A quick glance at Anais shows a young woman in her late teens or early 20's with black wavy hair that hangs down to her mid back. Smoke grey eyes look out at the world with curiosity. Standing about 5' 6" in height and slender in build, she would not be called beautiful yet once can say she is pretty enough in her own right. Not overly voluptuous yet with an alluring quality of her own, she walks with a seemingly quiet confidence. In general nothing in particular stands out about Anais other than her friendly smile and gentle demeanor.

Anais currently wears a double cord of Minecraft's colors of white and black. It is done neatly up in a single loop, ending in a long tail. Her knot indicates her status as a Journeyman Miner at Minecraft Hall.

She wears a white shirt, lace trim at the collar and cuffs. The tunic reaches down to just above her hips. A tan hide belt is cinched around her slender waist. Below the shirt, she wears a pair of lightweight beige breetches that extend to mid calf. Her feet are shod in a pair of light brown sandals.

Anais is currently 41 Turns, 3 months, and 2 days old.


Anais was the result of an affair between her parents after her mother, a Journeywoman Healer at Eastern Weyr had her older brother, Kaolin with her husband, Markus about 15 turns previously. He had already gone off on Search at Igen Weyr and had Impressed to a brown dragon named Kerkasoth before Anais was conceived (not long after their was a weyrling accident and he was killed). Her mother Ambrosine at the time had been handfasted to another Journeyman Healer, her husband, Markus. At the time of the affair Markus was very sick and passed on shortly afterwards. Ambrosine had met on his arrival at Eastern Weyr when he was a young handyman in his early 20's. Corwyn despite a large difference in age between him and Ambrosine who was in her mid-30's at the time fell in love with the lovely older female healer at a formal gathering. And so the affair began in secrecy behind Markus's back due to his illness and being confined in the infirmary.

The affair was short-lived when Markus died of his illness not long after Ambrosine announced that she was pregnant again to her husband. The loss of her husband was horrible and she had a hard time dealing with it as she had indeed loved him for years but she had been feeling a bit lonely since the onset of her husband's illness which preceded her torrent affair with Corwyn. Corwyn was finding himself on his own road to fate as when Ambrosine left without much warning and telling him that she was pregnant with his child. She returned to the Healer Hall leaving Corwyn with no notice…or even a goodbye. Corwyn was left to wonder what had happened between him and his lady love, Ambrosine but this didn't last for long as he was Searched and not long after Impressed to bronze dragon, Clohadenth. He was so immersed in life as a dragonrider that eventually with some relationships with other riders and such, Ambrosine was but just a memory.

All the while Ambrosine had given birth around the time that C'rwyn had Impressed and still no word was sent to her once younger lover. She named the baby girl, Anais that resulted from her affair with C'rwyn in memory of their love. But she did think about C'rwyn between taking care of Anais and her work out of the Healer Hall with the other healers

Anais was much like her mother, dedicated to learning, enjoying life as a free spirit for the most part. She shares some of her mother's compassion and her father's outgoing nature. Her main flaws would be her boldness at times saying things without thinking first of consequences. Not to mention as well as sometimes playing pranks as well as a young girl, as she gets older she seems to have grown out of the pranks but is still not always the most careful not to get caught in some minor harmless pranks.

In the meantime C'rwyn and a few other riders were transferred to Eastern Weyr. Not only C'rwyn was sent back to Eastern Weyr where he lived for a period of time when Anais was conceived there. Journeywoman Healer Ambrosine and her daughter, Anais were there as well as Ambrosine had been re-posted back to Eastern Weyr as well.

It was definitely a shock when C'rwyn and Ambrosine first saw each other once more at Eastern Weyr. Ambrosine was in the living caverns with her then 10 turn old daughter Anais eating when C'rwyn got up the nerve to approach Ambrosine. C'rwyn noticed Anais with a bit of shock and it was Ambrosine who had some explaining to do but it was overall a joyous reunion of the two lovers after 10 turns. Of course not long after the reunion, the couple got handfasted and in the next 5 turns, they had two more children, Alexandir, a younger son and Chloe (Cloadine), a younger daughter who was born close to Anais's 15th turn.

Around her 12th turnday the young girl had taken an interest in the Minecraft finding gems and such fascinating and all. So she became a student under one of the Minecrafters posted there. She remained on as a student till her 15th turnday following her parents desire to make sure she had something that she would be able to handle and all in the long term discouraging her from becoming a full Apprentice Minecrafter in favor of something that would better suit her. Anais reluctantantly agreed setting aside her thoughts of furthering with the Minecraft.

Anais was in training by her 15th turnday to become an Asst. Headwoman at Eastern making both her mother and father proud. She remained on at Eastern as Asst. Headwoman till she was Searched for the hatching on the sands after meeting Markus, the asst. steward and ended up on odd terms to say the least and falling in love with X'ai, the rider of the sire of the clutch. Well she got left on the sands that time and ended up being left on the sands, that night X'ai and her left for Fort Weyr where she became Asst. Headwoman, she ended up standing two more times and still no luck but had two children with X'ai. After the third time left standing a gap was left and she ended up with M'kus, a good friend and father of her third child… but things didn't work out and she left for the Minecraft Hall to start anew.

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Name Relation Location Position
Ambrosine Mother Eastern Weyr cell-content
C'rwyn Father Eastern Weyr Wingrider of Bronze Clohadenth
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