Dark, silvery-grey eyes sparkle under a turn of upswept eyelashes. The irises are rather large, catching the sparkle from the caught light, and a small smile curves on her pale, full lips. Her nose is slightly pinched at the bridge; then it beaks out. Her feathery solid-ebony black hair is wavy,and covers her ears, which are quietly curved and have a simple pair of golden hoop earrings. She's short, about 5'1, and a slim 130ish pounds. She's curvy around the waist, and carries her weight well.
She's wearing a comfortable air of black, warm leggings, covering the top of her comfortable running shoes. They are tied neatly , and she's got a small charm on each of them, a winged sandal. She's waring a skin-tight red shirt, with a light leather jacket over it. A simple red headband holds back her hair. Around her neck, on a fine silver chain, lies a silver charm, another winged sandal; she's wearing the knots of a Runner of Fort Weyr.


Ayana was born to Runner Ayanitka and a a green rider of Fort Weyr, N'shell, just under twenty-two turns ago. A small child, she had her mother's running ability and her father's charm; she was raised with many of the other children in the creche underneath the Headwoman, trying her hand in different tasks and such. She never had much patience, which sorely tried everyone elses' patience. However, she was never destructive, just … bored. She didn't have the patience for the intracicies of weaving; baking was passed up by the cooks and her own mutual agreement of her not willing to stay to make sure things didn't burn.

Bemused by their daughter's impatient kindness, N'shell and Ayanitka started talking about fosterage, however, Ayana flat out refused. She wanted the freedom of trails and of wind. She wanted the freedom to just be whom she wanted to be; not bound to any certain craft or hall. She agreed, by the pressure of her parents, to stay at the Fort Weyr; as the Runners slowly went away, and only Runners could make it through the higher snowdrifts. However, the shorter, but more stubborn teenager disagreed. The actual Runner Craft may have went away, but through thick and thin, they had preserved since the start of Pern; and that tradition would be continued.

As she entered her eighteenth year, her mother was reassigned due to sickness down to one of the warmer coastal Holds; her father, N'shell, was reassigned to Telgar. However, at their agreement, she stayed at Fort, ferrying messengers… and that's where she stands today.


Name Relation Location Position
Ayanitka Mother Ista Hold Runner
N'shell Father Telgar Weyr Rider




She's not even been searched!