Casting Call

Clive Owen



This is a rather tall man as far as they go, though he's well proportioned and fit, definitely strong. He is 6'1" and just over 200 lbs - all of it solid, easily seen muscle. His hands are calloused and large, with short nails that and the worn look of a man who wields a hammer or pick-axe regularly. He has strong, craggy features that seem to have seen their fair share of hardship and joy both. He has faint dimples on the odd chance that he smiles as well as a cleft in his square chin. His hair is a dark brown-gray, somewhat slate-colored, with hints of black to it here and there in its short length. His eyes are grey as well, though they do have blue flecks. His lips are thin, and his Roman nose is crooked from having been broken more than once and reset to be healed each time. His brows are masculine yet hold a shape, and his brow is a little heavier than average. He has a tall, wide forehead with worry lines creasing it, high cheekbones, and a few scars that lightly trace over his face: one down the bridge of his nose and towards his mouth, and another to the right side of his face at the hairline that starts at the temple and goes down towards his jawline - faint scars, old memories. His skin is a dusky tone that speaks of Bitran blood somewhere near in his line.

His clothing consists of serviceable wear in the form of a long-sleeved, white tunic tucked into his chocolate colored trousers. Over this is a nice looking vest of deep green-dyed hide that goes to his waist, filled with inner pockets where he can store things, including a dagger in a pinch. His feet are clad in sturdy, if well-used, knee-high boots meant for working in and around caves. To one side of his vest is the badge of the Mining Craft with its saltire black pick and shovel on a white background, and beside it is the knot of an Apprentice. On the other side is the knot of a brownrider of Simurgh Wing at Fort.


The biggest irony of Demos' life was that he couldn't read well enough to pursue everything he wanted to, scholastically.

Not that it was his fault, of course. He was born to a Journeyman Harper father, Delus, and a guard mother, Mosaine. Delus had come to Crom Hold as part of his services as a Journeyman. It was to be his post for the duration. Mosaine had learned about whers while growing up the daughter of a wherhandler, but it was guarding that took her fancy. The two were immediately attracted, but horribly combustible while together. Their passion could as easily have been anger or jealousy as it was love. All the same, they produced two children, Elaine and Demos, while unofficially together.

When Demos was three, Delus received orders that he was to be transferred to Telgar Weyr. Mosaine had a choice to make: she could go with him, as his wife, or stay in Crom with their children. There was no way that Delus could take the kids with him alone. Mosaine chose to stay, and that was the end of that.

Both Elaine and Demos grew up dusky skinned thanks to their mother's half-Bitran blood, but where Elaine took on delicate beauty and cunning, Demos simply remained plain. He received the basics of reading, writing, and math from the busy Mosaine, but the older Elaine received far better before their father left them. She then focused on more "feminine" aspects of life so she could become an accomplished Lady Holder someday. Demos felt he'd been cheated out of something glorious, however, and never got beyond the rudimentary - mostly due to the fact that his mother wasn't terribly adept at it, either. He spent long hours yearning to be in the library learning, wishing he could become a Harper apprentice. He had no talent for music, however, outside of a tin whistle and therefore knew he could never get far in the field. He thought of becoming a scholar and records-keeper, but Mosaine set him into the path of work from an early age, helping the drudges, and helping her with her guarding work. It was how he learned to fight and defend himself. But it was also how he managed to break his nose and hands more than once.

Though a fair hand in a fight, he wasn't what someone would call guard material. As Mosaine began to see it, she turned to her own family in Crom for advice. At the age of eleven, Mosaine sent Demos to stay with her MineCrafter father to apprentice in the trade, figuring that even if Demos didn't much like it, the least he could do was become a wherhandler like his grandfather.

Demos actually found he enjoyed the MineCraft, once he got past his resentment at being sent off by his mother and having his future decided for him. Though his hands weren't steady or exact enough for working with the fruits of the earth and turning them into beautiful items, he found that he could swing a hammer in a smithy with far better results. He also found that he could swing an axe, and actually help as a miner. He could find ores, but he had a knack for finding jewels and entire veins. Geology became an interest for him, and with it, the history of Pern itself - not the cultures and societies, but the vast historical time that eclipsed it.

Demos went to Fort from Crom along with several other apprentices and Journeymen in the MineCraft. It was more or less a field trip of sorts, given the recent tunnel explorations that occurred (along with Renegades being driven out). He got more than he expected, however, when he was chosen to stand for Choth and Garanth's clutch on the sands.

His time as a Candidate went as smoothly as it could, and at last when it was time, he found himself Impressing brown Thauth. His lifemate has proven to be a steady rock and fount of knowledge throughout their weyrlinghood and beyond, giving D'mos a chance to explore the scholarly life he always dreamed of. He joined Simurgh Wing as a Craftrider in order to help the MineCraft, perhaps someday to become a Journeyman.


Name Relation Location Position
Delus Father Telgar Weyr Jman Harper
Mosaine Mother Crom Hold Guard
Elaine Older Sister (+3) Crom Hold Servant in the Holder's household


Lucky Piscene Blue Lucky

This blue firelizard's hide is the bright hue of a slow moving river in sunlight, but with faint golden highlights beneath the aqueous hues. His fin-like wings are very thin and delicate, ruffled like those of the pet fish of ancient earth. Though he has no piscene scales, his hide is speckled in a pattern that would suggest the coloring of a terran koi goldfish. Almost vain his stubby front and back legs are well shaped but leave him more suited to water than to land.

Lucky is banded in the colors of Fort Weyr and the MineCraft.

Lucky is 1 Turn, 9 months, and 15 days old and is 48 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 78 cm.


Brown Thauth