Name Phineas
Played by Young - Lucky Blue Smith
Adult - Eric Dane
Gender Male
Current Home Fort Weyr
Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Occupation Weyrsecond - Fort Weyr
Hair Blond
Eyes Ice Blue
Dragon Prince of Earth Bronze Nymionth
Songs 3 Doors Down - Kryptonite
Tears for Fears - Shout
Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
MOOD Aquilo - Waiting
Drive by - Train
Nickleback - This how you remind me


Standing at six foot, three inches in height, F'inn is sort of fellow that tends to be considerably taller then his peers. Years of sports have left him well muscled without teetering into the realm of bodybuilder. Still, there is no doubt in a glimpse that he is possessed of considerable physical strength despite his lean form. Handsome in the classical sense, his face is possessed of a narrow, but squared jaw and surprisingly high cheekbones. An aquiline nose, full lips and pale blue eyes are topped with heavy brows and a shock of white blond hair that lends an almost dreamy quality to his expression. Cut short in the back, his hair grows progressively longer as it sweeps toward his brow, the lighter ends usually kept teased up off his face. A five o'clock shadow now traces the line of his jaw, coupled with an equally light, but well tended mustache. While still good-natured and prone to smiling, there is a perpetual shadow hovering in pale eyes, his features having hardened over the course of recent turns.

Favoring function over form, his clothing is simple. A pair of well-fitting, but sturdy, black leather pants girds slender hips and long legs the cuffs folded up over simple black boots. A sweater knitted from dark grey wool, and clearly well worn, girds his torso, the overly long sleeves hinting at the fact that it is a hand-me-down. And while out of sight, the simple white t-shirt worn beneath the sweater is never out of mind. Overall, F'inn wears a heavy black leather jacket with a furred collar suitable for withstanding the cold of Between.

On his shoulder, F'inn wears a double corded knot in brown, the second in black threaded with bronze, arranged in triple loops with one silver tassel.

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The son of a glassblower stationed at Fort Weyr, and a visiting bluerider the majority of Phineas' formative years were heavily influenced by the ways of the weyr. Still, his mother made a point to make certain that her son's natural wildness was tempered with at least a basic education. Scholary pursuits, however, were not something Phineas had either a passion for, or a strength in. And while he was physical enough, and prone to rough housing, his true passion was art and working with his hands. That passion found a home in the Glass Craft in the form of Pottery, an area in which Phineas both flourished and excelled. To both the relief of himself, and his mother, he was fortunate enough apprenticed, and subsequently stationed, at Fort Weyr upon making Journeyman. While he is particularly skilled at his craft, however, Phineas is not an overly driven individual. He enjoys his life, indulging in his creative urges, but has already accepted that it is unlikely that he will ever attain the rank of Master.

NOTE Finn's father is ACTUALLY S'las, Weyrlingmaster for Igen. Finn, however, has NO Idea. (Approved by S'las)


Name Relation Location Position
K'zre Weyrmate Fort Weyr Greenrider
Tala Mother Fort Weyr Senior Journeyman Glassblower
S'las Father Igen Weyr Blue Chessylith
Mena Younger Sister Fort Weyr Apprentice Glassblower
Trini (Twin - Khara) Younger Sister Fort Weyr
Khara (Twin - Trini) Younger Sister Fort Weyr
Finnigan AKA FIG (mother: Aignes) First Born Son Fort Weyr
Felicity (mother: Alexa) Daughter Fort Weyr


Hastily Made Blue Hatchling - FERB

A roly poly blue firelizard, Ferb is a chubby, but exceedingly merry little fellow. His body, while round, is fit, the majority of it being a brilliant shade of sapphire blue. That color, however, is countered by ice blue 'frosting' stretching along the expanse of his wings, down the length of his tail, and reappearing on tiny little headknobs that resembles icicles. His wings are the most remarkable aspect of this fancy little fellow, the ice blue sails made more brilliant by shimmering cerulean. In short, he's a fancy little fellow and he knows it.


Prince of Earth Bronze Nymionth
Bathed in a deep, rich, metallic sheen of the brightest polished bronze, the effect is stunning and as though he was pulled right from the heart of molten metal. Long of limb and tall of stature for a bronze, his build is that of regalness and warrior both, without being too bulky or willowy. He is finely crafted, flashy in the sense of the way he is balanced and not wholly from the color of his hide alone. Wrought hues of carnelian grace his tapered muzzle, drifting upwards over fine, angular features and gradually dull to cupreous tints along the arc and curve of his headknobs. Carnelian flares back to life again along his neck and throat, only to disappear along the curve of his broad chest. It is here that brighter bronze becomes folded with honeyed calcite, lending a patinated touch to his hide as it cloaks his form like well-tailored armor. Covering the rest of his lean body and the length of his powerful limbs, they are faintly traced with an overlay of danburite — barely visible, unless in the full light of sun or moon. As with any molten metal, it tempers as it cools and the same effect occurs. His ridges bear the start of it, though it stretches out over the expanse of his back and wings, the large, powerful sails tempering to copper and brass edges. Even his talons bare this night-kissed mark but it does little to marr the overall brightness of his hide, for there is little that could dim the power within him.

ThemeSong Happy - William Pharrell


Title OOC Date Cast
Aranthi's Search January 26, 2021 Aranthi, F'inn