Roughly cut strands of auburn fall from this youth's head, down to his shoulders where it's neatly tied back in a runner tail for the sake of being proper save for those shorter strands that frame his round face to the delecate jawline. A pair of narrowed eyes behind long pale lashes hold the hues of soft seafoam, a mere shade lighter than his own skin kissed with subtle bronze from the sun across his face and shoulders. His form is average for a growing youth at best: slender and well filled out, built decently but not out of the norm for an active young man.

A cream tunic conservatively conceals his form as it falls down just below his pantline with sleeves extending to fingertips and a collar high about his neck folded down. A neat vest of ashen hues is added over it and snugly tied tight to keep the other garment from billowing out in the breeze. A pair of slacks is also worn, well in condition and shaded a darker shadowed tone than his vest with a pair of well kept and polished boots covering small feet. To finish this simple appearance, a plain leather belt wraps around his waist.


Within the walls of Igen, the children of the lord and lady have since grown and all moved to expand on their own save for two daughters that were left: Kada and Eizali. Both girls were under pressure to marry and move out and whomever was last was left to the inheritance of geriatric care for the Lord and Lady when they were of the age of need once more. Kada would have nothing of it, raising her skirts and sending daring eyes to the guards when the nights bore no moons in the sky to light the way. Eizali was having no luck in searching for a man that would offer her a hand in marriage so she took drastic steps. During the night, the flickering tell tale glow of lanterns swaying signals the arrival of Traders. Though her wedded elder sister Vinera warned her of the risks, she gave her beloved little sister a hug before watching her leave to meet the light in the darkness.
Many marks and tabards of ale later, she found herself within the wagon of a young man willing to give her attention and he did throughout the night. Months pass and when the time came for the Lord and Lady to pass their titles off to one of the elder son's, Eizali was sporting the telltale bump of pregnancy while her sister had proven barren or just shards unlucky. Kada was left with the role of caretaker and Eizali managed to wait until the caravan arrived once more as promised. Only, this time she left with them and one night she bore a son. A letter was written, describing the child's lineage and proper bloodlines, sealed within wax and given to the caravan leader for safe keeping… for the right price.
The boy had the normal upbringing most children living around various cotholds did. If they were not within the holder's lineage, they benefited from doing minor chores before being released to do what boys do: cause trouble. Chasing wherries, being chased back, releasing crawlies down each other's shirts and trowsers, the nannies releasing stormish furies. The joys of being a kid. One, however, preferred to watch in silence rather than participate in the shenanigans and that was Eizra. Sometimes it was better to observe and be invisible than be part of it all and being punished for it. Some deeds, on the other hand, were kept quiet despite his eyes missed nothing… for the right price. Unbeknownst to him, he's on the wrong side of the line and for the sake of those appointed over him, it was for the better.
Turns passed and after spending his youth with the elder's that stayed in the cotholds during the colder months of the seasons, the young man began to leave the caravan days to a sevenday at a time for work and the marks his skills would bring. Information is something intangible that can be made and can be lost and destroyed. Though it can be stolen, it's not something that can be returned and tracking the source is always never an easy task. Perhaps it's good that the Keagan's specialize in making boots, otherwise this wanderer would be worse for the wear from searching.


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