A conflict of personalities seem to make up Angelique when you take a good look at this young woman. When you combine her heart-shaped face, higher cheekbones, full lips, long black hair and tanned skin she portrays a slightly exotic look to her in which there's a trace of innocence within her pale blue eyes. Light enough to rival the ocean waters on a sunny day, there is also a feel of suspicion within them as she seems to look right through you when her gaze falls on you completely. Often times though she's not looking directly at you but just slightly over your head as if not wanting to make eye contact. The conflict comes though when you get a better look to see she is tall and muscular, standing at nearly 5'9" with a build that indicates she can easily hold her own in a fight.

Dressed with plenty of style and flare at all times, today Angelique sports a dark blue vest over a green, long-sleeved tunic. Gold thread embroidery etches a simple vine and flowers along the edges of the vest. The tunic is tucked into a baggy pair of black pants, off the normal of her usual tighter pants. A pair of short black boots complete the simple yet not so simple outfit. Once you look closer though you'll find there's more to it than just that. A pair of belt knives hand from a sheath attached to her belt and within the boot one can just make out the tip of another knife stashed there. Her right shoulder bears a plain knot of black and brown with emerald green interwoven in between, the knot of Fort Weyr with the green to indicate her life mate.


Born in Southern Boll Hold, Angelique had an easy enough life growing up. A bit of a tomboy, she is quite able to hold her own when it comes down to it. Despite her parent's wishes to join the Weavercraft, she's decided to have none of that. She's not rushing out to follow in her brother's footsteps though so for several turns she simply filled her days with doing odd jobs around the hold to bring in a bit of marks. She learned how to use the knife when she was just 14, from a young trader lad who was staying at the hold for the winter. They grew close and she might even admit to him being her first love. However when spring came and the caravan rolled out so did he; leaving behind a broken hearted young girl. She continues to study with the knife, becoming quite adapt at throwing them. Now she keeps several on her and has a small collection of her own in which she's always increasing.

Angelique discovered she enjoyed organization and being in charge a bit as some of her jobs brought her to work under the Steward quite a bit. The hold has no need for someone new to step in as the steward and head women were well established and had been for years. With her parents constantly in and out of the hold and her brother gone off to apprentice in the Beastcraft, Angelique finally came to the conclusion that it was time for her to set off on her own. With no destination in mind she traveled with the traders for nearly a turn before ending up at Fort Weyr. Discovering she really enjoyed the older weyr and the atmosphere, she immediately talked to the Headwomen and applied to become her assistant. Perhaps when it comes time for Talica to retire, Angelique will be ready to step into her shoes. For now though she's thoroughly enjoying learning about her new home and meeting new people.


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Stalker Girlfriend Green Typriaeth

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