Position Weyrling
Journeyman Healer
Birthplace Ista Gar Hold
Played By Your Played By
Dragon Gold Zsiegfrith


Ava's most defining feature is the wild bramble of tight, curly orange hair that tends to vary in style and length depending on how her mood finds her that day. No matter the style, parts of that curly cascade always seem to hang loose and untamed over hazel eyes that squint almost impishly out at the world from beneath a surly brow. The sharp, stubborn set of her jaw might be occasionally softened by a grin but can't quite be smoothed even by her freckled, rounded cheeks. The only thing kept relatively tidy in her day to day appearance is her journeyman healer's knot, her typical garments managing to stay soiled about the hips, thighs and hems from the dusting of dirt from her work worn hands. Ava's miniscule statue, all of five feet but strung tight as piano wire, is often seen in heavily modified styles, wrapped to fit her frame or cut to expose as much of her tanned skin to the sun as possible.


Born and raised in Ista Gar Hold, Ava has long suffered from the incurable affliction of Wanderlust, exacerbated by her mother's incessant desire to use her as leverage to elevate her own position beyond first assistant to Lady Ista Gar. What might she achieve should Ava make a fine match and raise herself and her family up?

Ava long ago told her mother to pack proverbial sand when it came to making a fine marriage. Her father was a much more accepting figure in her life, steering her to nurture her own talents and dreams. Every time she came back home from another non-mother approved adventure towing another unfortunate creature who needed some help, he was the one who gave her what aid he could even though his hands were far more accustomed for glass spinning as opposed to healing.

Beastcraft naturally called to the young woman, but the power and influence of familial wishes still profoundly shaped one even as wild as Ava. She applied to apprentice to Healer Hall when she came of age at her mother's unending insistence and, despite her reservations, has flourished admirably well putting her passion to use tending to people — for all that she still spends time helping with animals in her off-hours when and where she can.

This affinity for both human and animal care naturally led her to eventually request a posting to Xanadu Weyr to work with the dolphineers and their pod in their diagnosis and treatment of human patients.


Though Ava had reservations and held long resentment at being sent away from home to apprentice at the hall, it truly has been perhaps the best thing her mother has ever done for her. Ava blossomed into the independent woman she is now, the fires of confidence fed by the distance and the fading, vice-like grasp her mother once held on her future.

Pride will eventually goeth before the fall but for now it rolls with ease in each stride. There is a quiet way she carries herself that speaks volumes, head and shoulders lifted, her countenance impish and wry. Ava is far from shy and will insert herself into situations with familiar ease even if she has no right to be so. 

Ava loves a good gathering, a good drink, a good flight. Honestly, if there is promise of a raucous evening of bacchanalia-type revelry, it's likely one will see the little red head there. One can only surmise this unfettered imbibing is a reactionary swing from the trappings of her birth home, where tradition and expectations still lay a little too heavy on a young woman's shoulders.

The core trait tied to all of this though is passion.  At her core, Ava is passionate about the world around her and its inhabitants. While she wouldn't have chosen joining the healercraft if left to her own devices, it brings her immense fulfillment to ease the distress of those around her and reminds her to partake of life as loudly as she can while she is, exactly that, alive. Life is far too short to spend being callous, unhelpful, and Resentful. Ava can almost live by the motto of 'what will be will be', and for the most part does but every so often … there is an edge of dark, suppressed frustration that peeks out from the depths.

Habits, Hooks and Hearsay

I am still working on much of Ava's time in the healer hall and working on her history before being stationed at Xanadu but this means she fairly open if you want to tie her into your stories! Feel free to @mail me or we can tag team on discord!


  • Late to bed early to rise! Ava is always up early, if she ever went to bed. She often has night rotations in the infirmary.
  • Ava may not be a gardener by trade but she is very much into the craft and spends much of her off time in the greenhouse. If she isn't there, she is probably on the beach.
  • Ava is a vegetarian.


  • Every so often Ava gets a letter that fouls her mood and prompts her to do something rash. Does your character find her hacking off her hair again or maybe your character has better ideas to level that emotional flare?
  • I would like to have Ava get caught up in a flight, being hold bred she's never seen anything like the electrical charge a flight creates!
  • You have a spot that needs patching? Visit Ava in the infirmary, she will get you fixed up. (And if it is ridiculous enough, share it with her fellows later when they put in their charts for the night


  • Rumored to have a son with another candidate at Fort.
  • Wasn't that the red head seen with R'hyn in the infirmary?
  • Ask Before Using Did you see that one healer coming from Master Quain's office again? Isn't her a mindhealer?


Brown Rukaban
Perfectly imperfect, this small, rotund brown isn't quite uniform in coloration. Where most of his front, rear and tail are predominantly a plain, matte sort of chocolate brown, there's a subtle variegation about his midriff as if the hues had been bleached from being left too long in the sun\; grainy variations not unlike the fine-packed adobe found in Igen striate at his shoulders, flaring into fiery orange-browns over wings that almost appear overly-wide when unfurled. Something about him might just seem a little akimbo, whether in the tilt of his small head or the way he never quite sits straight — as if his axes may be ever-so-slightly off-kilter.
desc by Andy <3

Green Soylent
If bubbly and bright could be made manifest, it would be in this chubby bubble of a green 'lizard. Sweet-faced and perpetually plump, she's the very vision of contentment incarnate. Her hide is a lovely pastel green, whorled and swirled with streaks of darker and lighter green to make her look as if she's some manner of sugar-spun confection where the color hasn't fully been blended in. Her wings come as a contrast to the brushed pearlescence of her hide{;} they're translucent and shine with a gloss that brings out the peppermint-freshness of her 'sails. From sweet mint to spicy and sharp, she's a complete package and she knows it - and if there's no one around to cuddle her, then she has plenty of tail to cuddle to herself.

desc by Ligeia!

Trophies Inventory

Cactus Son, Savrio's stuffed Tunnel Snake, Tiberius' Cardigan

Notable Relationships

Name Relation Location Position Reflection
Helen Mother Ista Gar Hold Assistant to Lady Ista Gar tbd
Norman Father Ista Gar Hold Glasscrafter tbd


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