Long red curls tumble past her shoulders and eyes of sparkling green peer out from the fair complected palette of her face. Refined features seem in keeping with her elegant manner and sleek stature, long limbs supporting her feminine curves nicely.


Born with a song in her heart the melody soon found its way to her lips, the little girl dazzling her family with her bright smile and sing-song voice. She is the pride and joy of her harper father and healer mother, even now in their later years and living in the countryside near Fort. She impressed when she was 20 and just an apprentice Harper but now makes her life a continuous journey of stories and songs of Pern and her people.


Name Relation Location Position
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The stocky emerald body of this firelizard gleams with variegated tones of mint and jade along back and wings. A light dusting of viridian grows upon talons and headknobs and intertwine along to mix and blend with its emerald tones. An average sized little green, she holds a stocky body and blunt nose, wings and tail. She is a spicy little critter and not one to be underestimated in the skies.


This is a very unusual firelizard. He is coated in dark, purple-hued blue except for two places, and there's lots of small hollow rings scattered about his hide, looking almost likeā€¦. suckers? The color fades away to palest blue on his face, front of his neck, and belly, although his stomach bears a different pattern, one that is reminiscient of rice. To finish it off, there is a thick band of dark green-blue around his middle right behind his wings. He is a long and whippy firelizard, with long, thin limbs, neck and tail, and long, narrow wings. He is a very restless firelizard as well, always moving.


Blue Risanth

This average in size blue is slightly on the lean side, but still has plenty of muscle for getting around. His top half is covered by a dark navy, nearly black along his spine, and moves outwards and around him, until it quickly fades into a much gentler sky blue almost in an anti-shadow fashion. This blue's long snout maintains the same dark hue for most of it, except the bottom jaw which is such a light blue it almost looks white. The pale eyes look deep and soulful against such a dark face. Slightly larger than average wings look as though there are two sets, a smaller dark set laying over a larger lighter blue set. The drift of color from dark to light on this dragon's body proper is not so evenly defined. In spots the navy color seems to droop down further than in others. His feet and claws look as though they've been dipped in paint to match his back, and there is a darker stripe down the length of his underbelly.