Tall and messy hair are the most distinguishable features of this young adult. The fact that he's also skinny simply emphasizes the fact, and with the way his hair sweeps off to one side makes him look like he was at one point used as a mop. Otherwise, he has rather unremarkable features, pale green eyes above a regular nose and mouth in a face-shaped face.

Clothing-wise, again nothing too remarkable. Most of his clothing appears to be whatever was available and clean at the time, though fortunately he knows better than to wear certain eye-jarring combinations.


Hailing originally from Tillek, Jastre decided at a young age to go traveling. He acquired a runner, and started exploring the coastline. To support this lifestyle, he developed a hobby for fixing things, offering his services wherever he went, whether it was a sewing job, carpentry, or minor metalworking. This usually at least earned him a meal and a place to sleep, though he learned to live off the land and sleep wherever he could on his journey. Fortunately, he learned to fish with a decent amount of skill in his native hold, which was part of the reason for his shore exploration.

He started his way eastward, exploring as much as he could get to without getting too far away. Sheer cliffs, however, kept him from certain areas, and eventually he ended up going too far north to be particularly comfortable given the colder seasons.
So chased away by the snows, he made his way back south, stopping in to see his parents at Tillek when he made his way back for a while before getting that wanderlust again. At this point, he turned his attention westward.


Name Relation Location Position
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Star of Destiny Bronze Zeltenith


Title OOC Date Cast
Every Flower has Thorns May 30, 2013 Abigail, K'drozen, Jastre, Rayathess, Zaala
Dinner and a Bath! June 07, 2013 Angelique, Jastre, K'drozen
Caught and Returned June 11, 2013 Abigail, Jastre, K'drozen, Kimmila, Th'ero, Zaala, Deadglow (NPC), Needlethorn (NPC), Trundlebug (NPC), Turncloak (NPC), VTol (NPC)
Death by Dustbunny June 20, 2013 Zhirayr, Jastre, Polana
Pern Needs Velcro June 21, 2013 Abigail, Angelique, Borodin, Jastre, Kimmila, Solan, Th'ero, Zhirayr
Just Kidding Around! (Incomplete) June 23, 2013 Abigail, Angelique, Jastre, Kimmila, Solan, Th'ero, Zhirayr Sao (NPC)
Beware the South! July 02, 2013 Abigail, Angelique, Jastre, M'icha
Brave the Jungles! (Jastre is Searched) July 03, 2013 Jastre, M'icha
Close Call July 05, 2013 Abigail, Jastre, Myrtle (NPC), Zaala
Kids and Techcraft Do NOT Mix! July 09, 2013 Abigail, Angelique, Borodin, D'ani, Jastre, Kyzen (NPC), Polana, Solan, Te'zin (NPC), Varen (NPC), Xavier
Trial Round (Egg Touching) July 10, 2013 Angelique, Borodin, Jastre, Kimmila, Polana, Solan, Th'ero
Another Taste of Eggs (egg touching) July 11, 2013 Angelique, D’ani, Inri, Jastre, Polana, Zaala, Dremkoth, Kouzevelth
Sea Cruise (Visit to SeaCraft Hall) July 19, 2013 Borodin, D'ani, Ezra, Jastre, One-Eye (npc), Polana, Rayathess
Candidacicles July 19, 2013 Angelique, Borodin, D'ani, Ezra, Jastre, One (npc), Polana, Rayathess, Zaala, Xavier
Candidacicles Rescued! July 19, 2013 Borodin, D'ani, Ezra, Jastre, Polana, Rayathess, One, Zaala
Talk and Mend July 21, 2013 Angelique, Borodin, Dtirae, Jastre, Kimmila, Polana, Th'ero, Xavier
Winter Festival Begins! July 22, 2013 Abigail, Angelique, Borodin, Dtirae, Jastre, Kera, Kimmila, Polana, Solan, Th'ero
An End and a New Beginning (Turnover) July 25, 2013 Jastre, Kera, Kimmila, Mur'dah, Th'ero, Xavier, Zaala
Calm Before the Storm July 26, 2013 Angelique, Jastre, Polana, Solan
Rainstorm Breaks! (Hatching) July 26, 2013 Angelique, Borodin, D'ani, Dtirae, Inri, Jastre, Kimmila, M'icha, Polana, Solan, Th'ero, Valene, Xavier, Zaala
Food is chewed. Stone is... licked? July 28, 2013 Anique, As'tre, M'icha
Better than a Dream July 29, 2013 Anique, As'tre, Lana, So'l
Questions leading to snowball fights incorporating a Weyrling Lesson! July 30, 2013 Anique, As'tre, Abigail, So'l, Dtirae, Th'ero, K'drozen, Kimmila
Break Away Bronze! August 20, 2013 As'tre, M'icha, Aycheth, Kouzevelth, Wiyaneth, Zuvaleyuth
An Unexpected Trip to Tillek September 02, 2013 As'tre, Kimmila, M'icha, Th'ero, Zeltenith, Varmiroth, Velokraeth, Wiyaneth
An Easterling in Fort? September 18, 2013 As'tre, Silna, Yhri
Draconic Explorations October 4, 2013 Cikitsakath, Rhyrith, Kouzevelth, Zeltenith, Wiyaneth, Velokraeth
Where there is a Will, There's a Way! October 5, 2013 Abigail, Anique, As'tre, Inri, Kimmila, Th'ero, Yhri
Change in Hunting Grounds October 8, 2013 Abigail, As'tre, K'drozen, Kimmila, So'l, Th'ero