Adalinus keeps to a very rigorous workout routine, most of which involves weightlifting. So it's hardly any surprise that he is extremely well built. A fact that he is quick to remind everyone of. He is also quite tall and very broad, making him tower over just about everyone around him. Even his face and neck look muscular, and he's got a strong cleft chin and high cheekbones to go with a broad thick nose. With the sheer size of him normal sized eyes almost look beady, though they are softer than the rest of him and a gentle pale blue. Blonde eyebrows are hard to even make out against his pale skin. Straw colored hair is kept cut very short against his head, just a scrap of fuzz really, except at the very front and center of his head, where a longer strand has been let to grow and often curls up against his forehead on its own. The most prominent feature on Adalinus's face though is his thick blonde mustache that curls at the ends.
Adalinus generally wears whatever clothes he can find around that fit him these days. With the cold weather at Fort, he's usually found in a pair of black leather combat style boots with a pair of dark colored carpenter type of pants tucked into them. He wears a t-shirt or a wife beater depending on the weather on top, and usually a thick blue coat. If he is working outside he normally wears a pair of fingerless gloves with mitten flaps on them, and every so often even a skullcap hat.


Adalinus was born as the second child to a wealthy family at Nerat hold. His father, being a relative of the Lord Holder, managed to buy up much of the surrounding cotholds to add to the family plot. When Adalinus turned sixteen he was encouraged to leave the hold and travel a bit before returning home to take over the family business. So Adalinus left home, first for nearby Ista Weyr where he worked as a stable hand. A few months later he followed a trader group to Benden Hold to help a vintner with packaging and distribution. Half a turn later he was off to Fort Weyr, if only for a change of pace.

While at Fort he's become increasingly involved with a hunting group. While his stature doesn't exactly lend himself to being a stealthy hunter, he's big enough to carry more than his weight around camp and can defend himself and others effectively with just a bow knife. Though there has been some gentle prodding from his parents to return home, Adalinus seems content to stay put for at least a while.


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King of Kings Brown Njordeth


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