Dark brown curly hair spindles down from A'tien's head, it's rather thick but is usually kept free of knots and neat, it has a slight reddish tint from being out in the sun. His hair falls at uneven lengths, the longest parts ending just past the crook of his neck. The curly hair tends to hang in front of his eyes, falling back into position whenever they're pushed aside. His eyes are dark brown, about the same color as his hair. Freckles dapple his cheeks from being in the sun too long, and flow above the bridge of his nose. He has a light brown tan to his skin, and it seems he's filled out rather nicely. His arms are well-muscled from turns of working with leathers. And while his fingers are rather tinted with a hint of dye, they are soft and gentle.

As for clothes, he can usually be seen wearing a navy-blue tunic that fits loosely about his frame and makes him seem smaller than he all ready is and is usually accompanied by tan-brown pants and brown boots. A Fortian Weyrlingmaster's knot rests on his shoulder, one bronzen thread winds around the others, marking the color of his lifemate. A wing badge is also pinned to his shirt, one of the Coatyl wing.


Artien is the youngest in a fairly big family consiting of two older brothers, three sisters, none distinctly by blood. Artien was fostered when he was born in the tannercraft, his parents not wanting to take care of an unwanted child. But dispite this, it never really detered the rather scrawny lad any. He loved all the attention he received growing in such a big family, and didn't even seem to mind all the hand-me-downs he received over the turns. As he grew older, he wasn't transferred out of the craft as some were, preferring to stay and take up apprenticeship when he got older. As the craft itself seemed to interest the boy, even at a young age. Many feeble attempts were often in vain when he tried to mimic the older crafters when he wasn't being watched by his foster parents. For he didn't really stay with his fosters for long during the day. Even when he was young he was relitively shy and preferred to stick to his friends and familiar people.

As Artien got older, however, he started concentrating more on his work than having fun. It wasn't long until Art's work paid off, he eventually walked the tables and became a Journeyman at 18. His knot didn't last, however, and he was soon asked to stand for Ista's clutch and impressed to Bronze Cereth after losing a bet during his candidacy.

It was a rather troubling weyrlinghood. Especially when your dragon is the complete opposite of you. Supportive, couragous, outgoing, everything that A'tien wasn't. And a bronze to boot. It was hard to get used to the new mind in his head, but not unwanted. Cereth quickly became A'tien's anchor, best friend, confidant, protector, and everything he'd ever needed in life. As he grew older, he came to love a kitchen aid named Meibhan, and had two children by her. However, the two eventually broke up and Meibhan ended up taking the children and moving elsewhere to further her studies.

Today, A'tien just practices his leatherworking and surfs when the weather allows for it. He's still the shy, uncertain guy he is and nothing like the average bronzerider.


Name Relation Location Position
Arlene Mother Tanner Hall Journeyman Tanner
Habver Father Tanner Hall Journeyman Tanner

Firelizards: Bronze Tanien, Brown Tiryn, Green Mint

Dragon: Bronze Cereth