Played By William Moseley
Sex Male
Dragon Bronze Roheith
Rank Weyrling
Craft BeastCraft Snr. Apprentice
Birthplace Keroon Hold
Home Fort Weyr
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Green

Standing just under the 6 foot or so, E'stel has the lankiness of a kid still growing into himself. His broad shouldered frame looks disproportional to the rest of him as the muscle to structure ratio hasn’t quite balanced itself out. It’s hard to say if his long torso is part of a growth spurt or not and he has some muscle but it’s the wiry kind, easily overlooked.

His brown hair has sun-bleached streaks of gold and looks over grown from what otherwise may have been a close crop, bangs hanging down raggedly over his green eyes. The sun has also bronzed his otherwise fair skin, leaving a few faint freckles over his somewhat overlarge nose and his arms. He has fairly high cheekbones and a pronounced chin and jawline. This has the faintest bit of stubble along it suggesting a day or two between attempts at a smooth face. There is also a noticeable pale scar through the right of his two sparse brows that runs halfway up his tanned forehead.

The teen is wearing an olive colored long sleeve shirt with a high neck. It’s a bit large for his torso, hanging a little loose over his chest as does the quilted dark grey vest over that. These coupled with some loose but thick woven pants gives the appearance that he’s a bit younger than he actually is. He wears thick hide work boots that peak out from under the pant legs with a solid heel and carried a pair of worn but soft hide gloves in his pocket when not working.



Erestel is the 2nd youngest of 4 children born to a Beastcraft Journeyman, Eren and his wife Listel in Keroon Hold. He spent his early childhood around runners and herd beasts helping care for one of the Hold’s many livestock herds. His father specialized in the training of working runners and his two older siblings were Craft apprentices assisting in the day to day running of the farm.

When Erestel was 13 turns, his father was flipped over on by a young runner, suffering a serious head injury. The eldest of Erestel’s brothers had not yet completed his journeyman testing so their uncle Firen, a Senior Journeyman, came from the Crafthall to take charge of the farm. Firen didn’t approved of Erestel assisting on the farm without formal craft training so Erestel was sent to the Hall.

At the craft hall Erestel struggled with the coursework. He had trouble focussing on the texts but had a natural knack for animal behavior. When he was 15 turns he found a mentor in a visiting Journeyman who was brought in to teach training classes. Journeyman Rhodon tutored the young apprentice in the coming turns and, when he was ready, submitted for him to be his apprentice in his usual appointment at Fort Weyr. Erestel was torn by the desire to return to his family and the opportunity to apprentice at a Weyr, a much greater honor. He turned the Journeyman down, returning to apprentice under his uncle.

Firen may have once been great with the animals, but it was clear that he had more interest in marks and status in the Hold over the welfare of the animals. He had changed the operations to start producing racing runners at the request of one of the Lord holder’s distant relations, selling a majority of the herd and making unethical decisions about some of the animals’ care to produce winners. After a turn in this new regime Erestel sent a letter to Rhodon to see if the position at Fort Weyr was still available. It was. It didn’t prove difficult convincing his uncle to allow him to be reassigned as Firen saw it as a foot in the door with the Weyr, even if it was not Igen Weyr.

In Est's second turn under Journeyman Rhodon at Fort Weyr he started to get letters from his uncle about possible connections to Weyr leadership, refusing to believe his nephew would have no interest whatsoever in such connections. The laid back life of the Weyr was been an easy adjustment for the over glorified farm boy, though a majority of the time he spends among beasts over people.

At 17 turns he was asked by K'zre and his green Yasminath to stand for Kouzevelth's & Velokraeth's clutch. His journeyman agreed on the condition that he completed all his BeastCraft chores in addition to those of a Candidate. Dead on his feet most days, Erestel kept at it even when others questioned his motivations. Even bringing his own misgivings to light, like what may come of a prey animal trainer who impresses a large predatory dragon. It was not in vain however, as the pale and colt-like bronze Roheith found the apprentice on the sands, declaring him E'stel, his partner for life.

After a fairly peaceful Weyrlinghood, E'stel decided Roh and he would try their hand at shipping as well as doing some runner training on the side. While fulfilling his duties he was surprised to find them in the midst of a flight, making Roheith's first victory that of the young Queen, Oriapeth at Igen Weyr. Luckily he and Oddisa were already acquainted through their mutual craft and interest in runners. In fact Est may have had bit of crush on her, which only grew with the time the then found themselves spending together on Igen's hot black sands.



Name Relation Location Position
Listel Mother Keroon Hold Farm wife
Eren Father Keroon Hold Beastcraft Journeyman
Firen Uncle Keroon Hold Beastcraft Journeyman
Liren Brother Keroon Hold Beastcraft Journeyman
Erlen Brother Keroon Hold Beastcraft Apprentice
Elise Sister Keroon Hold


Blooming Rose In a Bed of Sand Gold Paloma

Leggy and lithe, this little gold has an appearance of being dusted with powdered sunlight. Her base color seems to be a rich almost amber ocher that is most concentrated around her points- face, tail legs and wing joints. The darkest areas appear to be joints and around her head knobs and snout but the rich amber gold fades in subtle ombre to a sunlit honeyed hue that coats her neck barrel and flanks. Over this warm honey is the dusting of pale flaxen, as if someone had sifted pale gold dust over her back like one does flour or sugar. Most of the freckling condenses over her haunches, but it wafts up her neck and dances over her flanks like snowflakes. Her wings, encased with the rich amber ocher wing joints, share this freckled honey appearance. The concentration of dusting flax starts at the edges of the sails, moving in and dissipating as it gets closer to the joints where the honey does quite the opposite as it blends into the warm amber. She has a soft and fairly peaceful expression about her very equine-like face. It could be the unusually large eyes or the softness to her frame despite her very fit build. Whatever it is, there is a calming energy she exudes and one has to wonder if she ever could get upset.

Back Of The Tackroom Brown Latigo

The warm tones of saddle leather cover the hide of this rather skinny firelizard and make him appear much older than he actually is. The appearances of sun bleaching over walnut tanned hide spreads over his spine from head knobs to tail tip. As it radiates out it fades into darker base tones along his belly and flanks. Around his joints where they meet his middle are smudges of brown that are almost black, as if from wear and movement. These contrast with his neck neck and eye ridges which have an almost dusty pale tan as if work and dried from time. Here and there a dark crack of a lacing breaks over his form, adding to the appearance that he’s in need of a good oiling. His snout and limbs fade down from the rich walnut leather color into a desaturated near-grey brown like the dried mud giving the appearance of having been playing in the dirt to those who don’t look too closely.


Son Of A Gun Bronze Roheith

Supple shades of bronze so pale they are nearly gold run in broad sweeps along the length of this finely made bronze. While he is not overly large, he is long of limb, the leanness of form balanced by powerful hindquarters and a slightly barreled chest. His head, far more resembling a runner’s than the typical dragon is adorned with pale flaxen hues, the color reappearing in a dappled pattern over wingsails, down the curve of his neck and along shoulders and haunches, both. Deeper bronze makes an appearance on all four legs, the color of the 'socks' fading to a subtle ombre at the shoulder joints, only to reappear once more along the spars of his wings. Final touches come in the form of deep burnished bronze flairs adorning talons and head knobs alike.


Illustrations by E'stel's player.