases Fire, Fiore
Place of Birth High Reaches Weyr
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Emergency/Trauma Healer
Status Journeyman


Fioreyla is tiny and compact, made up of palest complexion marred by the presence of too many freckles. Copper-red hair, vibrantly rich in color, frames a heart-shaped face in layers; thin (but not too thin) brows sit above wide, violet eyes, centered by the soft lines of a button nose and full lips. There's an air of innocence about her, an unmistakable kindness to be found in every line.

Fioreyla's often found in light colors of varying length depending on the weather, though currently she's wearing a soft tunic spun in white, leaving her shoulders and her shoulderblades exposed from behind. The fabric hugging her hips clings to her legs, disappearing in a pair of mid-calf, laced boots that look worn.


Fioreyla is the youngest of five children born to Orpheus and Fenliaynne - a dragonrider and a weaver who met on happenstance and fell in love. Having five older brothers meant that Fioreyla was often coddled for being the only girl (even if her brothers sometimes lured her into their rough-housing and fun), a fact that often found Fioreyla reading texts her father brought home and fostering her thirst for knowledge. It also meant that Fire's interaction with others outside of her family was limited. Fioreyla grew up timid and meek, gaining little of her mother's spitfire personality and more of her father's exceedingly calm and patient influence.

It wasn't until she was drawing closer to the age of apprenticeship that she had to make a choice: what craft to join (though Fire will tell you the choice was made for her). An accident befell her second oldest brother when he stood on the stands, leaving him cripplingly mauled despite the efforts of healers to piece him back together again. That was the incident that sparked Fioreyla's determination to never be that helpless again, and so she pursued healing - and that's where she is now, helping other people while learning more about herself.


Name Relation Location Position
Orpheus Father High Reaches Weyr Journeyman Weaver
Fenliaynne Mother High Reaches Weyr Bluerider
Orphen (+6) Brother High Reaches Weyr Journeyman Vinter
Fenaris (+5) Brother High Reaches Weyr Kitchen Aide
Pa'in (+3) Brother Ista Weyr Bronzerider
Rheinor (+2) Brother Half Moon Bay Weyr Sr. Dolphineer Apprentice


Title OOC Date Cast
Spring January 16, 2018 Fioreyla, Kezresan
Defying Gravity (Backlog) October 07, 2018 Fioreyla, Sohzen