Before you is a young woman, probably in her late teens, with a dark complexion. Face is almost feminine but not quite there, dark-skinned with thin lips and a small nose. Strawberry blonde hair hangs down to the middle of the figure's back usually tied in a runnertail, long bangs hang in a limp curtain over almond-shaped hazel eyes. Chin seems soft, not angled like some, and the neck is long with a pale scar across it. Voice is quiet and hoarse when and if Etzlix speaks. Upper body is clearly feminine with a nice shape, large bustline and thin stomach, slender yet showing the slightest hints of muscle underneath. Waist is thin, hips and rear nicely rounded, and the legs are not bulky but show the barest hint of lean muscle beneath. Feet are small and narrow. Upon her left cheek is a quite large gash mark, looking to have been made by a sharp knife and quite deep, which looks like it may still be healing. She is covered with various bruises and abrasions upon her visible skin which also seem to be recent and still healing.

Baggy clothes have been replaced by a pair of brown breeches that seem to hug over what few curves she has. They're a medium-brown shade and fall over ample hips and rear end to drape down muscular, yet thin, long legs to her ankles. Around the waist is fastened a black belt with sheaths on each hip that often contain a pair of carved bone daggers. The pants have plenty of pockets for storing various doodads and thingamajigs. A button down tunic of ocean blue covers her upper torso, sleeves designed to either wear long or rolled up and buttoned. The soft material is light and airy, and often blows in any sort of light breeze as it caresses her small chest and thin stomach. Still it seems Etzlix has decided against shoes, most often seen barefoot as she moves around, though when travelling she'll wear a pair of natural-hued boots which come up over her pantslegs to mid-calf.

Settled upon the teen's shoulder is the pristine white knot of a Candidate, looks like she's remembered to put it on today.


You know the story, a man and a woman give into natural needs and find themselves wandering off together to some secluded place. They disappear for a night of giving in and, bam, 9 months or so later a baby is born. Aye, this is how the life that is Etzlix starts, the man being Etz's father and the woman being Etz's mother, and of course the baby being Etz born unto the pair of renegades in some renegade camp somewhere. Details are hazy, and Etz isn't exactly forthcoming with them. Etzlix was a normal child, well normal for a wild renegade child anyway, running about the camp and picking fights wherever they could be picked. Etz got beat up, of course, like any normal unruly ruffian does. Teenagerdom found Etz deciding on a weapon to train in, which would turn out to be double daggers, taking lessons and sparring whenever possible. Etz wasn't the best at weapons, but enough to defend against attack if need be. Renegade life was taken up, doing whatever was required, practicing and developing sticky fingers on any unsuspecting person. As she started to develop into a woman and she could no longer disguise herself as a boy, escape from the womanizing gang that she was born into and the fact that her father was to give her to his right hand man became a desperate need, sending Etz wherever her feet could take her.

The wandering Etzlix eventually found herself at Eastern Weyr, where she decided to settle and take up the Seacraft as an apprentice under the tutelage of Captain Ribnoir. She made some friends, but never really settled in for sure, always sleeping off in the cove or somesuch by herself rather than seeking out a hut of her own, for having a hut would mean she would have to stay permenently which she wasn't quite ready for yet. It was during one of Captain Ribnoir's voyages to Ierne Weyrhold where the teen found herself finally out at sea and visiting other places. She was on delivery duty at Ierne when she met the man that would later become one of her small group of lovers. Of course, that love wasn't instantaneous and it took a night of drink and other things that a young teen shouldn't be doing with a man who was over 25 turns her elder. But things did happen, and the girl came to feel things for this strange exotic man named A'dmar. It was 6 weeks after her return to Eastern when the dolphins she had taken to swimming with on her free time declared that she was with child, she had been with other men since that exotic man at Ierne, but somehow deep inside she knew who the father was. A'dmar wasn't so easily persuaded, calling the teen certain names, he didn't believe her that he was the father of the life she now grew within her womb. He did tell her that he would be around if she wanted him to be, but by that time she was distraught and she stole away in the middle of the night after one final fling with the older bronzerider. The teen told no one where she was going, she didn't even know where she was going, she was just doing what she was best at, running away. That running away found her at Farpointe Isle's lighthouse, where she settled in declaring squatter's rights and claiming it as her own home. After settling into the lighthouse for awhile, she finally sent word to Eastern, sort of, she tried to send her young blue firelizard to let her friends Kestilran and Tarrin know where she was. She never sent word to either one of her bronzeriding lovers, C'yr or A'dmar, though eventually both would find her hiding place. She remained at the lighthouse throughout most of her pregnancy, popping over to Eastern Weyr every now and then to pick up supplies until she got too large to sail to and fro.

Etzlix steadily grew with her pregnancy, her stomach growing larger and larger until she could barely move about the lighthouse. She tried to gain a relationship with that exotic bronzerider from Ierne, though he never really seemed to feel the same way about her as she did about him, but still, he started staying with her a little more often, and started to maybe accept the fact that what she carried inside of her was his spawn. It was in her third trimester of her pregnancy that she found herself alone with her caretaker, Willow, as her three lovers had all gone off on their own business for the night. That night isn't one that Etzlix will soon forget, the lighthouse was attacked by renegades, members of Etzlix's father's gang, and Willow was tortured and killed before the teen's eyes. And Etzlix found herself fighting off a mob of soldiers including her father's right hand man, Payne. She managed to fend off a few, but with her lack of energy due to her pregnancy, she was eventually overcome and knocked out, captured. Then started her time as a captive of the man called Payne who tortured and kept her as his own personal plaything. She's not sure how long she was held captive for, but it consisted of constant abuse by the violent man who now owned her, made worse by the fact that she wouldn't submit to him which often ended in threats to her unborn child. Eventually she got beat down so much that she finally submitted which made life a little easier, though not much.

Eventually her two bronzeriders came to her rescue, and a big fight took place, which ended in injuries to both her friends as well as deaths to many of her father's soldiers. Payne slipped away during the struggle, leaving behind him chaos of fighting and fire, but Etzlix's father didn't get away, she pursued her father into the midst of the fire, only to emerge with her father's own blade in her stomach. C'yr managed to rush her to the nearest weyr after his bronze busted through the trees to get to them. Once in Telgar's infirmary, the healers rushed her into surgery in an attempt to save the baby from her stabbed stomach, forcing her to deliver in a c-section. The surprise being that she carried not one but three babies within her womb, two of the boys made it, but unfortunately the third had taken the brunt of the dagger to her stomach and was pronounced dead on delivery. This started her term at Telgar Weyr while she healsed from her various injuries and her prematurely born infant sons gain strength enough to travel.

Etzlix and her sons were at Telgar for what seemed like an eternity, still recovering physically from her ordeal while the healers tried to figure out how to help her deal emotionally from them. It was difficult, she would not open up to the mindhealers, she seemed to keep her mouth tightly shut about details and feelings and all that other stuff that makes a person, well, human. Sure she had visitors, her three main lovers had visited her, and A'dmar would stay with her sometimes. Once she was released from Telgar's infirmary, she went to live at Ierne Weyrhold with the father of her sons, where he could keep an eye on her. They started to play house, so to speak, on the outside a perfect family, sometimes even on the inside too. But there was something not right. Once Etzlix got brave enough to try and rejoin the world, she started to hitch rides with various riders that worked for A'dmar, short excursions at first since she had two young babies to take care of. She was seen a few times at gathers or other functions on the arm of her bronzeriding man, she was a girl in love, she had even stopped seeing her other lovers. It was when she started to become a bit independant again that she decided that she wanted to open a shop, though the thought was quickly put out of her mind when A'dmar's shop, The Quoin Post, was burned down. He never told her for sure who had done it, perhaps he didn't know himself, but she had her ideas. She finally got him to agree to help her open her own shop, and building began on Quoin Trade Goods. Etzlix was happy that she was getting her shop started, maybe this was what she felt missing from her life, A'dmar had gotten her to leave Eastern Weyr as well as the Seacraft, she had moved to Ierne with no career or friends aside from the company of A'dmar and her two sons.

Etzlix had taken up drawing again, and when she had heard that Fort Weyr had had a clutch deposited onto their sands, she had decided to go visit, hitching a ride with one of Quoin Post's hired riders. It was after she had looked at the eggs, enjoying the sight of the lovely clutch(for she had only seen dragons' clutches twice before) when she had run into one of her friends that she had made in her previous visits to the weyr. Abigail was a candidate, and Etzlix had congratulated her. They had settled into the living caverns to chat and eat a bit before Etzlix was due to return home to Ierne when Fort's weyrleader joined them. It was an enjoyable conversation, and Etzlix had started to tell Weyrleader Th'ero how she enjoyed drawing his weyr's latest clutch of eggs. It was during a discussion of differences between firelizard and dragon eggs when Th'ero had fished a pristine white candidate's knot from his pocket, telling her that his bronze Velokraeth and he thought she might like to stay and experience the eggs close up, as a candidate, so that she could see just how different dragon and firelizard eggs were. She agreed before she had thought about it, taking the knot with the confirmation that it would be quite the experience and that she'd be honoured to stand.

Upon her arrival home, back at Ierne, she was already feeling quite frightened about facing her bronzerider, he wouldn't like the fact that she accepted the candidate's knot without asking and discussing it with him first. But, well, it was too late to back out and she had enjoyed her numerous visits to Fort, she had made friends, friends her own age. Sure, it would mean leaving her 1 turn old sons for awhile, but A'dmar was a rider, he could bring them to visit, right? Well, she decided she had to tell him before she was required back at Fort, and so she entered the post office where she knew her man was to face him. The ordeal ended with the man not being pleased that she was going to leave him and their sons to stand at Fort. The rather difficult discussion ended with him telling her to get out, to leave Ierne. And, so, she did. It was too late now, and she really wanted to have this experience, she knew she wasn't going to impress, maybe, just maybe A'dmar would allow her back into his life afterwards. And so started her time as a candidate at Fort Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Etznak Father Deceased Gang Leader
Unknown Mother Unknown/Deceased Unknown
C'yr Adopted Father Xanadu Weyr Wingsecond
Tarrin Best Friend/Ex-lover Eastern Weyr Jman Baker/Wingsecond
A'dmar Lover/Spouse Ierne Weyrhold Business Owner/Bronzerider
Cadormer Son Ierne Weyrhold Infant
Edzamir Son Ierne Weyrhold Infant
Tazamarix Son Deceased Infant


Grants Limited Wishes Blue Zelix

Glorious Bonds of Forever Gold Ixzana

Slim Jim Brown Zyetsix