A born and raised resident of Fort Weyr. Chyhi is the youngest child of two, her sister Deitra older by two turns. Their parents realized early on that they really had no extreme interest in raising their children, preferring instead their time with each other and their occupations in the lower caverns. Luckily, Weyrlife being what it is, fostering the children was easy enough. It takes a village to raise a child, and so that's how Chyhi and her sister grew up. There was no lost love with their parent's choice, it was accepted easily enough.


A teenager now, Chyhi has followed in her sister's footsteps. This is no child of feminine grace and wiles. Tomboy through and through, she picked up the same easy love for nature her sister has. As well as the love of sharp things. Putting those together and honing her skills made the occupation of Hunter an easily decided one. Fearless is Chyhi, having no issues facing off with the most vicious of tunnelsnakes or the most potent of alcohol. Reckless, invincible, the embodiment of youth!

Still at Fort Weyr is where Chyhi resides, enjoying the familiarity of the wilds around the Weyr and the small band of hunters her and her sister randomly run with.


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