There is a quiet dignity about this young woman. She appears to be in her late teens, and while she exudes an aura of seriousness, she also has a very pleasant smile. Standing five-eight, Aludra has a lithe, well-toned body both supple and graceful. Her bosom, slender torso and curving hips show the promise of coming womanhood. Her legs are long, flowing upwards from slender ankles. Long, black hair is usually pulled back from a sight widow's peak, falling in a braid to her hips. When loose, it tumbles around her head in a riot of untamed curls. Hazel-green eyes are filled with intelligence and wit. Her chin might be considered a little too pointed, but it accentuates her high-cheekbones. Her bearing is confident, and there's a glow of good health in skin that's been tanned from the sun. Aludra has a clear voice and carries a tune quite well.

Physical Likeness: Jennifer Connelly



Name Relation Location Position Status
Alunia Mother Keroon Hold Daughter of Lady Holder Masopia NPC
Drayven Father Deceased Journeyman Beastcrafter NPC/Deceased
Lady Masopia Grandmother Keroon Hold Lady Holder Unknown Status
Petram Uncle Keroon Hold Heir to the Hold NPC
Rimmal Aunt Keroon Hold Petram's Wife NPC
Petluma Cousin Keroon Hold Petram's Oldest Daughter NPC
Ramua Cousin Keroon Hold Petram's Younger Daughter NPC


Name Location Position Relationship
M'gaal Ierne Weyrhold Rider of Bronze Zaqalekhth Close friend & mentor. M'gaal is teaching Aludra how to make and repair leather straps for dragons.
K'ael Xanadu Weyr Rider of Bronze Azaeth Close friend. At one time, there was something between them, but it never got serious on his part.
Norela Wandering Trader Friend at Xanadu Weyr.
R'oc Fort Weyr Weyrleader/Rider of Bronze Nasheth Someone she respects. They keep having late night conversations. He calls her "Ludy," and bronze Nasheth seems to like her.
Layana Fort Weyr Harper Lyana and Aludra seem to have hit it off during candidacy. So far, they've not hung out much together, but they appear to be friends.
J'oan Fort Weyr Weyrling
R'oo Fort Weyr Weyrling Impressed bronze. Likewise, Aludra and R'oo got to be friends during their recent candidacy.


Name Color Personality
Vallis Bronze Know-it-all, smart-aleck, prankster with an ego as wide as the ocean. He's pretty smart, but likes to goof off and play with all the other 'lizards rather than ferry messages. He has never won a mating flight, but that doesn't stop him from trying.
Pullo Brown He doesn't have a real personality developed yet, since he's only about a week or so old. Vallis seems to like him, and the brown curls up with the bronze for naps.


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