Portrayed By Jessica Biel
Aliases Abbey, Abi, Abs
Gender Female
Place of Birth Fort Hold
Current Location Fort Weyr
Status Werysecond of Fort Weyr
Dragon Brown Niumdreoth


Hair of rich red is the first thing that lets this young woman stands out from within a crowd. Age wise she is in her early twenties. Her hair is shoulder length, and has a good amount of curls within the long strands that take some work from getting too knotted up. Eyes are pale in color, close to ice with just a hint of blue to make them seem a bit frosty.

She is on the tall side, and slender muscle found but nothing overly so proving this one can take care of herself if needed. Still there are plenty of curves clearly seen; she isn't bad looking in the least. A faint tan clings to her skin which shows she's spent plenty of time outside. Across her right cheek rests a slender two inch long scar.

Clothing depends on the weather, though it is never too fancy. Long sleeved dark brown tunic, which she often has the sleeves rolled up; pants are light tan and leather, rather hip hugging and somewhat loser around the calf area. A slender belt rests around her waist, a set of daggers rest in there sheaths at her right hip. She can also be found wearing a flight jacket that would help keep her warm during cold weather. A leather choker made up of dark brown, black and red leather strands rests around neck.

Upon her shoulder can be found the knot showing she is with Fort Weyr, it also shows she is Weyrsecond. There are also a few strands of light brown strung through the knot showing the color of her dragon.


As a child Abigail's parents had a plan for her and her twin brother Borodin and their life at Fort Hold was set down to the letter. The children had other plans in the matter. While it was planned for Borodin to follow after his father Bragen whom was a guard, and Abigail to follow after her mother Dorilla a baker, the children went opposite ways.

Abigail grew up very tom boyishly; she would often be found getting into fights, rough housing, wandering and thus making a name for herself as troublemaker. Which didn't set with well with her parents whom wanted their daughter to be more respectable, and more lady like.

While growing up Abigail was always there protecting her brother in one form or another and they have a close friendship because of this. Many of the other children was eager to pick on, and beat up. This did not set well with Abigail and she would make sure the ones doing the teasing stopped even if she had to use her fists to do so. Still this left Abigail with more than once with a busted nose, plenty of bruises and scrapes which in turn helped toughen herself up some which would come in handy when she was finally old enough to join the guard.

During many turns Abigail helped her father train some of the hold’s canines for work. The main point of the training was for search and rescue with the canines, along with working with the guards, especially during watch to pick up anyone, or thing that the guards themselves may have missed. Abigail took to this without a problem, many of the canines would work for her while other guards, and at times her father, had to really convince them into the task at hand. Thanks to this most call Abigail the crazy canine handler, though none have been brave enough to say this to her face.

Once Abigail did join the guard her parents finally gave up hoping their daughter would grow out of her tomboyish stage. Time passed, and Abigail never grew out from her ‘guard’ phase as her parents called it, and while they tried to get her to move on to other crafts she never left. With her father being a guard and also high up in ranking at Fort Hold, he could see to it that Abigail did not get far in the guard ranks as if this would possible make her choose a different path, it only made her work harder to prove she was good at her job and deserved to stay.

On a spur of the moment decision Abigail was picked to escort a Harper by the name of Tamsyn back to Fort Weyr. The stay was only to take a few days, though when Abigail got there she found a new world for her to explore and new things for her to learn. She stayed at the Weyr, picked up lessons with the other guards and made the decision to stay. Her parents were not happy with her decision.

In the end Abigail was chosen to stand for Zuvaleyuth and Velokraeth’s clutch at Fort Weyr. An along with a few friends she made while there including her brother Borodin. Abigail never thought she would have impressed a dragon, but there Niumdreoth was, searching for her. Thus starts another chapter in the life of Abigail, who knows where it will lead, but she knows now Niumdreoth will always be at her side and never doubt her.

++Recent Happenings

Life has been rather quiet for Abigail and K'yan, which honestly she won't worry over given all the crazy of her past. Logan is a happy toddler playing with his older siblings when able.

Family an Friends

Name Relation Location Position
K'yan Weyrmate Fort Weyr Fort Rider
Ha'ze Something Fort Weyr Fort Rider
Borodin Twin Brother Fort Weyr Vinter
Logan Son (K'yan's Son) Fort Weyr Cute Toddler!
Aleoa* Daughter (Ha'ze's Daughter) Fort Weyr WeyrBrat?!
Gaelon* Son (Ha'ze's Son) Fort Weyr WeyrBrat?
Breeana Daughter (Ers'lan Daughter) Xanadu Weyr WeyrBrat


Two Halves of a Whole Brown Huritt

Long of body and muscular of build, this large brown is a fine example of the stamina and strength his color has been known for. His large, wedge-shaped head leads to a proportionally thick and long neck that arcs powerfully down to broad shoulders and chest. Limbs are long but well musculed and lean. His sides are narrow, curving sleekly up into powerful, heavier muscled haunches. His tail starts broad at the base and gradually tapers to a thinner point, it's length proportioned to him as are his wide, broad wings. Dark brown makes up the whole of his color on his smooth hide, broken only by the dustings of smoky topaz, burnt umber and bistre that dust heavily along his head and ridges, back, wings and tail like pale tendrils of wiry hair. The same appear but thinner and fainter along his sides, limbs and tail and vary with the light as it plays across his hide.

All-Seeing Wanderer Bronze Tadhg

A lean but muscular bronze, with graceful and lean but strong build. His back legs appear to be a little longer than his front legs, however, and his spine seems quite long, lending him a good degree of flexibility. His body is a dulled, muted bronze color, with much lighter, almost golden highlights running down his spine. He has a splash of an almost blued metal color over the spine of his nose and between his eyes, but as it travels up his head, it fades to a silvery bronze at his headknobs. Whorled patterns in a greenish bronze, like the folds of an ancient robe, meander lazily around the topsides of his wingsails. Yet underneath, faint impressions of short, barely-there lines — much like the grain of some kind of metal — brushes across the undersides of those sails from top to bottom. And strangely, he appears to prefer regarding his surroundings with a single eye.

Seven of Mine Gold Hatchling Gold Annika

Resplendent in color, golden hues cause this lady to positively SHINE! Take what you thought "beautiful" meant and throw it out because this gold redefines the term! Her curves are graceful and clean, her wings so elegant and prim one might be awed at how well they sustain flight. Molten gilding flows from her crown, caressing her supple form and ensconcing it in brilliance, no doubt drawing lustful gazes from any male she meets. The only marring of her beauty is a silver crescent above and partially around her right eye: a curious birthmark that lends her the appearance of perpetual quizzicality. In stark contrast to her blazing beauty, this gold's manner is /so/ haughty. She stands tall, her gaze imperious as she regards all that is in her domain to command. She is a QUEEN and everyone else? They will do as she bids. Anything else would be /insufficient/!


One Cannot Make the Journey Alone Niumdreoth

Large in size and stocky in build, at first glance one would be lead to believe that this brown is bound to slow and lumbering movements but that would be where he would, and does, fool most. Size for him is not a hindrance, instead a strength in and of itself, agile and swift in his own unique, yet strangely graceful manner. Shades of deep, dark russet brown make up the whole of his smooth hide, variation in subtle touches where the play of light and shadow give illusion to darker hues of brown or the faintest glimmers, almost hidden, of reddish tint under bright sunlight. His head is large and broad but proportionate to the rest of his body and though his neck is short, it too is balanced to suit him rather than hinder. Blunt muzzle fades to a darker chocolate hue and sweeps up over tapered and short head knobs, down over his ridges and extending out to cover the entirety of his large, broad wings and accentuate the spars from the sails.

Pale fallow browns, ghostly in comparison to the richer hues dominating his hide circle the heavy ridges around his eyes. It adds another illusion to him, but one bearing more truth to it as the lighter shades give his whirling eyes a keen and sharp-witted look to their whirling depths. The lighter fallow brown continues across his forehead but swiftly fades to disappear just above his heavy and powerful jowls. It reappears again along the curve of his throat and neck and down further to his deep, almost barrel set chest only to vanish beneath the sleek curve of his belly. His short, stocky limbs are not overly thick, balanced in lean muscle to lend him a clean look rather than be overbearing. Russet browns remain untouched here and the same is echoed over his sides and to his powerful, wide set haunches and ending all in near-black talons. Just like his wings, his tail is long to match them, but unlike his limbs, chocolate hues sneak in again to cover the topside along the ridges and straight down to the very tip.

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Abbey Theme Music

  • DragonLand - http://youtu.be/9Xwa4LsLPhw
  • Fun : Some Nights
  • VNV Nation: Illusion
  • VNV Nation: Dark Angel
  • Tonic: Take Me As I am
  • One Republic: Apologize
  • Imagine Dragons: Bleeding Out
  • Imagine Dragons: Radioactive
  • Gary Allan: Smoke Rings In The Dark


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