Anrila Stonehaven
Portrayed By Dakota Blue Richards
Gender Female
Aliases Ri
Place of Birth Stonehaven Cothold
Current Location Stonehaven / Beasthall
Occupation Beastcraft Apprentice


Grown now into the graceful, slim form of a young woman, Anrila smiles at least as often as she scowls, lightening her brown eyes with warmth. Her honeyed-brown hair has settled somewhat as the years have passed, into bold waves instead of riotous curls; it comes to rest against her shoulders, deceptively shortened by her long and slender neck. The freckles, meanwhile, have if anything gotten bolder in their encroachment of her face and hands, occasionally spotted making a break for her arms or other skin.

She dresses far more smartly now than she did when but a child; no longer do her clothes look as if they were picked at random from the rag bin. Instead, she dresses neatly, in fitted black trousers carefully tailored at the hem to just show off her black leather boots, with a boldly-pattered blouse in the dark, deep tones of nature and a light-weight fabric worn close, showing off however much of a figure she's managed to gain from her waifish days.


The youngest child of cotholders Ezra and Aleutai of Stonehaven Cothold, Anrila still has memories of a happy, carefree sort of childhood. While their home area was cold and somewhat isolated during the winter months, there was nothing stopping a little girl from having her fun. She was close to both older brothers, Rayathess and Ezra, and knew nothing but contentment even in the light of the harshness of home's environment. She took a shine to caring for livestock early on in life, and was the sort of girl who could easily be found sleeping in the barn in warmer weather just to be closer to the bovines and the herding dogs.

Suddenly, with no warning (least of all for a young child) that changed, with their quiet northern home under attack.

With her father dead and middle brother and mother's fate unknown, Anrila found herself and Rayathess torn from everything they knew, trying to reconcile what terrible things she'd seen with her naturally positive outlook on life. In the time since, Anrila became more withdrawn, uneasy at interacting with anyone but Rayathess, not speaking to anyone but him unless forced or consistently encouraged. This also came to an end, as she and Rayathess too were eventually separated — and Anrila found it her job to make it back to her brothers and the land she called home on her own.

Since Stonehaven's reopening, she set in working at the stables, until shortly after her seventeenth turnday, when she finally mustered up the gumption to apply to the Beastcraft proper.


Name Relation Location Position
Ezra Sr. Father Stonehaven Cothold Deceased
Aleutai Mother Unknown Unknown
Rayathess Brother Harper Hall Harper Journeyman
Ezra Brother Stonehaven Cothold Holder
Laurali Sister-in-Law Stonehaven Cothold Journeyman Healer


Brown Barahal
Colors of cocoa flows over the small body of this firelizard, in waves of different shades, giving him an overall benevolent look. His fluttering wingsails are tinged light, the color of caramel darkening to cinnamon. His long slender tail is washed over with deep browns. Long limbs beget long claws — 'long' suits him in a word, as his whole body is sinewy and stretched. His temper matches the color of his hide, warm and friendly, calm and quiet. At times it would seem that a jesting smile forms at the very corners of his angular snout.


Title OOC Date Cast
Congratulations, It's Babies February 09, 2015 Anrila, Ha’ze, Kainaesyth, Rayathess, Zhirayr
... What? March 04, 2015 Anrila, Beyrl, D'ani, Ha'ze, Rayathess, Zhirayr
Goats and Eggs March 23, 2015 Anrila, Ha'ze