Bellanne, a young woman who is tanned over lightly that appears to be a crisp golden color compared to her dark brown hair. This brown hair was once cut short, pulled back and rather unprofessional looking. Now it hangs at her shoulder blades, constantly worn down and slightly curled. It is limp, almost lifeless except for those curls at the tip of her hair. The brown locks frame her slender face which has lengthened out with maturity, giving her a thin look with her cheekbones rounding out to give framework to the dimples that show when she smiles. Her smile lacks the childish youth that was once behind the woman. Her lips are slightly more plump, the bottom lip sticking out more than her thin upper lip which are tinted a pale pink. Her eyes are large for this face, round and wide. They are a deep color of brown, more mature with her age. Her nose is pointed and straight, the smallest feature of her face.
Bella is built tall, standing at 5'9" and thin. Her legs and arms are almost willow-like with slight muscles. These are used for lifting and running.


Born and raised in Fort Weyr and traveling between the Weaver Hall, Bellanne was the pride and joy of a pair of Weavers who's lives were dedicated to fashion. They had met at a young age, though like many youths, they did not quite agree. In fact, one could say they were rivals. Once they had both reached Journeyman ranks, they evened out and slowly began to fall in love. The two worked together and always made things as a pair from then on. It didn't take long after for them to become pregnant with their first and only child. Once their beloved Bellanne was born, they worked together to dress their daughter in clothing to make any weaver proud. They trained her in colors, fashion, and everything they thought she'd need before becoming an apprentice She grew up around the Weyr and the Hall but was often seen working even at a young age with her parents. Fabric was her passion, as was colors or anything clothing. She picked colors that worked well together and her parents made the clothes out of the colors just for her. From that age of five, it was known that she would be one of the best weavers around, a prodigy in clothing at least (not much else, though). As she grew older, her passion grew and she was making clothing for herself with her parents help. She eventually came to settle herself as an apprentice in the Weaver Hall but was posted in Fort with her parents, and she is quite mindful of her parents still.
As time passed, Bella came to meet everyone at Fort making friends right and left. Among those friends was a young rider named A'mar, and surprisingly events came to have the two grow crushes on each other. As well as a few others in other Weyrs. Keziah, Jayne, Tarish, and a handful of others. As time grew on, it was known the woman had a crush on the young rider named A'mar by all those who came to know the pair. They were constantly blushing and holding hands or kissing cheeks. They've never actually been seen doing anything more. Within weeks of getting her fashion show done, Bellanne was promoted by her Master Naliah and was taken to the Crafthall to walk the tables and she was officially declared a Journeyman of the Weaver Craft. It wasn't long after that, while helping A'mar decide how to decorate his weyr that Caldoth decided that Bellanne was fit to become a candidate at Fort. Within a few days she settled into the position, and after many many days insisting Tarish to stay, the other woman was searched. Time passed and the Hatching came to pass as well.

The hatching came and left Fort, leaving the woman alone on the Sands with one other candidate with her. Despite her hopeful thinking, she had not come to Impress. Her friends, Jayne and Tarish, both Impressed beside her. Jayne to a lovely green and Tarish to the gold Bella had teased her about. Despite the fact she wore a smile, she was devestated to be left in a different area than the two people who she connected with most. Not the fact that she was alone had upset her. Inquiry from her master, Naliah, she learned the fact that her parents had not attended the Hatching. Beyond their caring nature, they did not like the fact that their daughter had decided to stray from her craft with wishful thinking. They were more ashamed of the fact that she tried than the fact that she didn't Impress.

Bella began recieving letters from her parents which slowly lead to the woman's withdrawl from many other things than her craft work. Along with that, sent from the Crafthall was her childhood friend who just reached the Journeyman rank himself. She is seen in is presence a lot when she his working, a constant reminder to not get distracted with dreams…

Finally, Bella was able to push her childhood friend away. And, A'mar became a steady relationship which seemed to bring both much joy. They ran off to Ista and spend a sevenday there before returning. Not long after, the relationship came to an end and Bellanne withdrew herself into only work and alcohol. After what seemed to be months, Tarish wasn't able to find her friend due to being a Weyrling. But, when she did the woman had drunk herself silly in the bathing caverns. Which lead to Tarish taking away the skins (and not keeping them for herself, surprisingly) and helping her friend regain her feet. Bella never drank again, while Tarish was around, but kept herself tightly shut up in her room, working. Only leaving to go to the Weaverhall, eat, bathe, and help with apprentices.
She met a bronzerider, R'miel, during a dance and he attempted to seek out her attentions despite the fact that he was with a goldrider. He came to see her later and eventually began visiting her almost everyday with some pastries for her to munch on. The relationship didn't last long because Bella wanted nothing more to do with the rider than just be friends so he eventually stopped dropping by. Opening her up to go out more, she ventured out on the lake one day, quietly staring at the water is when the smith came out to greet her. The giant man who is as soft as a teddy bear, flirted with her and came to win her heart eventually. After many months of trying. The two finally came to spend almost all of their time together when he was not working in his shop. And, Tarish, being the overprotective friend that she is, was no quick to accept Jedrek into Bella's life. But eventually did give in to their relationship.
The time came, and, Tarish's gold did rise (after much delay) and the eggs came to be on the sand. Both Jedrek and Bella were searched (more like Bella was told she was going to stand) and both waited for the hatching day together. Finally, it did come…

She Impressed, at last, to green Nyiseeth.


Name Relation Location Position
Unnamed Mother Fort Weyr Jman Weaver
Unnamed Father Fort Weyr Jman Weaver
J'ed Weyrmate Fort Weyr Rider
Bellinde Daughter Fort Weyr Child
Berieda Daughter Fort Weyr Child
Bederi Daughter Fort Weyr Child


Ramya - Green

Spindly arms and legs sprout from a body that seems to bear a base of sticky brown covered in tiny short needle-like green leaves. Muscles wrap themselves in unprotruding strength about arm and leg, giving way to a flash of sharp silvery talons. Her body is thin and streamlined, not exactly dainty of build, more the gawky youth of adolescence seems to have made a permanent mark. She doesn't seem to mind in the carefree way she tosses her small head upon long thin neck, the swirl of blue in her eyes oblivious to the scrutiny of the world. Wings are long but rather narrow of sail, gifting her a rare agility in the air that rudder-like tail manages to just barely balance out.
Ramya is banded in the colors of her owner's home.

Cutie - Brown

This firelizard is a light creamy shade of brown, uniformly coated in the same shade all over. Well, almost all over. As if he couldn't be pale enough, there are almost white circles around his eyes, like glasses. How strange. He's large for his colour, and his limbs are a big gangly as he hatches, but show promise to become fit and toned in time. If you can keep him still that is, as he has a tendency to want to rush off and explore at the earliest chance. He'll listen when he's told no, but that won't stop him from trying again later, if he's particularly passionate.
Cutie is banded in the colors of his owner's home.

Uria - Green

This firelizard is incredibly graceful in form, but lacks the delicacy of other green firelizards. Instead, she looks athletic, each trim line of her body rippling with a sleek musculature, from the line of her long neck to her narrow shoulders and powerful legs. Her headknobs are knotted and almost curled, each one a deep shade of pine green edged in transluscent emerald, this latter color pouring down over her features and her neat, finely shaped eyeridges. Her underbelly is painted with a thin layer of lime that follows through all the way to the underside of her tailspade, which looks deceptively blunted at first but proves to be sharpened to almost a refined edge, as if she could truly use it for damage. From those slim shoulders grow short, speed efficient wings, the wingtips ending in darker talons while the sails blossom with the most refreshing shade of spring green. Along her back, as well as following the sharp shapes of her backridges, there is a lighter green shade tinted faintly enough with blue that it has an overall cyan tinge to it.
Uria is banded in the colors of her owner's home.


Nyiseeth - Green

Large, in charge, and green. Delicious, savory, smooth hues of green wrap around her like silk across a stone. She's built bulky, but her coloration is bite the back of your hand beautiful. Soft spring green leaves twist around her muzzle leaving faint vein patterns that are barely discernible. Her neckridges are soft mounds cascading down her neck, and end rather sharply.
Her wings are huge for her size, and at the moment look as though they'll make it impossible for her to walk. Despite this odd configuration, she carries herself confidently. Her wings continue the leaf pattern, but also take on a gem-like quality. It's as though facets of emeralds wink across the entire surface of her sails. Pearls roll down her tail, a treasure trove of patterns in contrast with the simple blandness of her face and neck.