Sex Female
Age 19
Position Stablehand
Place of Birth Cothold
Casting Call Emma Watson


Of average height and sleek physique, Carlyn looks athletic and trim. Her golden-blond hair hangs just below her shoulders. Often pulled back into a ponytail, her short bangs and stray wisps of hair hang free, framing her face and softening her appearance. Her eyes are hazel, her skin naturally light but tanned on her face and arms.

Carlyn wears a hunter-green blouse made of a tough, durable material and dark tan pants rolled up at the cuff. She wears thick soled brown leather boots that have obviously seen better days, crusted with dried mud and covered in scuff marks.


Born in a northern Cothold, Carlyn grew up among evergreens and mountains. Her family consisted of her parents, two older brothers and three younger sisters. When she was twelve, Carlyn was sent to Fort Hold to live with an ailing Aunt. She was Searched just after her seventeenth Turnday, and went to Fort Weyr with high expectations. No dragon hatched for Carlyn, but she became addicted to Weyr-life nonetheless. She made arrangements for her aunt, whom she was never particularly close to, and returned to Fort Weyr as soon as she could. Always one for hard work and the outdoors, Carlyn made herself useful in the stables.


Name Relation Location Position
Carver Father Cothold Cotholder/Farmer
Lynna Mother Cothold Cotholder
Grimise Aunt Fort Hold Grumpy Old Lady


Brown Adheon
A handsome lad, this brindled brown. Of average build, his frame flows from blunt-tipped muzzle down thick neck to well muscled shoulders, middle and haunches. He's a masculine one though certainly no bronze. Brindled chestnut over deep, loamy ground, the markings extend from eyeridges to powerful tail. His wings are wide and strong, perfectly formed and colored in shadow.

Green Kari
A petite thing, this lady of green. Swathed in forest and dappled with sunlight, her lithe frame and delicate features accentuate her femininity. Her dainty head and slender neck turn to whatever catches her attention. Large but fragile wings, nearly translucent, are pale in contrast to her body, and shimmer an elegant emerald when oiled and clean. Her long tail swishes and curls like fine jewelry, an accessory worthy of a lady.