This man is very tall, standing almost six and a half feet in height, and is very well-built and broad-shouldered. He seems to exude an aura of strength and confidence, giving him a kind of no-nonsense air. Long, golden hair frames a strong, but still attractive face. That face displays perpetually narrowed eyes of a poignant cobalt blue; a straight, file-thin nose that's perfect for looking down from his greater height; lips that are full for those of so strong a man; cheekbones that look deceptively delicate. Yet, for all his deceptively delicate looks, his jawline presents a square and solid line. There is an obvious strength in that face.

Given the toned and strapping physique of this man, it's clear that he does something that deals with a lot of physical effort. His fine black shirt is left half open to expose a good deal of his chest. The man's chest is muscular, pectorals and abdomen as sharply defined as though they were chiseled from stone. The sleeves of the shirt are long and loose. His hands are very large, with nails kept trimmed short and neat.

A pair of snug brown leather breeches hugs his lower body. Strong legs that could hold probably three times his weight support this man's large frame. Knee-length boots of some kind of hide encase his feet and lower legs; they too seem to strain around his muscular calves and shins.

Upon his shoulder is his knot—a single loop of brown cord, with a bronze-colored thread woven into it.


Ai'an, once Aidan, has been around Fort for but a short time. However, in that time he has had a number of exciting adventures. This page will attempt to keep up with all those adventures. Warning…it's been a long road so far…and it's likely to get longer as he continues to remain at Fort!

Ai'an: History


Name Relation Location Position
Danvir Father Keroon Hold BeastCrafter
Aiara Mother Keroon Hold BeastCrafter
Raivir Brother (-1 Turn) Keroon Hold BeastCrafter
Daina Sister (-2 Turns) Keroon Hold BeastCrafter
Virai Brother (-3 Turns) Keroon Hold BeastCrafter
Raiadan Brother (-4 Turns) Keroon Hold BeastCrafter


Cock of the Walk Blue Basilisk
The first thing about this little blue hatchling is that he seems to be pudgy, and larger than average. His talons are black, but his smooth hide is a startling shade of blue that is, at its lightest, a grey color, and at its darkest almost black. His legs and undercarriage are the lightest on him, the greyish-blue tints like stormclouds, stopping just before they lighten too far towards white. As this color climbs up his bulky form, it darkens to a Union blue that includes his tail. His back and spars are both so dark blue they verge on navy, and the ridges are darker still, nearly black. This color lightens only subtly for his upper neck, knobs, and head, though his sails fade once again towards the same Union blue as his tail. His knobs are a touch too large at the top of his head, giving him the impression of having a coxcomb.

Caffeine High Green Fumin
A lady to be noticed by all around her, lime green highlights her skin from back to tail spade with shades of olive green on her headnobs and maw. emerald green Wingsails are stretched between dark green spars,a distinct feature of this lady. One thing about her appearance is different from most and that is the almost black circle around both her eyes as if someone had taken lamp black and rubbed it around them. When she moves she moves at a rapid pace as if she had more energy than she knew what to do with, indeed a lady to be reckoned with.


We Don't Need Nah Trouble Bronze Jaharith
Shrouded in darkness, at first glance it's hard to determine the colour of the dragon - he's just that ebon. With a movement, only then does it become clear. Ripples of glimmering bronze traverse over his thick muscles, following his line of motion. The more light, the more glare that illuminates from his iridescent bronze hide. This fades around his broad head, where a dusted gold helmet predominates. This helmet leaves his sharp ridged eyes visible, with a nose piece built in to slip down toward the tip of his wide and elongated muzzle. The helmet further cuts shapes around his jaw, feathering out underneath it. Imagery of armoured plates in this same gold color rib down his substantial neck. This plated design runs all the way between his forward set shoulders down to his tucked underbelly where it fades out. As for his physical assembly, this dragon is packed with raw muscle. He has massive hind quarters, floppy feet with promises of a powerful ascent, and a sleek tail which gives his body balance. As for his wings, they are vast. The sails of his wings appear profuse - from the golden trims which line each sail or the wide spars which give them more extension. The last of his bold characteristics are his talons: they are tipped in silver, shaded to look like lethal weapons.