Ezra Stonehaven
Portrayed By Haley Joel Osment (Kid) / Victor Norlander (Teen/Adult)
Gender Male
Place of Birth Stonehaven Cothold, Fort Region
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Heir to Stonehaven
Email moc.liamg|nadess#moc.liamg|nadess


Small for his age, this boy is scrawny at best, thin to the point of gaunt. His face has an oval shape to it, which only sets off the slight sunkenness of his cheeks and his pale green eyes. His lips are thin and the small cleft in his chin makes it seem pointed. His hair is a light brown or sandy blonde, depending on how the light hits it. His hands, though small, are calloused already and he has strength to him despite his thinness.
He wears black trousers and a somber dark blue sweater that's a touch too big for him. Sturdy new boots are on his feet and he's sometimes wearing the knot of a Fort Weyr resident. However, often times he's not. His prized possession is his brand new jacket. Made of black wherhide, it has copper thread detailing along the hem lines and a teal fleece lining - the colors of Stonehaven.


Ezra is a TP character for a plot that Fort Weyr is running. His background is purposefully vague, as the details are going to be discovered during the course of the TP. It has been approved by Fort Staff

Ezra is the middle child, born to Ezra (Sr) and Aleutai, both cotholders living in Stonehaven cothold, beholden to Fort Weyr. The cothold is remote, high in the mountains north of Fort, and used to be a mine outpost for copper and turquoise. When the mines ran dry, cotholders took over the area and have tended to it for generations.

Ezra had a fairly routine childhood, learning to tend the animals, farm during the spring and summer months, trying his hand at stonecrafting and woodcrafting during the autumn and winter when the snows closed in and made the cothold as isolated as another world.

He had a good relationship with his older brother and younger sister, and the trio were very close. But on a fateful night in mid-winter, the boy's world came crashing down around him. When it was over, his father lay dead with the rest of the Stonehaven cotholders, and his mother and siblings had vanished. Whisked off to Fort Weyr by dragonriders, the boy begins the slow process of grieving and healing, and adjusting to the new life that has been thrust upon him.

He did not adjust very well, ever reclusive and awkward. But slowly, ever so slowly, he is beginning to come back to life and see joy in the world around him, in spite of his past.


Name Relation Location Position
Ezra Father Deceased Ex-Holder of Stonehaven
Aleutai Mother Unknown Unknown
Rayathess Brother (+4) Fort Weyr Unknown
Anrila Sister (-3) Fort Weyr Weyrbrat


Bronze Firelizard Alpha
On the smallest scale for a bronze, he makes up for his lack of size in his stunning and uniform coloring. Well proportioned and perhaps even sleek for a bronze, his smooth hide boasts a true and pure greenish bronze hue that gleams like the alloy that they were so aptly named for. He holds himself with a calm certainty, his wedge shaped head always observant and watchful. Along the curve of his neck and his back is the faint dusting of a burnished bronze hue, the only flaw of sorts as if age has only begun to creep up and tarnish. It remains the only visible blemish, as his toned form and his limbs, even his long forked tail remain wholly untouched. It's when he finally unfurls his wings that his only true distinguishable marking from all other bronzes appears. Trailing along the edges of his sails, bronze washes out to a pale ghostly version of itself, almost white in some lights. And on each sail, right near where the base meets his tail, two perfectly mirrored spots of antiqued bronze, so dark almost to be called brown, rest, hidden and revealed only when he takes flight.

Brown Firelizard Stone
This brown's hide is patchy looking, with dark brown irregularly shaped spots distinguished by the tan canals that separate them. He looks to be a stony lad, big cut muscles under a hide that is surprisingly smooth to the touch. His claws are long black obsidian shards beneath larger than normal feet. His eyes are deep-set in a stumpy snout, with ridges that lead back to his thick wings.

Canine Zoi
This canine is huge. There's no other way to describe it. She's massive. The second thing to notice is that she's got a cream colored coat with black ears and a black muzzle. But really, the main characteristic is that she's enormous.


Title OOC Date Cast
Seven Turns Later (Vignette) January 03, 2014 Ezra
New Acquaintances (and New Puppies) January 18, 2013 (Finished January 25th) Ezra, Aifric
Race to Turnover January 26, 2014 Abigail, Anrila, D'ani, Ezra, Inri, Kiena, Kimmila, Kyldar, Lana, Mur'dah, Nyalle, Rayathess, Soriana, Th'ero, Therynn, Zalulia, Zhirayr
Heirlooms January 26, 2014 Ezra, Rayathess
Pick a Puppy! February 01, 2014 Ezra, Laurali (NPC)
Letting Her Go February 03, 2014 Ezra, Rayathess
Snowed In February 08, 2014 Ezra, Lana, Nyalle, Rayathess
Check Up Visit to Stonehaven February 13, 2014 Ezra, Inri, Rayathess, Gerald (NPC)
Trapped Together Feburary 17, 2014 Ezra, Lana
Rescued February 18, 2014 Ezra, Lana, Rayathess, D'ani, Various NPCs
Safe at Last? February 20, 2014 Ezra, Laurali (NPC), Rayathess, Various NPCs
Avalanche (Vignette) February 21, 2014 Ezra
He's Not Dead Yet! February 21, 2014 Ezra, Rayathess, Various NPCs
Slow and Steady Recovery February 21, 2014 Ezra, Laurali (NPC), Rayathess, Various NPCs
A Brief Visit February 28, 2014 D'ani, Ezra
"Accidental" Destruction March 11, 2014 Anrila, Borodin, Ezra, Rayathess, Zhirayr
Meeting with Hazelon March 13, 2014 Ezra, Hazelon
Tell or Don't Tell March 19, 2014 Ezra, Hazelon, Rayathess
Truth for an Egg March 20, 2014 Ezra, Hazelon
Foreshadowing March 30, 2014 Ezra, Rayathess
It's Dangerous! April 02, 2014 Ezra, Laurali, Rayathess
The Trap... April 03, 2014 Ezra, Hazelon, Lyreh (NPC), Rayathess, various NPCs
Helpless Witness April 04 2014 Ezra, Cala, Cervena
Gathering Reports April 19, 2014 Ezra, Inri, Laenia, Laurali, Rayathess, Sarah (NPC)
Detained and Delayed April 20, 2014 Abigail, Breshir (NPC), Ezra, Hazelon, Kimmila, Th'ero, Various NPCs
Error in Judgement April 22, 2014 Ezra, Laurali, Rayathess, Sarah (NPC)
Interrogations April 22, 2014 Abigail, Ezra, Hazelon, Kimmila, Rayathess, Th'ero,
Unsuccessful Talk April 24, 2014 Ezra, Hazelon
Stonehaven Reopens May 04, 2014 Anrila, D'ani, Inri, Laurali, Rayathess
Winter Games Begin! May 10, 2014 Abigail, A'lin, Amethyst, Borodin, Brennan, Cyrus, D'ani, Ezra, Hazelon, Inri, Laenia, Laurali, Kimmila, Mirinda, Nyalle, Rayathess, Ravyal, Th'ero, Tifla, Zhirayr
Your Grievance Is...? May 11, 2014 Ezra, Th'ero
Just Another Day in the Weyr May 17, 2014 Cyrus, Ezra, Laurali, Skyler
Is That Safe? May 18, 2014 Ezra, Hazelon, Laurali
Visit to Stonehaven June 01, 2014 D'ani, Ezra
Another Healer Down July 05, 2014 Ezra, Laurali
Cotholder on a Mission! July 24, 2014 C'rus, D'ani, Ezra
Modest Celebrations Interrupted August 24, 2014 Abigail, Dtirae, Ezra, Giroux, Kiard, Laurali, Rayathess
Pre-Wedding Nerves September 17, 2014 D'ani, Ezra, Rayathess
Stonehaven Wedding September 17, 2014 Anrila, D'ani, Dtirae, Ezra, Inri, Kimmila, Laurali, Nyalle, Rayathess, Th'ero
Baby Trees September 30, 2014 Ezra, Ha'ze
Heard and Witnessed October 06, 2014 Ezra, Ha'ze, Laurali, Lyreh (NPC), Rayathess, S'dny, Tivaly, various NPCs
A Heir is Born November 17, 2014 Ezra, Laurali, various NPCs
Come Inside for the Night? December 19, 2014 Ezra, Ha'ze

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