Dahjari "Dahj" Farash (born on day 13 of month 9, Turn 2708) is a junior weyrwoman at Fort Weyr who Impressed Esoireth at Igen Weyr on day 14 of month 5, Turn 2731. She is currently acting in the stead of Fort's senior queenrider after Inri became publicly unable to fulfill her duties. She once served as then-Weyrwoman Inri's personal assistant in 2730.


Born Dahjari Farash
Day 13, month 9, Turn 2708
Igen Coverage Area
Occupation Acting Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Esoireth
Affiliations Fort Weyr
Igen Weyr
Igen Traders
Played By Aishwarya Rai


Sleek, dark-brown hair that falls to near mid-back warms dusky skin rendered not quite smooth by turns of exposure to desert winds; large eyes are a striking gray-green in contrast, standing out amidst Dahj's other symmetric, aesthetically-pleasing features. At 5'5", she will never be considered especially tall, but carries herself with a quiet dignity that may lend the illusion of another inch with the lift of a willful chin. She appears to be somewhere in her mid-twenties and bears the double-looped shoulderknot of a Fort junior weyrwoman.

Common Knowledge

  • Appointed acting Fort Weyrwoman in early 2734 despite her youth and relative inexperience.
  • Seems to often take trips away from Fort Weyr on her off-duty days.
  • Moved back to Fort almost immediately following her weyrlinghood in Igen (surely for reasons).
  • Impressed Esoireth at Igen out of a clutch of Toruth's and Haijiventh's in 2731.
  • Spent five months in Xanadu while standing for a clutch of Inasyth's and Garouth's.
  • Worked in Fort's kitchens for about six months prior to being hired as Inri's personal assistant in early 2730.
  • Moved to Fort Weyr in mid-2729.


The youngest of Fort's queenriders, Dahj is the weyr's third transfer from Igen over the past almost-two decades, having Impressed golden Esoireth out of a clutch of Toruth's and Haijiventh's in 2731. Some may recall that she previously was sometimes seen working at Fort in the turns prior, first in the kitchens and then as Weyrwoman Inri's personal assistant.

Her features may mark her as most probably being from Igen, but she volunteers little about her origins when pressed; it is, after all, hardly uncommon for folk to move away from the harsh environs of the desert.

What is uncommon is how quickly her move was arranged to Fort following her training. Some might suppose this due to her close working relationship with Weyrwoman Inri. After Inri became unable to publicly fulfill her duties as Weyrwoman, Dahj was quickly appointed to work in her stead despite her youth and relative inexperience compared to Fort's older juniors.


IC Dates Location Connections
03.2734 - Present Fort Weyr Acting Weyrwoman
07.2732 - 03.2734 Fort Weyr Junior weyrwoman
05.2731 - 06.2732 Igen Weyr Weyrling training alongside gold Esoireth
01.2731 - 05.2731 Igen Weyr Candidate for a clutch of Toruth's and Haijiventh's
06.2730 - 01.2731 Fort Weyr Resumed her post as Inri's personal assistant
01.2730 - 06.2730 Xanadu Weyr Candidate for a clutch of Inasyth's and Garouth's
00.2730 - 01.2730 Fort Weyr Appointed personal assistant to Weyrwoman Inri
07.2729 - 00.2730 Fort Weyr Moved to Fort Weyr, typically found working in the kitchens
05.2729 - 06.2729 Northern Hemisphere Traveled through northern Pern
10.2708 - 05.2729 Igen Coverage Area Farash trader train


Portrait of a Queen Gold Esoireth
Sweeping grandeur rises elegantly in the long arc of her smooth, muscled neck, features emerging in relief as if she were the finest of vessels produced by master smiths and woodcrafters. Rich, golden oak has been chiseled into her smooth curves, gilded intricately with metallic hues over broad limbs and prow-sharp talons. The darkened curl of sturdy shoulders, not unlike that of fine scrollwork atop polished balustrades, lifts to support substantial 'sails where the glory of a warm sunset ripples pristinely over the diaphanous membranes. In contrast, her pinions almost seem to gleam a watery, blue-gray when struck just-so by the light, the ghostly hues touching along her feet and the bottom of her tail as if leaving them kissed by the sea.


The Quiet Stalker Blue Phantom
Slow whirling eyes bely the quiet predator which beats at the heart of this fellow. He looks far too relaxed, smooth muscles settled beneath his soft, suede-like hide hiding the power that he truly holds. Of hue, it shows the realm upon which he hunts is the sky, for that is the color which has settled over his frame. Head, neck, body and wings bear a crystal purity in the most pleasant blue of summer skies. It darkens only slightly along the top of his body, pooling upon his forehead and weaving around neckridges. The slightly darker sky blue, however, wraps fully around his thick tail, completely claiming the portion of him which helps to steer in his claimed hunting grounds. Upon belly, chin and the underside of his chest, the color lightens as though should he choose to hunt in the aquatic realms he'd remain as camouflaged as in the sky. A predominantly quiet manner allows him to really hide within plain sight even upon land or in darker corridors. Somehow, he can seem to be sitting right behind one's shoulder and all but remain invisible to the casual observer — surely a handy trick when he is on the hunt.
Credit: Iwa


Title OOC Date Summary
Thought Gathering
ft. Ava, Dahj
September 2, 2022 An Igen candidate and a trader's daughter keep their secrets at a lakeside meeting.
Negotiations (Vignette)
ft. Dahj
February 18, 2022 Dahj makes a deal with her past.
Awareness (Vignette)
ft. Dahj
November 6, 2021 Dahj doesn't have time to think until some hours post-Impression.
ft. Alasse, E'stel, Ligeia, Lunasidhe, Oddisa, Padjma, Talisyn
October 20, 2021 Candidates get another round of egg-touching in.
Prep a Little, Talk a Little
ft. Lunasidhe, Padjma
October 11, 2021 Candidates share morning kitchen duty; an acquaintance is formed.


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