Full Name: Dahjari Farash

Born: Day 13, month 9, Turn 2708

Birthplace: Igen Coverage Area

Current Location: Fort Weyr

Position: Fort Weyrwoman

Dragon: Gold Esoireth

Affiliations: Fort Weyr, Igen Weyr, Igen Traders

Played By: Aishwarya Rai


Sleek, dark-brown hair that falls to near mid-back warms dusky skin rendered not quite smooth by turns of exposure to desert winds; large eyes are a striking gray-green in contrast, a feature that only heightens the pleasing impression of a face that could be considered beautiful. There's a hardy capability to her 5'5" frame, a quiet sort of strength in toned limbs that suggests she's well-used to physical work. Dahj appears to be somewhere in her early thirties and sometimes bears the triple-looped, gold-tasseled shoulderknot of the Fort Weyrwoman.

Common Knowledge

» Officially Fort Weyrwoman since early 2735.
» Acted as Fort Weyrwoman from early 2734 after Inri's chronic hearing loss.
» Moved back to Fort almost immediately after finishing training at Igen.
» Impressed Esoireth at Igen out of a clutch of Toruth's and Haijiventh's in 2731.
» Went by Padjma at Fort, Xanadu and Igen prior to Impression.
» Once worked as Weyrwoman Inri's personal assistant.




Dahj is Fort Weyr's third transfer from Igen over the past almost-two decades, having Impressed golden Esoireth out of a clutch of Toruth's and Haijiventh's in 2731. Some may recall that she previously was sometimes seen working at Fort in the turns prior, first in the kitchens and then as then-Weyrwoman Inri's personal assistant.

Her features may mark her as most probably being from Igen, but she tends to volunteer little about her origins when pressed beyond vague references to having family still in the region; it is, after all, hardly uncommon for folk to move away from the harsh environs of the desert.

What is uncommon is how quickly her move was arranged to Fort following her training, which some may have supposed was due to her previous, close working relationship with Inri. After Inri became unable to publicly fulfill her duties as Weyrwoman, Dahj was quickly appointed to work in her stead despite her youth and relative inexperience compared to Fort's older juniors — an auspicious choice, as Esoireth rose a turn later to confirm her role as senior queen and officially promote her rider to the rank of Fort Weyrwoman.

Publicly known for being a generally pleasant woman with an almost uncanny sense of business acumen, she appears to have a cordial working relationship with still-Weyrleader Th'ero and her juniors; she's often noted to be seen around the weyr without her knot during unofficial day-to-day sightings.

Esoireth's Flight Record

# IC Date Winner Eggs Offspring
1 03.2735 Th'ero's bronze Velokraeth 10 PC 1 gold, 1 bronze, 2 browns, 3 blues, 3 greens


The Quiet Stalker Blue Phantom
Slow whirling eyes bely the quiet predator which beats at the heart of this fellow. He looks far too relaxed, smooth muscles settled beneath his soft, suede-like hide hiding the power that he truly holds. Of hue, it shows the realm upon which he hunts is the sky, for that is the color which has settled over his frame. Head, neck, body and wings bear a crystal purity in the most pleasant blue of summer skies. It darkens only slightly along the top of his body, pooling upon his forehead and weaving around neckridges. The slightly darker sky blue, however, wraps fully around his thick tail, completely claiming the portion of him which helps to steer in his claimed hunting grounds. Upon belly, chin and the underside of his chest, the color lightens as though should he choose to hunt in the aquatic realms he'd remain as camouflaged as in the sky. A predominantly quiet manner allows him to really hide within plain sight even upon land or in darker corridors. Somehow, he can seem to be sitting right behind one's shoulder and all but remain invisible to the casual observer — surely a handy trick when he is on the hunt.
Credit: Iwa


Title OOC Date Summary
Esoireth and Velokraeth's Eggs Hatch!
ft. Ainyan, Ava, Dahj, Lhiannon, Pollina, Saverio, Th'ero, Tiberius, Xavier
December 29, 2022 Esoireth and Velokraeth's clutch finally hatches on a wintry afternoon. Ten new lives begin!
An Accidental Acquaintance
ft. Dahj, Orrion
November 20, 2022 Belated introductions take place in the wake of a peripheral acquaintance.
Make It an Egg Night
ft. Dahj, Pollina, Saverio
November 20, 2022 In which eggs are both touched and touching.
How to Make Friends (Pollina is Searched)
ft. Dahj, Pollina
November 15, 2022 Pollina's late-night attempt to befriend some of the weyr's herd doesn't go according to plan.
Surprises on the Sands
ft. Ainyan, Dahj, Lhiannon, Saverio, Tiberius, Xavier
November 16, 2022 Surprising encounters are in store for a few candidates who get to meet some of the eggs.