Most people would look at this young woman and think her tall. Her actual height accentuated by long limbs and a lean, athletic build, with very little in the way of curves. Black hair with the slightest hint of curl frames her square face. It would seem that she has been trying to grow it out, for no matter how it's worn, it just doesn't quite look right. It's barely the right length to be pulled back into a stubby little runner tail - with a few strands loose at the front that aren't quite long enough - but mostly is left down, where the layered bangs are growing out and always falling into her eyes. But at least those long bangs help soften the line of her jaw, which most would consider too prominent to be pretty. The nose is somewhat narrow, but otherwise unremarkable, and her skin is tanned with a few sparse freckles. Her best feature would have to be the almond shaped hazel eyes, which are graced with long eyelashes.

The clothing she favors could best be described as unmemorable. Simple tunics or blouses in various hues, with shorts during the summer months, knit sweaters or button up long-sleeved shirts and pants in the winter. She may own a skirt or dress for special occasions, but they're also plain, simple, not revealing in anyway, and not made to accentuate her looks. The boots were again sturdy, but chosen for comfort over style. Her outfits are clean, in reasonable condition, and fit okay, but in a word: forgettable. Even her riding leathers are a nondescript brown. The two constants however are: the blue thread twined into her knot, signaling the color of her lifemate, and the wing badge which proclaims her as being from Fort's Roc wing.


Calandria was born behind the bar at the Sable Sands, the tavern and club located at Ista Weyr. Her mother Morandria was and still is a barmaid there, who just didn't know when to stop working. Her father is simply the bronzerider C'lesh who lost a flight once (okay fine, lots of times, but this is the only one that counts for Cal), and found solace in the arms of the barmaid. Morandria started up working again as soon after the birth as she could, so Cal pretty much grew up in the Sands.

Cal was a mischevious and rather outspoken child. By the time she was 8 she had decided the name Calandria was exceedingly dislikable, and so shortened it to Cal. At same time she also shortened her hair, with a kitchen knife. In fact, any time the girl's hair grew past her chin she grabbed a sharp object and fixed the problem. Her mother of course got exasperated by this and kept trying to dress her up like a proper girl, in stupid girly clothing like cute pink dresses. Luckily, Cal managed to rectify the situation every time by convincing her friend Erek to switch clothing for keeps. Needless to say her mother was not very pleased to see her back in boy's clothing, and Erek's mother was probably also not pleased to see her little boy in cute pink dresses.

For the next 4 turns the girl would terrorize the Sands' patrons with her antics, or be helpful in her own little way. She'd give drink suggestions, and even help out newly recruited bartenders with the recipes for mixed drinks. Of course, oftentimes she would make the recipes up out of thin air, and above the sound of customers spitting out her interesting concoctions could be heard a high-pitched giggle. She was also prone to getting into fights, regardless of the age, rank, or size of her target.

Eventually, Morandria grew tired of her daughter's behavior and had her sent off to the Weaver Craft hall to become an apprentice shortly after her 12th turnday. Cal wasn't too thrilled with this turn of events and never missed an opportunity to cause mischief which frequently got her in trouble. Alas, turning all of her creativeness to said mischief left little for her weaving projects; the most memorable occasion of her time at the hall would have to be when Cal was confronted by one of the masters about her poor and often incomplete work. The lecture that followed inspired the girl to create what was possibly the most intricate and well constructed piece produced by the younger apprentices that turn: a multi-colored woven wall hanging featuring a well proportioned hand making a rude gesture. The piece of art was hung up in the offending master's office well before the deadline, but this latest prank was not well received. Mere days after the event found Cal back at Ista Weyr, she had lasted as an apprentice all of 12 months.

The next turn at Ista passed rather uneventfully, well of course there were still pranks to be pulled, the particulars of which Cal would be happy to divulge to anyone willing to listen. But this period quickly passed. Mere days after turning 14 the teen was searched and wisked off to Xanadu. Most of her fellow candidates would remember Cal as rather moody and hard to get along with. During her stay at Xanadu she managed to get into a fight with one of the other candidates, and of course got in trouble. Hatching day came, and left Cal dragon-less. This didn't leave Cal disheartened however, she hadn't "gotten along" with any of the eggs and would swear she had known all along that she wasn't going to Impress. One amazing thing did happen at Xanadu however that had nothing to do with dragons and everything to do with being a teenager. At some point during the last turn she had developed a crush on her best friend, but he didn't seem to be interested in her. To try to prove to him that she was, in fact, female, she turned to one of her few candidate friends for advice and by the time Cal came home to Ista she was dressing like *gasp* a girl for the first time in 6 turns.

Unfortunately by the time Rhalin realized he had feelings for Cal as well the two of them were well into Candidacy at Fort Weyr. Not that that stopped the two from getting their /real/ first kiss. This second stint as a candidate went much better for the girl. There was less moodiness, and she was actually hoping to find her lifemate on Fort's golden sands. On hatching day, Cal was approached by a sea-blue hatchling, who carried himself like a lord but bowed at her feet as if she were the world. Celephath was his name, and he changed her life forever.

After weyrlinghood ended, Cal and Celephath joined Fort's transport wing, Roc. Cal also moved in with Rhalin, who was now R'lin, and the two were weyrmates for a good 3 turns before a brownrider by the name of B'ren came between them. Cal didn't stay with B'ren long, but even after breaking up she didn't get back together with R'lin, they remained good friends however.

Cal's days now consist mainly of wing work, and whatever new big plan Celephath has managed to dream up for the two of them.


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**A Sea of Lust Celephath


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