Standing at a rather short 5'6", R'oo could hardly be thought imposing with an unremarkable build, slender muscles knit together to be neither broad or thin. He's not bulky, but he is solid thanks to the rigors of rider physical training. His face is a rather long oval, crowned with shaggy dirty blonde locks and matched on his chin with a short, thin goatee. His pale pink lips break the space between goatee and equally sparse painter's brush mustache. His long nose is rounded and down-turned at its tip. Predominantly light grey-blue eyes are off-set by a slight ring of darker blue around the edge of the irises. Lashes are barely noticeable, and like the rest of his facial hair, his eyebrows are narrow and thin. He has a broad brow etched lightly with worry lines. All in all, rather plain.

R'oo wears a pair of khaki trousers with cargo pockets at the knee and a belt which dangles loops for a variety of different items that can be secured there depending on the necessities of the day. He wears a cream tunic, tucked into his pants, overlaid with a khaki vest festooned with pockets, not unlike one a fisher might wear. Around his neck is a leather thong that wraps around a circle of wood with small words burnt around the edges. On his left wrist he wears a two-inch wide braided flat-leather band. On his feet he wears a pair of worn brown wherhide boots. Whenever outdoors in chilly weather, R'oo adds a thigh-length charcoal jacket to the ensemble and black scarf around his neck. On R'oo's shoulder is the unmistakably unique brown and black knot of Weyrlingmaster, with badges to indicate Fort Weyr and Coatyl Wing.


Edrosayen was born to greenrider Rosaelia of Fort, and bluerider E'dyin, also of Fort. His parents had impressed in the same clutch and become an item as soon as weyrling rules permitted. They had three children together, of which Edrosayen was the second, before going their separate ways. Between the two parents who never settled down again, Edrosayen has at least half a dozen half siblings, not counting flight babies. As a child, Edrosayen was lively and engaged. He was very social with siblings and other littles, though had the habit of taking apart any toy with a mechanized bit just to see how it worked. It took him time to learn to put things back together once he'd taken them apart, much to his parents' frustration. Like many weyrbrats, he was raised at least in part by the lower caverns staff and anyone who thought to teach him something. Emotionally, he was cheerful and situations like his parents splitting up never really seemed to bother him much.

As he grew older, he began learning from the residents who spent most of their time repairing or improving things around the Weyr. His parents briefly considered apprenticing him to a craft, but Edrosayen's short attention span made them decide it was the better part of wisdom to let him pursue whatever interested him at the Weyr. Edrosayen was never much bothered by the necessity of chores; it was just another part of life he had always known. He spent free hours with siblings and lending extra hands to the nannies. Due to his short stature, which never seemed to equal up to his peers as he gained turns, Edrosayen became extremely competitive, to a rather over-the-top level. Everything is a competition and he feels he has to be the best and is a sore winner and loser.

Growing up in the Weyr he became very close to one of the other littles, a girl named Kasiela and they were childhood sweethearts. Childhood sweethearts turned into teenage sweethearts and teenage sweethearts traded being sweethearts for being parents. Through Kasiela's pregnancy, distance arose between the pair and this greater 'growing up' experience brought them eventually to the conclusion that they didn't want to get married or even have a permanent romantic arrangement. But the baby was coming either way, and so when Edrosayen was sixteen, he became father to a son, Kaedyn. With the way of Weyr life, this changed his life very little, though he was around often to help Kasiela out as she needed. He'd been living at the Weyr, continuing to help out with the fixer-uppers and nannies up to this point, until the day he was searched.

Edrosayen had just finished fixing something in the kitchens and was being rewarded with a well-deserved snack when a conversation with Weyrlingmaster Meo lead to an interesting proposition. Seems that her brown saw fit to ask him to stand for the clutch, and Roo agreed, conditionally: that if he stood and didn't impress, Meo owed him a date. (Log: []

Candidacy held a lot of surprises, not the least of which was finding his lifemate, bronze Zephryth, on the sands. Weyrlinghood was no walk in the park with a lifemate as energetic as Zeph proved to be, leaving R'oo running after him more often than not. It also took time for the pair to come to some understanding of just how much head-space they actively shared; no one's truly prepared for a full-time roommate inside their heads, R'oo least of all. He graduated and was tapped into Thunderbird Wing, spending time learning search and rescue techniques and putting them into practice.

The gossip mill works in mysterious ways. Some incidents that aren't the least bit scandalous spread like wildfire, and others that are truly juicy somehow slip through the cracks. Well, until someone brings it up months later and then it takes on a life of its own! One such long-past rumor has surfaced and it might just explain why Fort's #1 homebody has blossomed into a world traveler in the last turn.

It seems that R'oo's luck at evading the wagging tongues of the old aunties has run out. To anyone that pays attention to the changing of knots and badges, that R'oo briefly wore the strands of an AWLM when Vidyazath's first clutch was hardening. Why he changed back to the wingrider's knot and Thunderbird badge was never common knowledge until now.

It seems that a pretty candidate from Nerat Hold was removed from the running a sevenday prior to when the eggs hatched for "medical reasons." And with that sort of gossip, it's no wonder that R'oo's change back to wingrider went unnoticed by the gossip mill. Lo' and behold eight months later the former candidate's "medical reason" came screaming into the world. Some say R'oo was holding the girl's hand through the long labor only to dash from her bedside when the babe was born. The less informed say fear of fatherdom, and the more— well, anyone who saw the baby could certainly see that there was no fatherly connection here. Shortly after, or so the rumor goes, "words" were exchanged between the stoic Weyrwoman and the severely inebriated bronzerider and things "did not go well."

Since then, R'oo's been a ghost at Fort, there to complete his duties in only a "satisfactory" manner and then away from the Weyr whenever time permits. Is it a self-exile or simply the only way to avoid a weyrwoman with a gaze that wilts flowers and footsteps no one hears coming? Either way, it's about to come to an end. What brought all this to the attention of the rumor mill is the blow out argument that took place in the children's cavern between R'oo and Kasiela (mother of his 7 turn old son) where the nuts and bolts of the whole debacle came to light.

Rumors now say that the candidate accused R'oo of fathering the child and R'oo was complicit in this deception, maybe - some theorize - to get himself removed from the task of keeping the young dragons in check. Once it became obvious that R'oo wasn't the father, there were dues to be paid for lying to a friend - who, as it would happen, was also "the big boss." Through threats and tears (Kasiela's), R'oo's evidently agreed to stop fleeing the Weyr every time he's not on duty, so his familiar face will soon be seen about again.

Since then, the man's been jailed for drunk and disorderly, tore the prison down, rebuilt it with a crew of volunteers, and has been strong-armed into sobering up thanks to Weyrwoman Galina. In conjunction with that, Vidyazath saw fit to promote R'oo and Zephryth to Weyrlingmaster. Who knows how long that will last?

Logs can be found here.


Name Relation Location Position NPC?
Rosaelia Mother Fort Weyr Greenrider Yes
E'dyin Father Fort Weyr Bluerider Yes
Brosnan Half-Brother (-13 Turns) Fort Weyr Weyrbrat Yes
Kaedyn Son (-16 Turns) Fort Weyr Weyrbrat Yes

Two full siblings, and 6+ Half-siblings (to be added as they come up in RP).


R'oo's firelizard fair includes: Browns Nails and Screws, Green Nuts, Blue Bolts, and Bronze Flange.


Unlikeliest of Heroes Bronze Zephryth

Description: Small bronze, brandy colored.
Personality: Mish-mash of Captain Jack Sparrow, Indiana Jones, and Han Solo.
Please see the full run-down on Zeph's page, found here.


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