More cute than a classic beauty, Candia's still an attractive girl, just more in a tomboyish, fresh faced way. Sort of the girl next door, if you will. Her dark auburn hair is cut long, and braided, reaching down to her waist. Her eyes are a brownish green, hazel if you will, sparkling with curiousity, as she looks around her world. A pert nose is surrounded by a dusting of small freckles, although it's hard to see them because of the olive tone to her skin. However, what's always visible is the perpetual smile on her face, sometimes friendly, others mischevious.


The daughter of Susia, rider of Green Torikath and J'vry, rider of Bronze Leoth, Candia grew up at Eastern Weyr, fostered with her twin sister, Jevsia, and her younger brother, Andis. Like her sister, she spent much of her childhood shuttling between Eastern and Western, then later Ista, although they generally returned to Eastern most of the time. As siblings are wont to do, she developed different interests from those of her sister. While they would still spend time together (and always will,) where Jevsia was interested in 'girly' things (needlepoint, sewing, and the like,) Candia was the sort of girl you'd find down in the muck by the lake, looking at what's going on in the water, or picking up trundlebugs to move them out of the way, so that they could be on their merry.

Whith Susia's transfer to Rubicon River, Dia gave some thought to going with her mother, but somehow, her bond with her sister won out over her mother, and she relocated to Igen with Jevsia. However, soon after, her wanderlust struck again, and before anyone knew what was going on, the girl was wandering all over Pern again. Of course, this caused some trouble, when she was traveling to Southern aboard an ill fated ship, and was shipwrecked on a small atoll off the coast of the hold, along with a number of other people, including a new friend named Dare. During her time on the atoll, Candia managed to injure her foot, which left her with a permanant limp.

The castaways were trapped on the atoll for the better part of a turn before rescue came. After returning to civilization, Candia continued wandering undeterred, traveling to Western Weyr, where she was searched. Shortly after the rescue, she'd discovered that Jevsia, now known as Jei, had impressed, and, not about to be outdone by her twin sister, she stood. She didn't impress at Western, but then transferred to stand for a clutch at the High Reaches. It was on the sands of the northernmost Weyr where she and Cinrath found each other. However, even with weyrlinghood, the wanderlust never went away, and she never forgot the beautiful atoll where she'd spent nearly a turn.

She stuck it out as long as she could, but eventually, her need to travel got the better of her again, and she left High Reaches as an independent rider, and traveled back to the atoll to stay, with her friend Dare and another lover, Aubrielle. However, as Dare was searched, and traveled, as a candidate, from one weyr to the next in search of her lifemate, and Aubrielle spent more time with her family back at Fort Weyr, she became lonely, and returned for long visits to her own family at various places, including the Reaches, where not only had Dare impressed, but so had her younger brother, Andis (now called A'di.)


Name Relation Location Position
Jei Twin Sister Western Weyr Wingrider
A'di Half-Brother Xanadu Weyr Wingrider
J'vry Father Ista Weyr Wingrider
Susia Mother Ierne Weyrhold Independent Rider