5'2 and finely boned, Caelei is perhaps 105 lbs soaking wet. Her fingers are long, wrists and ankles thin and her collarbones jut sharply out of her olive skin skin. She's anything but strong or supple; delicate being the most useful adjective and she fails to fill out the simple clothes that she wears except for a small swell at chest and hips.

She wears her dark brown hair loose to the shoulder over a gray shirt and white undershirt combination, tucked neatly into black denim pants. She wears the knot of a healer of Fort Weyr but it hangs rebelliously off of the leather belt that hold up her pants and is neatly balanced on the other side by a pouch of odds and ends.

Her facial features are strongly of asian heritage and her dark brown eyes are attentive and expressive.



Caelei has been fortunate to have never undergone any real trauma in her life. Her story is a simple enough one and oft repeated on Pern. She was born as the product of a random flight and raised by the nannies of Fort Weyr. She always seemed to have a talent for people and comfort so the path of least resistance took her into the Healer Craft. Though soft spoken and quiet, she aced the written part of her exams and after a paractium in Ista Weyr walked the tables and was reassigned to Fort Weyr the day before a hatching that included a mauled candidate.
(Day 9, Month 8, Turn 2711).


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