Curtains of fine amber hair fall in straight sheets against either side of Elyciana's angular face, creating a layered framework of wheaten strands that come to rest slightly below her shoulders. Thin eyebrows arch over her thick-lashed eyes, which seem to draw most of the attention away from the rest of her facial features due to their odd characteristic - one of them is a stunning shade of ice blue, while the other is a deeper shade of moss green that contrasts rather alarmingly. A light peppering of tiny honey-colored freckles are scattered across her tapering nose, which only seems to draw even more attention to the strangeness in her eyes. Somewhat thin lips and high cheekbones finish off a face that's fairly attractive, but not overly so. While not exactly tall at 5'6", her figure is somewhat willowy with soft curves that fit her stature well.

Most of Elyciana's skin is covered up by her clothing, which is far from being overtly feminine or frilly. A thin tunic of deep blue hugs the upper half of her body with the faintly embroidered sleeves coming down right to her wrists. A few ornate metal buttons follow the unusually high neckline down while a thin line of stitching at the waist makes some attempt at making the garment fit a womanly figure. Sturdy wherhide pants cover her legs right on to the fairly nondescript boots on her feet, both of which are a shade of dark brown that's in itself indiscreet. A simple white knot affixed to her shoulder indicates her status as a Candidate.


"Ely!" That's much of the extent that Elyciana would hear in the majority of her life. Born second to Cida and Ephylon, a pair of Crafters, at Bitra hold, she was forever provoking her parents to be exasperated. Not only did she have the misfortune to be born with such an odd characteristic as two-toned eyes, she was often considered a source of bad luck. No matter where she went, bad luck invariably followed. Broken treasured items, sprained ankles and the like - it would seem the mere presence of the little girl would be enough to cause someone to have a bad day in one way or another. And in a place like Bitra hold, luck is something that is first and foremost on everyone's mind. When she was 5 years old, it was thought that she had caused her father to lose a card game merely by being present in the room (despite the fact that it was due to the other card player cheating.) This only led to another exasperated sigh, another "Ely!" and another reason for the girl to be confused as to all this awkward attention. Though exasperated, her parents still did everything for Ely in some attempt to hope that her bad luck omen would leave in time.

As she grew though, so did her penchant for bad luck. However, some of the newer incidents began to be helped along by Ely herself, perhaps some indication of her attempts to rebel against her title of "Bad Luck." By the time she was 11, she was known as being stubborn, somewhat surly at times, outspoken and apt to creating wild stories in some attempt to cover either the accidents that happened around her or the ones she'd purposefully caused. Her parents were perplexed, as ever - Ely's quirks were something that they loved, yet they didn't see her gaining all that much by remaining at Bitra Hold where her bad luck was seen more as a nuisance by those out of the family. Thus, she was soon shunted off to start an Apprenticeship at one of the crafthalls in some attempt to tame the girl or remove her bad luck stigma

This began a line of failed Apprenticeships in several different crafts where her bad luck seemed to follow her like a shadow. Harper, weaver, glasscraft, computers - none of them seem suited to her, considering the fact most of them involved things that could either be broken or ruined if her unfortunate hands happened to touch them. Eventually, she was whisked off to try out the Beastcraft, considering the girl had often showed some aptitude at helping out in the stables back at Bitra. For once, it seemed as though Ely had found some calling. Animals are not something that are easily broken or ruined, as it were, and her bad luck seemed to slacken if she stayed near them (not that she didn't suffer the random accident now and again while not working on her craft duties.) Eventually she found that the company of goats were to her liking, considering they were small enough not to trample anyone if something bad happened in her presence and she seemed to have some sort of knack with them. Eventually, she was sent off to Fort Weyr to work with the small herd of goats there in some attempt to broaden her horizons and perhaps get her on her way to Journeymanship. Considering her slew of failed Apprenticeships in the past, Ely's found herself much older than many of the other Apprentices in the Beastcraft, though perhaps her stigma of bad luck is to blame for that as well. Despite all she's been through, her Bitran upbringing and her consistent misfortune has done little to change her personality from what it was when she was 11.


Name Relation Location Position
Cida Mother Bitra Hold Lingerie Designer
Ephylon Father Bitra Hold Professional Gambler
Orice Brother Bitra Hold Professional Gambler
M'lo Weyrmate Fort Weyr Brownrider, Roc Wing
Milana Daughter Fort Weyr Child
Daniela Daughter Fort Weyr Child


Green Maglinoth


Waldo - goose


Brown Rom
Moody Homo Sapiens brown hatchling
This is a large brown firelizard, very darkly, earthily colored. His ironwood neckridges stick out a bit at odd angles, but other than that he looks like any other woody colored firelizard. His broad, sweeping sails ripple in chestnut and walnut colors, and the dark brown of wild roots and the slight orange of wild carrots scatters in speckles across his back and leather brown stomach. It is this earthan lizard's conformation that makes him handsome, with faint undertones of mocha and coffee smoothing his polished frame, he could easily be depicted as classical firelizard sculpture, if he weren't so moody, for his chocolate face seems to be cast into a permanent, careworn scowl.

Brown Ood
Head is over-large, the cranial top almost seeming swollen, headknobs nearly swallowed into oblivion by the mass. Burnt umber and sanguine swirl over the hide, giving the illusion of a disturbing pulsing motion beneath the surface. Beak is hooked unnaturally, accented by sunken eyes that can only hint at the malice hidden within the deep recesses of the soul. A mass of tentacles seem to swirl and twist over a too-short throat, reaching to consume whatever unfortunate being happens to come within their reach. Patterns across the hide make it appear scaly and slimy, as it it were not a firelizard at all. Wings are small, almost too tiny to support the muscular frame, hints of aged, barnacled bronze playing about the edges of the bloodied sails. Hind and fore paws are overlarge, black claws tipping webbed digits as if a throw back to something far older. At the end of this maddening visage, a tail is tacked on, almost as an afterthought, having the feel of a tentacle itself, particularly in how it can writhe.


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