Lean muscled and just at six feet tall, Edani has finally finished that rapid-growth of his teen years. A thick cap of short, somewhat tangled and rough-cut dark-brown hair tumbles across his forehead. Of dark brown eyes, somber in expression, surrounded by thick black lashes, and a straight nose, only firm lips give hint to the temperament yet to be and the humor that waits to return.

Edani is wearing loose-fitting khaki-colored trous of roughly-woven linen. He's wearing a white shirt of the same material, ties left dangling so it's open at the neck, and he's rolled the loose sleeves up to his forearms. He's wearing rough wherhide boots on his feet.


They say into every life a little rain must fall. Well, in Edani's life, a LOT of rain fell, as it did on just about everyone in the Western Isles. This rain turned out to be the catalyst that would bring change into his life and draw him from the sleepy, isolated farming cothold on Emerald Isle that his parents worked to the Western Weyr along with the refugees seeking shelter.

Life before the floods as a young boy consisted of Harper lessons, chores and rambling through the jungles with his two younger sisters until apprenticeship Beastcraft took his time at age 12 turns. He'd showed a keen interest in learning animal hubandry, but in preparation of someday taking over for his father in running their small holding someday, he took general courses. As he progressed through the ranks of Beastcraft Hall, he built dreams of his own - to someday add to their hold and enlarge it beyond the small self-sustaining cothold to a prosperous holding. His masters, however, noticing his empathy and gentle hand with ill and hurt animals, encouraged him to consider healing, but he kept his eye on diversifying so he could be better able to run a hold.

He was home for a much-needed break between achieving his Senior Apprentice knot and further studies towards his Journeyman's knot when Edani found himself caught up in the floods that wrecked his home. Along with other flooded holders from the Western Isles, he took refuge at Western Weyr, hoping for news about the rest of his family while helping aid the searches combing the coasts and sea. It was while he was at the Weyr he was Searched. Uncertain what he wanted anymore, increasingly distaught over the disappearance of his entire family, he accepted. It was not to be, however and he was left standing on the sands when the hatching was over.

Though he remained to search for a few more months, he never found any trace of his parents or sisters. A trip to the ruined hold firmed his resolve to finish his training and return to rebuild, so with that in mind, he went back to Beastcraft Hall. He spent four turns there, specializing in healing, focusing on herdbeasts and large stock animals, his reasoning that the salary he'd get for that would provide the necessary funds for him to purchase building material and stock. Posted to Fort Weyr for in-field training under one of the Journeymen there, he had just taken and passed his Journeyman exams at the Beastcraft Hall when he was Searched by Blue Varmiroth to stand for Zuvalayeth's and Velokraeth's clutch back at Fort Weyr. The fateful day the eggs hatched, his life changed course forever when he impressed Bronze Dremkoth.


Name Relation Location Position
Inri Weyrmate Fort Weyr Junior Weyrwoman
Maiona Daughter Fort Weyr Child
Edmil Father Maiona* Cothold, Emerald Isle Missing
Mirna Mother Maiona Cothold, Emerald Isle Missing
Anira Sister Maiona Cothold, Emerald Isle Missing
Mila Sister Maiona Cothold, Emerald Isle Missing

*Maiona means: 'Remember Me' It is D'ani's childhood home. His and Inri's firstborn daughter is named for it.


Scalliwag Brown Ragtag

This brown firelizard has a bit of a stocky build to him. His body is solidly built with some obvious muscle to it, but his neck is a little thicker and a littler shorter than the norm, as is his tail. His legs are not necessarily thicker than they should be, but they are definitely a little shorter, somehow oddly proportionate with his shorter neck and tail. His hide is mostly a nice golden brown, like the perfect hue of toast. The last quarter of his face being his snout is coated in a khaki-esque color, that same color being echoed on the inside of his leg joints, near his shoulders and by his thighs. The soft cream color can also be found as the primary color for the membranes spanning between his powerfully built wings.


Imune to the Passage of Time Bronze Dremkoth


It is a dark, aged bronze which gives a first impression of evenly coating this dragon's slim body. Buffed to a soft, healthy glow by forces unknown, it brings out some of the more subtle details in his coloring. Rolling waves of copper-tinted bronze flow over the hide of his lithe and powerful frame, casting him in the light of Rukbat's rays, tinted with silvery light from the moons. Finely wrought and elegantly crafted, he is the antithesis of his sire, full of grace and elegance. The timeless light of distant galaxies flow over his slender muzzle and curve along his eyeridges like twin crescent moons, faintly glimmering. Large faceted eyes are indomitably fascinated by the world, absorbing all about him with an eager gaze. Looking back into those eyes however, one looks into the timeless depths of an old soul.
His neck is slender but powerful, muscles visible flowing beneath his hide, without bulging out in excess. Most distinctly one finds along his deep barreled chest a very thin, soft pinstriping in ever so slightly a more ambered hue of the aged bronze. It fades as one reaches his haunches where a simple uniformity in hue resumes. Ripples of copper gleam along his sides and down his limbs, ending in pinpoints of starlight captured in each ivory talon.
Wings are altogether a different element of this cheeky fellow. Thickly muscled shoulders support elongated spars which carry a great expanse of sail stretched between them. The light filtering through the translucent membrane comes as lighter dusty bronze, which when swathed about his frame appears as though he wears a sort of overcoat. It gives this slender and elegant bronze a bit of a foxy look, so much more like his dam than sire in appearance. Rounded neckridges are formed with the grace of waves washing onto the shore, worn smooth by time and patience. Likewise, his slender and long tail is also smooth, texture an illusion given by ripples of darkness and light that tumble down like sea foam chasing the tide onto the shore.

Gallery (Click to enlarge)


Title OOC Date Cast
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Drunken Proposals & Incognito Bailouts February 22, 2015 D'ani, Inri; Dremkoth, Kouzevelth, Kainaesyth
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