Before you stands a woman most likely in her mid thirties. Life has evidently not been good to her, to tell by the frown lines marring the tan skin around her eyes and the strands of silver that are appearing in her jet black hair, which is pulled back into a rather severe braid. She does not stand very tall - only around five feet - but she stands ram-rod straight, obviously very proud, with her chin almost jutted out, as if daring defiance. Her features are regular, and are rather pleasing to regard when she is relaxed, or even graces one with a rare smile. Snapping green eyes regard those around her warily, and her stance is tense, almost as if she expects attack to come from any quarter, and is always ready. Well-muscled limbs are evident through worn and dusty wherhide riding leathers, and the woman carries no obvious excess weight. Exceptional by their lack, no rank knots or area insignia are in evidence - there is only the patch of a golden dragon in flight affixed to her breast pocket, insinuating that this odd woman holds the unlikely rank of weyrwoman. Sturdy riding boots keep her feet warm in the chill of /between/, and if she lets her flight jacket open, a loose, equally worn top in a dusty dark blue is evident, along with a small silver and glass pendant resting at her throat, hung from a silver chain. The flying belt at her waist is intended to double as an every-day belt, hung with a limp mark pouch, a notepad and pencil, a beltknife, and precious little else.


OOC Note: Some of Casi's history may be OOC information only. I've tried to keep her +info intentionally vague, but may add more info here to help me remember and keep track. If you're not sure whether or not your character would know something, please feel free to ask. :D


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Daniella Mother XAW - NPC Retired Brown Ezventh
C'ian Father XAW Retired Bronze Alhenaeth
Daenian Brother XAW - NPC Harper, rank Master N/A
Kythorn Cousin HAH Apprentice N/A
Jeymiel Son w/J'ymi XAW - NPC Resident N/A
Xe'ter Illegitimate Son ISW Apprentice Bronze Romth
  • Please note: Xe'ter/Casi's relationship is not yet acknowledged ICly. Casi and Xe'ter have a "foster" relationship.



Molten Lava on Copper Fields Gold Calanth

Waves of burnt metal pour over the form of this dragon, molding into a burnished gold across a finely triangular head and arched, if a little lanky, neck. As the heated waves duck between shoulders and ridges, it cools into a caramel, streaming down a slightly shallow chest and across a lean belly. The caramel intertwines with molten gold down long, muscled legs, dancing highlights upon her hide, to dusty black talons. Upon her shoulders the gold leaps up to wing spars and membranes, antique sprayed over the membranes in chaotic disarray around patches of flaxen wheat and rose. Following her spine to her hind legs and tail, colors of copper begin to form and rust over the hips evenly, adding a splash of glittering red to the mix as it bows over in a water fall to the other willowy limbs and tail. The spade itself becomes an entirely coppery color intermixed with the bubbly lava underneath, the top layer cooling into its rustic shade.

Wound around Calanth's golden neck are a set of straps that are obviously well taken care of. Oiled to a glistening sheen, the mahogany leather is of the finest quality. Burnished bronze buckles bring out the low-lights in the golden hide. If you look closely, you can see that a delicate repeating pattern has been painstakingly sewn in golden thread along the leather, depicting a dragon in flight.

Calanth is 23 Turns, 5 months, and 19 days, with a length of 43.27 meters, and a wingspan of 72.12 meters.