Daralyn grew up at Fort Sea Hold with what, for the most part, would pass as an average childhood. However, he just didn't have the inclination towards the ocean-going life his family had been tied to. That set him out a bit and triggered more than a few arguments with his father of the "You will follow our tradition"/"No I won't" type. As soon as he was old enough to to, he moved to Fort Weyr to get away from the arguments…and as he was wrapping up what remained of his education, volunteered for training as a guard.


Name Relation Location Position
? Father Fort Sea Hold Sea Craft
? Mother Fort Sea Hold Sea Craft


Title OOC Date Cast
Someone Tell Daralyn He //Can// Say No... (Daralyn Searched) March 07, 2015 Daralyn, Ha'ze
Dumb Candidate Got Trolled March 08, 2015 Daralyn, Inri
Why the Knife? March 10, 2015 Abigail, Daralyn, Th'ero
Rainy Day Egg Touching March 16, 2015 Daralyn, M'icha, NPCs
Does This Make Me Look Fat? March 22, 2015 Beyrl, Daralyn, Lucy, NPCs by Th'ero
Kouzevelth's And Kainaesyth's Eggs Hatch April 01, 2015 Aaron, Alister, Beyrl, Brebain, D'ani, Daralyn, Gabriela, Haristal, Ha'ze, Inri, Kera, Kyzen, Lucy, M'icha, Senira, Thys, Zhirayr, Kainaesyth, Kouzevelth
Guards Meet April 10, 2015 Daralyn, Russall
Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Chips April 11, 2015 Daralyn, Russall
Debriefing April 25, 2015 Breshir (NPC), Daralyn