Played By Chris Evans
Current Home Fort Weyr
Occupation Wingrider
Dragon Bronze Azirath


Standing at six foot four and broad through the shoulders, D'ax is someone who is generally considered a large man. His dark hair lives in a state of incidental grooming, pushed back at the beginning of the day then left to do what it will throughout the rest. His square jaw usually sports a short beard in some stage of growth. With the contrast of his icy blue eyes, and rugged, masculine features, he ticks off the 'tall, dark, and handsome' list for many.


Allegedly from the Telgar area, Dakalis joined the Guard as soon as they would accept him into the fold. He trained his way through the ranks with monomaniacal ambition until it clashed with the reality of limited opportunity for advancement. As a 2nd Lieutenant on track to, but blocked from, making 1st, Dakalis' intense energy started drifting to less productive ends. After being involved in an incident or two too many, he was given the choice to transfer, but not to where. And so Dakalis ended up in Fort with a demotion to 3rd Lieutenant, and a chip on his broad shoulders.


The Southern Pansy Bronze Azirath
With one glance, he could be described as ‘aristocratic’ and perhaps ‘dandyish fellow’ in another. His features are delicate, composed of softened lines, from the angles of his head, to the graceful curve of his neck, and to the rest of his above average-sized frame with just a hint of roundedness in all the right places. Lustrous bronze holds sway over his hide, the rich warm hue holding fast from snub-tipped muzzle to the very end of his tail. It even covers the length of his pristinely tailored wings, that he drapes over his back like a Lord Holder’s frock coat. Here and there, touches of burnished bronze play an artful counterpoint, appearing in flourishes that grace rounded head knobs, slender talons and the ridges running down his neck and back. Everything about him speaks of decorum, from the way he holds his head ‘just so’, to the care with which he keeps his wings from even coming close to brushing the ground.