Portrayed By Meryl Streep
Gender Female
Aliases None
Place of Birth Fort Hold
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Retired Weyrwoman
Status Rider of Gold Wiyaneth


Short and plump, this woman has bright hazel eyes, and hair a rich mahogany with lighter highlights. It never seems to settle just right, but was threatened into a loose bun at the base of her neck, though it is still plotting it's escape. Her face is round, and her body pleasantly plump, but there is some strength there. After all, it's not easy to lug Wiyaneth's straps around! Her full red lips are always curved up in a smile, when they're not being mercilessly chewed upon.
She generally wears a simple gray skirt, heavy enough to be warm during the chill Fortian winters. A plain gray undershirt and then a vest of some sort is worn over that. The vest she's wearing now is rather…interesting. Bright pink and yellow, it hugs her form as if glad to be there. A large purple flower is embroidered over the breast pocket. Elara -loves- this vest. On her right wrist she wears a gold bracelet with a gold dragon in flight charm. Small sapphire gems are set into the dragon's eyes. The vest was a gift from I'roc, and the bracelet is from Kotone.


Born in Fort Hold, and always supplied by her round mother with adequate sweets, Elara has always been, ah, larger than your average girl. Her sweet and docile manner often left her to bear the brunt of jokes, but she always left such encounters with her sense of humor and self-image intact. Her favorite place to help out in was the kitchens, where a sympathetic cook would often sneak her little snacks between dish duties. Her second favorite place to go was the Healer Hall, peering around corners with her pudgy little face and bright eyes, always fascinated by the miracles the healers seemed to pull from flowers and useless looking weeds.
When she was 13 she joined the Healer Hall, and studied hard with frequent trips to the kitchens to, ah, regenerate her strength. She achieved Journeyman status around her 20th turnday, and had no real intentions for testing for a Master's knot, quite happy to putter around the Holds and helping where she can.
She was stunned when Sheyna's blue Pegath Searched her for Fort's latest clutch, and despite her fears she agreed. She had finally decided not to be afraid anymore, and in order to overcome her fear of the great winged dragons, she would have to face them head on. Candacy was tough but fun for the pudgy healer, as she slowly grew to trust the huge creatures known as Dragons. Hatching day came and to her utter shock, Golden Wiyaneth chose her.
A scant turn later the current Weyrwoman Torissa took a leave of absence, leaving the young Elara to lead Fort Weyr. With her fabulous staff she slowly adjusted to the position and the duties it required.
She was a very non confrontational Weyrwoman, often turning to her Weyrleader X'ai to settle any disputes. Wiyaneth's first clutch produced a wonderful crop of riders, although several transferred away from the weyr to seek other things. Wiyaneth's second clutch again was a strong one, and it was in this clutch that Bronze Nemmenth found A'rtomus. Elara didnt know it, but the trader lad had a bit of a crush on her. It wasn't long after graduation that Elara began to receive mysterious gifts from an even more mysterious secret admirer. Well, those of you with a sense of romance can easily guess who those gifts were from.
Elara was floored to discover that someone as respected as A'rtomus loved her, and it wasn't long before she realized that she cared for him deeply, and was soon head-over-heels in love with the charming Bronzerider. The two weyrmated.
While it was expected that A'rtomus' Nemmenth would catch Wiyaneth and become the next Weyrleader, fate had a bit of a twist in store for Pern's oldest Weyr. When Wiyaneth rose the next time, it was S'vitaur's Memminith whom Wiyaneth chose, for A'rtomus and Nemmenth were away at the time taking care of a family emergency.
Elara was delighted that S'vitaur was the Weyrleader, as the young man had shown great leadership potential, and he could also handle disputes in a way the young Weyrwoman could not. Wiyaneth herself also seemed pleased in the match, and produced another strong clutch at the same time Fort's other two queens clutched. While Kae'rlyn and Ararinth took a temporary transfer to another weyr to clutch, Lya's Adlevith shared the Sands with her clutchmother.
At the same time, Elara and A'rtomus decided to try for their first child. A girl was born, who Wiyaneth named Kimmila. Shortly after, Wiyaneth rose in another mating flight, this time being caught by X'an's Izelth winning her. X'an proved to be a very strong Weyrleader, and a perfect match for Elara. Yet again, she found a co-leader with the strength she lacked, and Fort grew prosperous during their leadership.
Izelth won flight after flight, maintaining X'an's role as Weyrleader. Izelth was also the only dragon that Wiyaneth ever grew attatched to, and many thought that he would continue winning her flights for turns. Fate had another trick up her sleeve, though. A dangerous flight led to X'y's bronze fouling Izelth, and securing the Weyrleadership for the young boy. He declined the knot, causing a bit of an uproar on Pern. Who declines a Weyrleader's knot? X'an stepped in again to lead. But it was a sad day on Pern when the beloved Weyrleader suffered a strong heart attack, causing him to resign. The next flight was a strong one, and again X'y's bronze won, and this time he did not back down from the position. He was Weyrleader for a time, until V'gay's Limerith won the position. V'gay was Weyrleader of Fort when Elara and Wiyaneth suffered their accident.
She was Senior of Fort for over 20 turns when the accident happened. A rescue mission gone awry left Wiyaneth with a broken wing. While the queen would eventually fly again, Elara decided (tearfully) to step down from Senior, and retire. Now a Retired Weyrwoman, she's still fussing around the weyr, getting her nose into everyone else's business, and working on the Amethysts in the Pines Camp.


Name Relation Location Position
A'rtomus Weyrmate Fort Weyr Wingrider
Kimmila Daughter Eastern Weyr Wingrider
Tlazio Son Fort Weyr Weyrbrat
Artel Son Fort Weyr Weyrbrat


Brown Hamemelis, Brown Knight, Blue Borrago, Blue Decken, Blue Slick and Green Adonis


Gold Wiyaneth

Other Information


Title OOC Date Cast
Iaverulth vs Zuvaleyuth...Averted May 03, 2013 Borodin, D’ani, Dtirae, Elara, Jajenela (npc), Kimmila, Th’ero, Iaverulth, Zuvaleyuth, Velokraeth, Dremkoth, Wiyaneth
Hop, Skip and a Jump! August 21, 2013 Elara, So'l, Wiyaneth, Sharuth
Draconic Explorations October 4, 2013 Cikitsakath, Rhyrith, Kouzevelth, Zeltenith, Wiyaneth, Velokraeth