Eirwyn is a slender young woman of above average height for her age. She wears her dark hair usually in a runner's tail or braided and out of the way. Her eyes are the colour of a stormy grey sky with thick dark brows above them. She is oft seen wearing a dress, trying to keep up the image of an up and coming lady, though usually dirty boots or fingernails threaten to ruin that image sometimes.


Eirwyn is third child of Lady Holder of Rubicon hold, Ryeira ap Bitra and the first daughter with her second husband Gaerwyn. She has two older Siblings, Ryna and Lyerdes(Who is the heir) and one younger brother, Rygel. Rubicon Hold is situated on the cliffs above Dolphincraft and bordering a forest that would see Renegade incursions to interupt trade at the mouth of the Rubicon River. For the most part Eirwyn was protected from these harsh realities of Hold life being the daughter to the Lady Holder, but even still she did not live life unawares of what happened around her. From a young age she was taught to ride and archery. She would also sneak into her brother's sword fighting lessons or would be found rough housing with the other hold children. Behaviors the staff took great pains to hide from her proper Bitran mother. She very much fights that terrible malady: To act like a lady.


Name Relation Location Position
Lady Ryeira Mother Rubicon River Hold Lady Holder
Lord Gaerwyn Father Rubicon River Hold Warden
Ryna Sister Rubicon River Hold lady
Lyerdes Brother Rubicon River Hold Lord Holder Presumptive
Rygel Brother Rubicon River Hold lord


No More Will I Wear the Shackles Green Xucieth
Borne of the brightest spring greens, the color is both simple and yet unique to her in the sense that it seems to wholly encompass her medium sized frame with no other hue to break its dominance. She is the epitome of sleekness, her body lean yet toned, muscled in a subtle way as to almost hide the power and strength beneath. Not all is as it seems though and as natural light plays across her hide some of the subtle complexities within it will become visible. Hues of sea green and pale green will dance and shift from the darker to lighter of the hues, accentuating rather than overwhelming and lending more illusion of fluidity to the gracefulness of her movements, both gentle and yet belying a sense of cunning and chaotic intelligence beneath a mask of calm.

The angular shape of her head bares the beginning of these subtle changes in color, mottled in subdued dark sea greens above the curve of her eye ridges to sweep back over her prominent head knobs and ridges, tumbling down the arc of her slender neck to disappear into the nook of throat and back, lending sway to spring green once more. Her toned sides, powerful hindquarters and lean, nimble forearms also bear the hints of sea green mottling, only they, along with her back and the backside of her wings, have dustings of pale green worked in that show only in the brightest of natural lights. The sails of her long and narrow wings, save for the curve of her talons, are the only part of her to hold the shade of aquamarine, diluted and yet a gentle contrast all the same against the spring greens of the spars and the rest of her sleek form.


Title OOC Date Cast
A Brief Catching Up February 21, 2013 Abigail, Th'ero, Eirwyn