Portrayed By Stephen Amell
Gender Male
Aliases Bren, Brenn, Brennan
Dragon bronze Tovihasuth
Place of Birth Igen Hold
Current Location Fort Weyr
Position Phoenix Wingrider
Occupation Hunter/Tracker
Email moc.liamg|draripbl#moc.liamg|draripbl


This Igen-born hunter is a tall, muscular man with a weather-beaten face that makes him look a bit older than he actually is. Eyes of misty blue peer out keenly from beneath thick, arched brows, while a broad-bridged nose crooked ever so slightly to the right draws down to a wide mouth often set in a concentrated line. A five o'clock shadow seems to perpetually darken his squared jaw and upper lip, giving him a constantly scruffy appearance contributed to by the short cut of his dense brown hair. Sinewy, calloused hands bear a significant amount of scarring - typical of an outdoorsman, but the fact that there are also a few light scars on his chin and forehead to match may beg the question as to how much of the rest of him is marked so. In spite of his rough appearance, there is a certain charisma about Br'enn that lends him a certain roguish attractiveness.

His clothing is practical - most often, he'll be seen in a white, long-sleeved shirt fitted close and tucked into a belted pair of supple brown wherhide pants, which in turn descend into well-worn boots of thick, black leather. His sleeves are often rolled to his elbows in warmer weather, and storms find him draped in a thick, hooded green cloak of oilskin. Winter months have him adding layers. That shirt gets covered over by thick, woven sweaters, boots and pants become a lined variant of the norm, and a hooded, fleece-lined wherhide jacket is donned along with a pair of warm leather gloves.

In the wilderness, he lives off his belt and out of his pack. Crossbow bolts are kept in a horizontal quiver at the small of his back, while regular arrows are slung over his shoulder in a traditional quiver. Two knives are sheathed at his belt, along with a canteen, a fire-starting kit, a length of sturdy rope, and a small medical kit. His pack carries a bedroll, a small tent, cooking necessities, and any food that he isn't able to acquire from hunting and foraging.

He can tend to be quiet and a little gruff, given the isolated nature of his former profession, though this has improved greatly since his arrival at Fort Weyr. He's friendly enough, an easy smile often lighting up his face and brightening those blue eyes of his into a subtle, laughing dance. There's no lack of charm to the man, either - and it's something he can exercise quite effectively, when he feels so inclined. All in all, his demeanor is one of focus and contentment. His life so far has been exactly what he's wanted it to be, and it shows in how he carries himself.


Hidden Wellspring of Strength Bronze Tovihasuth

As though freshly wrought from the very alloy his color is named for, he is forged of a bright and vibrant polished bronze. His hide is the danger, beauty and gleam of fire and metal, his body shaped for fluidity and grace despite his size. Small though he may be for a bronze, he holds a surprising amount of strength and endurance in his unassuming frame. Lively and energetic, his lean and athletic build is proportionate from the tip of his muzzle and the fine boned features and broad, wedged-shaped head to the very end of his tail and the dark curve of his taloned feet. Bronze remains pure and unblemished over most of his frame, polished to a fine gleam and shine even without the use of oil. Yet one cannot be without some variance and shades of copper-bronze surface between his rounded headknobs and down over his forehead, ending just above his eyeridges in a gradual tapered point. It sweeps back over the strong curve of his neck and the ridges there and down the length of his back. Branching out over his shoulders, his wing arms and the top of his long, slender tail, even his limbs have a winding strip of copper that follows the natural curve of his musculature, enhancing his features rather than detracting from it. His wings are broad and wide, tapered in just the right way to be balanced to his frame and promising of strength, elegance and endurance when in flight.


Brennan was the second child born to Anderen and Bree - two journeyman Tanners of the Crafthall at Igen Hold. Following in his parents' footsteps, he apprenticed there for a time, but the hot, dry climes of Igen's deserts and savannahs held little interest for him (and honestly, he just hated seeing nothing but sand and feeling nothing but heat most of the Turn). Excursions to other regions with childhood friends in search of skins and pelts from creatures other than herdbeasts for the Craft instilled in him a fascination with hunting and tracking. He became proficient with both compound bows and crossbows and decided to leave Igen to become a hunter, making a living by trading hides, furs, and dried meats from his quarry. These days he's often seen in the Fort area, moving from cothold to Hold and back while offering his services as a guide and a tracker.

An accident involving an angry wild porcine, a dead tree, and a small cliff found Brennan stranded in the wintry Fort wilderness for a night with a dislocated shoulder, cracked ribs, and a minor concussion. Bluerider Kimmila and bronzerider Mr'az located him the next day after seeing the smoke from his fire. After Mr'az reset his shoulder, Brennan found himself being flown in blue Varmiroth's clutches to Fort Weyr to recover. It took him the better part of a month to heal.

During his time at the Weyr, Brennan has made several interesting acquaintances, including Weyrleader Th'ero (whom he promised his services to as repayment for his rescue), brownrider Abigail, and others - the most significant thus far being a rather alluring young huntress named Therynn.

Brennan was quite disconcerted to find himself wearing a Candidate's knot after being subjected to a rather clever little excursion set up by bluerider Kimmila. Were it not for the fact that he'd recently purposed to remain at Fort, he might have refused and disappeared back into the woods. However, as he said, he wasn't about to argue with Kimmila's dragon.

This proved to be a good thing, too. Bronze Tovihasuth was the first to shell from Kayeth and Velokraeth's clutch…and the first to snatch up a Candidate, that being Brennan. Renamed Br'enn now, the newly minted Phoenix Wingrider has had his simple, unassuming existence well and truly upended…and he's completely fine with that. Now weyrmated to Rynn (formerly Therynn) and flying on the Weyrleader's wing, he's become a low-key but loyal and dedicated presence.


Name Relation Location Position
Anderan Father Igen Hold, Tannercraft Hall Senior Journeyman
Bree Mother Igen Hold, Tannercraft Hall Senior Journeyman
Andra Sister (older) Southern Boll Hold, Weavercraft Hall Junior Journeyman
Breanne Sister (younger) Telgar Hold, Starcraft Hall Senior Apprentice


Name Relationship Thoughts
Rynn Weyrmate/Clutchsibling "Smart, tough, tenacious…kind, with a gentle side y' don't expect. Sexy without knowin' it, I think. Dunno how it happened, but I'd do anything for her. I love 'er, 'n' she loves me back. Life is beyond good! Tov knows how important she is to me, but I think it'll take a while yet for 'im to really get it."
C'rus Friend/Clutchsibling "Half the time we're on the same page, 'n' half the time I wanna knock 'im out. A little on the obsessive side - weird for a Mindhealer, if y' ask me. Self-righteous bastard sometimes, and a good man most times. If we're actually friends, we're a strange pairin'."
Ha'ze Clutchsibling "Can't read 'im beyond bein' quiet 'n' revenge-minded. Don't see why I should care though, since he doesn' seem to care about any of us. Maybe givin' a damn about the others is more important to me than I thought. Tov 'n' Kainaesyth get along great"
Thys Junior Weyrwoman, Clutchsibling "Good head on 'er shoulders. Rhenesath confuses Tov, but he has fun with it."
Th'ero Weyrleader "A good man, good leader, 'n' I respect 'im. Velokraeth is Tov's sire; he has some impressive blood in 'is veins paired with one ugly build. But catchin' three Senior queens? Damn. Wonder how much of that Tov inherited…"
Kimmila Phoenix Wingrider "Kinda twitchy, but keen. No-nonsense - except for that whole scenario she worked up to get Rynn and me Searched…so, clever. Her blue Varmiroth carried me to the Weyr after I got laid up in the woods. She's also a hunter with a surprisin' background. I like 'er."
Nyalle Senior Weyrwoman "Haven't dealt with 'er too much, but she's a kind woman, willin' to make sure we're doin' well. I respect her, too. Kayeth is beautiful. Definitely where Tov gets his looks from."
Abigail Thunderbird Wingleader "Another hunter. Brownrider, answered a lot of questions when I was a Candidate. Good in my book."
D'ani Weyrsecond "Don't know the man that well, but he stuck 'is neck out - and took a knife in the leg - for us in the woods. Respect 'im for that. Tov likes his bronze Dremkoth quite a bit."
Inri Junior Weyrwoman "Hard worker, good heart, bit of a flirt. Good people, all in all. Didn't know what to expect after Tov caught her Kouzevelth, but she made things pretty shardin' easy, 'n' I'm grateful for that."
Dtirae Junior Weyrwoman "Interestin' woman with an interestin' background. Another hunter! 's how we got acquainted, actually. Another one I can say I like."



Title OOC Date Cast
Eyes and Ears January 02, 2015 Br'enn, Th'ero
Price of Overconfidence (Backdated) February 05, 2015 Br'enn, Ha'ze, Mr'az (NPC), Nyalle, Th'ero