Portrayed By Chris Hemsworth
Gender Male
Aliases Eli
Place of Birth Grey River Hold
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Stablehand


With his chiseled features and strong physique, Elijah is straight out of a story about heros and damsels in distress. He wears his dirty blonde hair just long enough, tucks it behind his ears or keeps it tied back, and his eyes are either grey-blue or brighter shades depending on the light. But his strong jaw is shadowed by a layer of scruff and there's a firm set to it, and there's something in the way his eyebrows are positioned over his eyes, that make his default expression a fierce one. Broad shoulders, big hands and long legs and arms are lined with obvious muscle sans uncessary bulk, years of labor have trimmed him down and made him strong. He's tall, 6'5", and full of world-weary confidence; when he speaks his voice is predictably deep but soft too, a low purr accented with a slight lilting burr. %rHis clothes are kept simple, sweaters and long-sleeved shirts in plain colors like black and grey and muted blue and tailored pants are the norm. A plain knife in a sheath hangs at his side almost always. His only other accessories are a jagged piece of polished volcanic rock he wears on a long black cord around his neck, and a few woven black bracelets around both wrists.


Elijah was born to a big family, most of whom are women. He's the eldest of four children and the only son, which became a catalyst for he and his father becoming close over the years. There's strength in numbers, even if they were only two against four.

Growing up, he worked with his father, a posted Beastcrafter to one of the smaller holds in the Fort Weyr territory. Working with animals was all he ever knew, and all he ever wanted to do as a child, a teenager, although maybe a little less as a young man. When it came time to take on an apprenticeship he balked, and when everything seemed to be going one way for him he suddenly jerked at the lead and went in a completely different direction.

A local trading family, who was close to Elijah's family and had been for some time, passed through for one of their regular stops. While listening to them talk about travelling and everything they saw and did on their circuit, Elijah was taken up by it and got all full of wanderlust. He approached the family's patriarch and his own father for permission to go with them when they left the hold, he pleaded his case that he was useful, he could help tend to their animals and work. Finally he broke them down and they agreed, limiting him to two months on the road. Two months turned into five, then six, then a year went by, and after that it was pretty obvious that he wouldn't be taken on a craft at all.

Though his parents were a little disappointed, especially his father, they've left him alone about the whole thing. Everything worked out with his sisters anyway. Up to now, Elijah has lived a trader's life, although for how much longer is anyone's guess.


Name Relation Location Position
Jubal Father Grey River Hold Stablemaster
Edira Mother Grey River Hold Midwife
Hester Sister Fort Hold Wife and mother
Wynne Sister Fort Hold Harper Apprentice
Jude Sister Grey River Hold Student


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