Position Haast Wingsecond
Dragon Green Czarduinath
Craft Weaver Journeyman
Birthplace Crom Minehold
PB Alexis Bledel


With average height and average build, there's not really much to separate this young woman from a life of physical mediocrity aside from her piercing blue eyes framed by exceedingly long dark lashes. Her mousy brown hair seems to occupy a place between not-quite straight and not-quite wavy, although usually it's bound back into some sort of elaborate braid. She's fairly fair skinned, except for her near potentially rosy cheeks.
Structure is one thing that Aignes can always find solace in and her clothing reflects that. Woe to any wrinkle that might be found on her impeccably tailored navy shirt. Not only is her collar starched to the point where the tips might qualify as weapons in their own right, but the sleeves have been pressed so firmly that even while she's wearing it they still maintain a crease. The top is neatly tucked into the pleated waistband of her maroon full-skirt.


Aignes is the middle child of a veritable brood belonging to a journeyman miner and his wife. Life in a small mining cothold can be pretty dull and monotonous, especially for a girl not interested at all in blackstone. The girl grew up shadowing her mother and picking up all the domestic skills she can get her hands on. Most things in their household were fairly utilitarian, but as Aignes grew, she began to develop a knack for using up every little scrap of fabric and transforming it.

Once she was old enough, the choice of staying to live in the cothold forever or pursuing an apprenticeship with the weavers, the answer was obvious! Off to Southern Boll she went. At nineteen she received her journeyman's knot. She specialized in production although she'll always have a fond spot for quilting. Now a few months after her twentieth turnday, she's received her first actual posting, to Fort Weyr!

It wasn't long into the posting when Velokraeth Searched her for the latest clutch. For some reason, she agreed. And survived what shenanigans candidacy threw at her to find Czarduinath waiting for her.


Name Relation Location Position
Nersenion (NPC) Father (+29) Minehold, Crom Sr. Journeyman Miner
Aillien (NPC) Mother (+24) Minehold, Crom Cook
Ersion (NPC) Brother (+7) Minehold, Crom Journeyman Miner
Senalla (NPC) Sister (+6) Minehold, Crom Seamstress
Gerrin (NPC) Brother (+4) Minehold, Crom Guard
Aisen (NPC) Brother (+2) Crom Hold Journeyman Harper
Raiselle (NPC) Sister (-1) Minehold, Crom Cook
Nelon (NPC) Brother (-3) Telgar Journeyman Smith
Ilnor (NPC) Brother (-5) Minehold, Crom Journeyman Smith
Laen (NPC) Brother (-7) Minehold, Crom Handyman
Iollai (NPC) Sister (-10) Minehold, Crom Apprentice Weaver

Plus assorted in-laws, nieces and nephews from her siblings.



Bronze Pin
Green Needle


The Perfect Poise Green Czarduinath
Dainty from her headknobs to the very tip of her tail, she may be smallest in stature but the picture of poise and grace. Dark emerald caresses her elegantly shaped muzzle, lightening in gradual brilliance as it trails over angular features and down to the curve of her throat and chest. There is depth to her, in a subtle play of light and dark beneath sunlight, with emerald hues in scintillating sequin-like patterning without the garish flash. Her wings lighten further, as opulent as the finest, thinnest silk in the form of her wingsails. Her neck ridges are brushed with jade at the edges, dream-like in quality with the way it plays and flows along each curve. Rich dark emerald forms each of her elegant talons, as if hewn from the very gemstone itself, completing the final touch.