One of those lads, so common in lower caverns, it's hard to say if he's known to the viewer or not. He just looks familiar! Whether it's because he's the offspring of one of the more amorous riders, or because all weyrbrats start to look the same after a while, he just brings to mind someone already known, met, or heard of. Bright blue eyes peek out of his round face, and his head's crowned with a frizzy, somewhat haphazardly cropped mass of ashy blond hair. A northerner's skin is dusted with freckles, but even those seem to be somewhat ubiquitous, and not exactly a trait to make him stand out from the rest of his ilk.

At the moment, he's warmly dressed, in an obviously hand-me-down knitted sweater that's been repaired with suede patches on the elbows and a spot on the chest that's been darned with a slightly different color of natural taupe. His pants are too long, but given how fast boys his age grow, he's probably going to grow into them sometime this sevenday.

He wears the simple black and brown knot of a resident of Fort Weyr.


Happy go lucky, carefree, or just your typical kid, Aamanz is a weyrbrat. From a long line of weyrbrats, lower caverns women, dragonriders, and short, intense, but ultimately brief weyr romances. In his case, both of his parents are riders, his mother on a green and his father aboard a blue. Nothing unusual in their few Turns long relationship, which flared hot and heavy and then faded out as they moved on with their lives. Aamanz is nothing if not a permanent reminder of a temporary emotion, but he's well liked and well known by both parents and his several siblings and half-siblings. Young, there's not much to his life-story yet. He's seen a few flights, clutchings, and hatchings in his life, and finds living in a weyr full of Pern's living legends and relics to be as boring and unremarkable as any familiar setting, and often seeks out visitors and newcomers to query them about THEIR lives.

The biggest event in his short life so far has involved being Searched, at the tender age of 12. He didn't impress, and shook it off quicker than most would have expected. After all, they had all you can eat cake at the Impression feast…and a Weyr full of strangers he could badger for stories about their lives!


Name Relation Location Position Age Notes
Aa'on Father Fort Weyr Search and Rescue Rider +42 T Blue Istayutath
Manzy (Amazyna) Mother Fort Weyr Transport Rider + 34 T Green Estewth
Aalereon Half-Brother Fort Weyr Weyrbrat +0.5 T Son of Lereena
Aanzim Full Brother Fort Weyr Weyrbrat - 3 T
Minzy Full Sister Fort Weyr Weyrbrat - 7 T Known for her mischief

Aa'on (Aamon)

A slightly paunchy and balding bluerider, born and raised at Fort Weyr and known for carrying on his brownriding father's reputation as a lady's man. Though he's no longer the handsome devil he once was, he's father of more than his fair share of weyrbrats and assorted offspring with impressionable young holder girls. Frankly, he's probably in the running with L'ton for most known offspring. His blue Istayutath has flown greens at every Weyr on Pern, something Aa'on's inordinately proud of. For all the fact that he's no longer what someone might describe as particularly handsome, he's got a sparkling personality and has an enviable ability to charm his way into the pants of anyone he bothers to put his sights on. For all his pandering, he's actually a remarkably doting father, and tends to spend as much time as he can with all his various offspring, particularly those he shares with Manzy.

Manzy (Amazona)

A delicately built weyrbred woman who is more than able to hold her own among bigger, stronger, and prettier. Rumor has it that she's regularly drunk Istan bronzeriders under the tables, and possesses a joie du vive that is much larger than she is. She shared Candidacy, Weyrlinghood, and a eventually a weyr with Aa'on for some time, and has three children with him to prove it, along with a couple more children from flights.


Name Color Hatch Name Egg Name
Happ Brown Happily Hibernating Brown Hatchling Cozy Cave Egg
Yubi Brown Brown Hatchling Cream Colored Egg


Bulky and with a hint of roundness, this particular brown 'lizard all but exudes the feel of a stuffed animal rather more than a living creature. That he's slow-moving is part of it; that he tends to blink slowly is another. Mostly, though, it's just in his ample proportions and the color of his hide. Warm, dark brown covers him entirely, the hide shining mildly like a well-kept coat of fur. His muzzle is a bit short, his headknobs likewise truncated, and his tail is likewise ludicrously ill-proportioned; what he lacks in the illusion of length is more than made up for in the span of his shadowed wings and the wicked curve of too-long, onyx-hued talons.


This brown firelizard, perfectly proportioned, is nothing special. If there were a textbook definition of 'brown firelizard', he'd be the very image of that ubiquitous, generic creature! He's not terribly dark, nor is his very light; he doesn't veer towards the reddish or the orangeish or the yellowish or the greenish or the tannish. He's just plain brown. He's nowhere near as big as a gold one, or as small as a green one. He's right in the middle, and that seems to suit him just fine. Nothing at all stands out about the little fellow, as even his behavior is absolutely normal for a firelizard. One minute he's aloof, then he's friendly, then he's nosy, then he's all knowing and all seeing. Then, he's just hungry.