Portrayed By Jenson Ackles
Gender Male
Aliases Care, *Ridiculously Attractive Guy
Place of Birth High Reaches Weyr
Occupation Journeyman Baker
Current Status Posted to Fort Weyr

*Petname given to him by Reks


This is a young man of tall, lean and well built stature. Built with muscle but not over the top, he's clearly one not a stranger to hard work over the turns. His skin is lightly tan from long hours in the days light, freckles sprinkle his skin and across the bridge of his long, aquiline nose and square and straight white teeth shine when they part in a broad smile. His hair is a mix between light brown and during summer months, a dark, dirty blond. It's short and straight, usually spiked for special occasions and just left to do as it wills during any other time. Eyes are a deep emerald green and are fringed with thick, soot black lashes.

Well tailored cloth dyed in the darkest Harper blue make up the long sleeved shirt resting loosely about his arms and shoulders and ending tucked within a pair of simple black pants. Sleeves are wrinkled from being constantly rolled up out of the way to elbows. Finishing off this attire is a pair of leather boots, faded and well worn from turns of use.


Carellos had a simple and quiet upbringing, growing up in the lower caverns within High Reaches Weyr. When the winter's merciless chill came to the weyr, he found solace working down below, away from the general crowd of people in favor of the kitchens. After growing up and watching how things were made on the hearth and in the ovens, he took an interest in baking so when he came of age, he stepped up as an Apprentice in the Baker Craft. Turns passed as it does with any craft, he received a posting in Fort Weyr. Apprehensive at first, the quiet young man accepted his assignment with grace and made for the forest weyr. Snow does find it's way to Fort as well, at least he won't be as homesick.


Name Relation Location Position
Reksler Mate Fort Weyr Journeyman Harper
R'kan (Roaklin) Father High Reaches Weyr Brownrider (Lreeth)
Locema Mother High Reaches Weyr Master Baker
Ockmar Older Brother High Reaches Weyr Sr. Journeyman Starcrafter
M'eki (Maeklin) Older Brother Monaco Bay Weyr Bronzerider (Koizath)
Naera Older Sister Half Moon Bay Weyr Bluerider (Aegiochusmoth)
Roleck Older Brother Ista Weyr Sr. Apprentice Dolphineer
Akoni Younger Sister High Reaches Weyr Apprentice Smith
Ermna Younger Sister Telgar Weyr Apprentice Beastcrafter


Title OOC Date Cast
When Eyes Meet Eyes January 04, 2017 Carellos, Reksler
The Dream Within the Nightmare January 19, 2017 Carellos, Reksler
Testing: One, Two, Carellos February 14, 2017 Carellos, Reksler
Dudes Feburary 19, 2017 Carellos, Leia, Reksler, V'sri
Cold and Hungry February 24, 2017 Carellos, I'rly, Reksler
Lovers March 10, 2017 Carellos, Reksler
Give and Take March 15, 2017 Carellos, Reksler
One Turn Later... April 7, 2017 Carellos, Reksler
Trial By Fire May 08, 2017 Carellos, Reksler, Riohra
NO TOUCHY (Carellos is Searched!) October 4, 2017 Carellos, Syn
Warped & Twisted in the Barracks! October 7, 2017 Carellos, Leuka, Jaelynn, Risali


Copper in the Flames Green Sugar

This green firelizard isn't exactly delicacy and light, but, instead, dexterity and strength. Though she does have a graceful, aesthetically pleasing physique, it isn't your classic thin, fine green's. Her long frame is covered in tight, compact muscle that moves smoothly beneath her electric green hide, the brilliant, almost neon lime color melting into darker hues along her limbs and tail, though it lightens considerably over her wings and their sails, nearly white on the sails themselves. Only her neckridges are truly dark like shadowed emerald, gaining a paler shade only as they fade over her short, curved tailspade. While her headknobs are somewhat rounded and entirely inoffensive, her claws are wickedly curved and suggestive that angering her would bring down an unpleasant wrath.

The Ultimate Bronze Spice

He could make for an intimidating creature, this large, sturdy and brassy bronze, his strength evident from the moment of his hatching and only apt to increase as he grows and takes to the skies. For a short while, it may look like he isn't going to fly at all, his brawny figure broad-shouldered and wide of hip, molten copper highlighting solid strands of muscle that support powerful limbs that end in surprisingly neat paws splashed with rusted midnight and tarnished silver. His wide wings seem short and potentially stunted, though it could be just that the sheer mass of him makes him appear not quite in proportion, for he will claim the skies, if never particularly gracefully. It's his eyes that are possibly the most disconcerting element of him, whirling through shades like any other, only forever with a faint sapphire sheen.



Carellos' Icon Gallery can be found: here