A young man in the first half of his twenties, occupying a standard-size frame with some extra weight hanging onto it. His hair is cut short, an unremarkable medium brown hue, and there's a haphazard sort of beard along his jaw to distinguish it from the plump cheeks - or maybe he just needs to wash his face? No, wait, on closer inspection, it is actually a beard. His eyes are usually busy with staring at his shoes (they're brown leather, boringly suited for walking around mostly-indoors), but they're a blue-gray shade if he ever manages to look up.
His shirt is one of those off-white shades. Beige, maybe? Or it might be eggshell. Possibly cornsilk? Oh, wait. Linen. The shade is linen, on account of that's what the shirt is made from. Unbleached linen, coarsely woven. Or at least, it started out unbleached. Now that it's Borodin's, it gets treated with some of that bleach every so often in an attempt to get rid of the marks left by wine, grease, and other impromptu dyes. His pants are a dark reddish brown, which hides any stains there. They have pockets, suitable for putting his hands into as he shrugs along. He has one knot that says he lives at Fort Weyr, a brown that doesn't match his pants, and another that says he's a journeyman vintner, of dark red and a white that doesn't match his shirt.



In Fort Hold, not so many years ago, Bragen the guard and Dorilla the baker were blessed with not one but two children. A boy, who they named Borodin, and a girl named Abigail. A fine thing; for the boy could follow in his father's footsteps, and the girl in her mother's.

The children themselves had different ideas.

Abigail was the one running around and getting into fights, while Borodin was the one sitting on a big stool in the kitchens and helping stir the cake batter.

The two were opposites, but they were fond of each other. Neither of them had a very easy time making friends. Abigail was too much a tomboy for the other girls to approve of, and chubby, unathletic "Borin'" got himself tripped and punched on a regular basis. His sister was his most stalwart defender, even when it meant getting her own nose bloodied by taking on those bigger and tougher than her. It never managed to stop the teasing for long, but at least it meant "Odious Bodious" usually only got called that when Abigail wasn't in earshot.

When she was old enough, Abigail entered the guard, while Borodin continued to spend much of his time in the kitchens despite his father's disapproval.


The two were searched for one of Fort Weyr's clutches. Abigail impressed to brown Niumdreoth. Borodin… didn't.

He stayed at the Weyr, though, working in the kitchens and then apprenticing himself as a vintner under Journeyman Ianco. The time came when he was searched again - this time by his sister and Niumdreoth. Borodin… still didn't impress.

So here he was - twenty-something, with no dragon, no girlfriend (despite the fact that he'd tried, a few times. One of them rode off on a cow, the other one went to be a dolphineer. Apparently, that's where Borodin ranks: slightly lower than an animal) and then his sister came and told him she was going to be a mother, with a rider he'd never even met who didn't even live at Fort.

Borodin definitely needed a drink, some days. Fortunately, he was in training as a vintner, and after some days devoted to both theory and practice, he became a journeyman. Now he's a qualified drinker. Well, purveyor of drinks, but how else is he going to figure out if the stuff's any good if he doesn't taste it?

He's still at Fort Weyr, shuffling around the caverns, mixing brews and preparing them, and generally staying out of the way of just about everything, except when he gets unlucky enough to have someone actually notice him.


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