Sex Female
Age 26
Location Fort Weyr
Position Journeyman Miner
Birthplace Breakwater
Casting Call Emma Ishta


Firmly — mostly — past the awkwardness of adolescence, Beshnai is a young woman grown into her potential. She's tall(ish) for a woman and reasonably fit, with fair skin that tans lightly; sandy blond hair and hazel eyes and slightly-softened sharp features pin her somewhere between pretty and striking, without committing fully to either.

Besh tends to favor sturdy fabrics that will stand up to above average wear and abuse, but doesn't let that get in the way of fashion: she is also fond of bright colors and cutting-edge styles.


Oh Breakwater, you backwater, you sure breed 'em sturdy and prolific: Beshnai is the middle child of seven (at last, and final, count), born square on her closest-aged brother's third turnday to a fisherman and a boat-builder. The tiny hold's economy being a fish-based one, a child uninterested in related pursuits had limited options; fortunately, Besh had less of a genuine distaste for the water (and the things in it) so much as a genuine affection and affinity for the land (and the things under it). From pockets full of pebbles to a sponsorship to the Minecraft at age twelve, she's pretty much had her career mapped out from the go.

Life at the Hall was a pretty good one, and her passion for her craft obvious; by her early twenties she'd made journeyman, with a clear eye on mastery. That plan suffered a few — if minor — setbacks: that she actually took well to the literal interpretation of her rank, a brief interlude as a candidate at Telgar when an older sibling's brown unexpectedly caught a junior queen, and a serious but ultimately short-lived relationship with a fellow crafter that left her with an amicable re-location and an unexpected (but not altogether unwelcome) offspring.


Name Relation age +/- breshnai's Location Position
catalaish father breakwater retired fisherman
andebrai mother breakwater boat-builder
bessalyn tinyspawn -23 often-adjacent sticky-fingered time-suck
cailen brother +11 breakwater fisherman
anora sister-in-law +9 deceased (formerly, fishing boat captain)
alianora niece -10 breakwater teenager
coren nephew -14 breakwater rapscallion
railene niece -16 breakwater tag-along
ash'rei sibling +7 who knows. they write sometimes. brownrider seemingly incapable at staying in one place for more than a turn.
sasharei niece -10 breakwater bffs with alianora. friends with bitty.
a-ster brother +3 fort weyr brownriding guard 2nd lt
coriselle sister -3 breakwater formerly anora's first mate, now captain.
biskimec (biscuit) brother -5 breakwater chunky fishermen's sweaters keeping Breakwater warm and expanding outside of that niche market? Totally him. bff gravy raises the sheep that provide the wool.
calira (bitty) sister -7 breakwater odd jobs. finding her way. admirer of thys's work, owns two pieces she earned herself. friends with alia and sasha


Title OOC Date Cast


A Festive Gift for You Green Gwbert
The holly-green shine of her hide builds this burly girl up into something seemingly bigger than she is - which is a pretty lady, to be sure, even if she's on the huskier side. Mistletoe's fresh leafy shades kiss the tip of her nose, from there drawn back into a thick smudge that runs along her forehead, down the ridges that crown her neck, right along her spine to the very tip of her tail. It complements her holly-shaded belly and her white berry-shaded paws. Her wings are a mantle of festive cheer, edged in tinsel, daubed with fairy-light hues across fir-hued sails. She's a festive little thing to be sure, the shades of the season blended into one cheery green package.

Like a VTOL Had an Affair with a Green, or Something Blue VTOLliver
From his too-big eyes to the too-thin tip of his shimmery blue tail, there's something decidedly bug-like about this beanpole little guy. His body is too slender, too long, especially with the ridiculous length of tail that trails behind it, but it is a rather fetching shade of beetle blue-green that shimmers uniformly from his snub little nose down to his delicate toes. The delicate appendages of his skinny wings look hardly enough to bear him aloft, though they are quite pretty to look at - closest to his body they are a dazzling ultramarine, which spreads and deepens in a stunning contrast into a blue so dark as to look almost black. Whether he's part VTOL or the result of some other Pernese bug getting it on with a firelizard, he's still quite a looker… even if it's only his dam who thinks so.