Once pale, now lightly tanned with hours spent out in the sun, and visible tan lines around her eyes where riding goggles are placed. She stands at an even 5’8”, her frame muscular and well built in a manner that indicates hard labor and work that is put into maintaining such strength. Raven black hair, straight and uninteresting is pulled back into a messy braid, knotted and unkempt, showing that it has had little to no care. Her face is oval shaped, softer in appearance, and framed by wild bangs that are cut rather unevenly. Lips are soft, while her nose is angular in a sort of rebellion to this soft look. Since black hair is pulled back, her ears are visible and gauged earrings are visible. The earring is simple in design, colored a soft gold that matches the color of her lifemate. One rather notable feature of this woman is the prominent joins in her fingers, large and bony.

Her clothes have certainly seen better times. Like her hair, they are rather unkempt and almost wild in appearance. Tears have been mended, but are notable for the unmatched color of the stitches from the color of her clothes. Notably, the pants she wears are more cut for the size of men and are held up with a makeshift leather belt — likely of her own making. On this belt, there are two knives, one on the left that is more ornamental in appearance, lovely and well made almost as if for decoration. It does not fit in well with her wild look, as it is well maintained and cared for. The other knife on the right is more intimidating in appearance, certainly not to look lovely but more to scare. It, too, is well cared for. Her shirt matches her pants in the fact that the repairs made are rather obvious and quite visible. It is more suited to a woman’s figure, however, as the cut notably fits better than the pants. It is dark grey on color, sleeves a little loose but far more fitting. It is a shirt with purpose rather than for looks. Worn boots are settled on her feet, battered and well loved through the Turns.


Like all children who are brought into the world, Deitra was no different in this respect. Her mother and father, however, were not doting parents who simply had a child because they sought to continue the line, as it were. Or, they were simply drunk on something at the time of conception, nontheless, she was born and she was a happy child. Two Turns later, her sister, Chyhi, was born and the two decided that raising children was just not their 'thing' and had the two fostered off and then conveniently forgot about them. The children never really cared much, and grew up happy children. Deitra, despite this happiness, rebelled quite often against her foster parents. She refused to take up a craft though she showed much interest in the ways of animals and she refused to do jobs that they felt she would be best at. The girl felt that she would make a better hunter and sought out to do just that. While hunting in a group she could be deemed as successful, she never managed to get anything on her own, being stuck to carry luggage or help clean the kills. There were times where she went out on her own, dragging her sister with her on her little escapades. While they had yet to run into trouble, they never entirely caught anything. And this is how Deitra's life in Fort Weyr remained.

Until her 18th Turn, in which she was Searched to be a candidate on Fort's very Sands. She retired her knot, in her mind, temporarily for the sake of duty. However, duty to her home came in the form of Zuvaleyuth who so wonderfully garbled up her name into Dtirae and she became the newest goldrider of Fort. In which she underwent changes, meant to better the Weyr as she was to become a leader — a thought that did not sit well with the young woman. She did well enough in her lessons, graduated to Junior Weyrwoman and helped the Weyr how she could. There are many details she does not discuss of this time. She eventually came to believe that her lifemate to be infertile, as the gold had not risen even by her third Turn. Around this time, Neyuni stepped down and left the knot to the young, and rather unprepared junior. And at this time, Zuvaleyuth rose and settled herself into the position of Senior while Th'ero remained as her Weyrleader. She remained in this position, until the stress of it drove the young woman into an early retirement and she stayed in Drake's Lake after an incident in order to ensure that the area began to flourish again. Now, where she stands? It's hard to say.



Name Relation NPC/PC Location Position
Nameless Father NPC Fort Weyr Something
Nameless Mother NPC Fort Weyr Something
Chyhi (-2 Turns) Sister PC Fort Weyr Hunter


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Vignettes are a way to further character development that cannot be complete on-camera with other people interacting. These usually are internal reflections done by a particular character or an event that happened while they were on their own, or even events of the past that shaped the character to who they are today. Because of this, most of these vignettes would not be IC knowledge to any particular person unless shared with by Dtirae. Only a few of them contain events in the past that would include Dtirae's sister, Chyhi, so she would be the only one with knowledge of certain happenings.

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Again, this is a warning that there is potential for swearing within these vignettes. They will be kept within a PG-13 limit, occasionally, this may be pushed but a warning will be given for heavy swearing

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Specter of a Queen Gold Zuvaleyuth
Pale sunlight pokes through muffled cloud in slender rays that strike the soft pale hide of this smaller slender queen. Of slighter figure, there is a pleasant grace to the proportions of her body so barely kissed by day in hue. Elongated muzzle ends in a blunted tip, while prominent ridges sweep over her expressive eyes. Richer hues dab in mossy filigree down the spine of her slender neck and around the prominent neck ridges well spaced thereupon. The pattern spreads in uneven patches, fading down her back and nibbling at the base of her wingsails. The lichen shifts to a rusty gold around her soft muscled shoulders and thin wings joints, as if aged prematurely. Slightly heavy at the base, they support a vast fading expanse of sail, glittering metallic only where the light touches as if comprised of an ethereal golden mist, rather than flesh and bone. Talons are ice white, delicate but deadly upon each slender finger and toe. Narrowed body provides for a more graceful movement and elegant form. Sensual curves meeting the eye as one slides from the arc of her neck through the deep curve of her chest, to where slender waist disappears beneath the muscled curve of her thighs. Beneath her sails, as insubstantial as they seem, the pale sun cannot reach, and instead pale dried grass gold brushes her sides and belly, daubing against arms and legs in random fashion. Lengthy tail is rather narrowed, ending in an oddly stunted spade, the only hint of imperfection in one so surreal.


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