Portrayed By Max Riemelt
Gender male
Aliases Al, Alister, Alisty
Place of Birth Breakwater Hold
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Thunderbird Wingrider

Dignity, thy name is not A'ster. Unless it's rumpled, offended dignity. Then it's at least an alias.


Just past the awkwardness of adolescence, A'ster is a young man grown into his potential. He's middling-tall and reasonably fit, with fair skin that tans lightly; sandy blond hair and blue eyes and a square jaw that has found its way to being well defined. (It is, in turn, sometimes obscured by a short, scruffy little beard.)

Militarily clean and precise, A'ster's daily wear is a bit on the monochrome side: black pants, black undershirt; dark brown boots and belt both leather, both buckled, and a dark brown weyrhide riding jacket tailored to fit his trim frame.



Born in backwater Breakwater Hold, Alister is a middle child by fairly significant margins; his oldest brother is older and his youngest sister is much younger, with many more between them. The majority of his early life was spent smelling and smelling of fish; the hold is tiny, and the majority of the people in it, well. They're fishermen. Alister? Alister, not so much favorably inclined toward fish, or a life spent catching them. Which is why as soon as he was old enough - as soon as he was old enough - he joined the guard ranks.

It was still a life at Breakwater, and still a life surrounded by fishing … but it was something different. He actually proved surprisingly competent, and while his rise through the ranks wasn't meteoric, it was a rise, and a steady one. On the books for a promotion to sergeant, he readily accepted a transfer to Fort Weyr to help rebuild the ranks of their guard corps.

At Fort, he was promoted to sergeant; he re-made the acquaintance of his oldest-brother's once paramour, now junior weyrwoman, and occasionally found himself playing personal security to her, as well as the greater population of the weyr. That didn't last, though: while really only doing it to humor her, when asked — he stood for Inri's Kouzevelth's clutch. It was something different, after all.

He really wasn't expecting to Impress.


Name Relation age in relation to Alister Location Position
catalaish father breakwater retired fisherman
andebrai mother breakwater boat-builder
cailen brother +8 breakwater fisherman
anora sister-in-law +6 deceased (formerly, fishing boat captain)
alianora niece -13 breakwater teenager
coren nephew -17 breakwater rapscallion
railene niece -19 breakwater tag-along
ash'rei sibling +4 who knows. they write sometimes. brownrider seemingly incapable at staying in one place for more than a turn.
sasharei niece -13 breakwater bffs with alianora. friends with bitty.
beshnai sister -3) minecrafthall/mobile jman. eye on mastery
bessalyn nephew -26 beshnai-adjacent sticky-fingered time-suck
coriselle sister -6 breakwater formerly anora's first mate, now captain.
benait (biscuit) brother -8 breakwater chunky fishermen's sweaters keeping Breakwater warm and expanding outside of that niche market? Totally him. bff gravvy raises the sheep that provide the wool.
calira (bitty) sister -10 breakwater found her way: hipster microbrewer. friends with alia and sasha


Title OOC Date Cast
Eggs and Bacon and Booze January 13, 2017 A'ster, Thys
dogbreath ii: (not so) electric boogaloo August 26, 2017 A'ster, Syn


Hey Look It's A Brown Idiocy
He's an unprepossessing workmanlike brown from stem to stern save for smudges of boot-black that serve to outline his (rough around the) edges. His exterior seems solid enough, and gives little hint to what lies within. (Which is to say, dumb as rocks).

She's a pretty little thing, but there's something mean about her - perhaps from the angling of her head, or maybe from the lowered ridge above her eye, but something suggests she's not the sweetest green in the world. Her hide is an even, slightly shimmering shade of seafoam green, with highlights of silvery-blue along the tips of her neckridges and on her paws. There's threads of silver throughout the membranes of her wings, too, making them glimmer when they catch the light.



No Easy Way Out Brown Akleteyth
Is it an avian? Is it a wher? No, it's … stumpy dragon! So small and yet not, this brown is a study in how much muscle can be packed onto a small frame. Despite his truncated limbs and his broad chest and his bulked-up back end, his rich mahogany hide has a subtle gleam to it that accents just how darned pretty he is. The broad planes of his face are well-formed, leaving him with a handsome countenance that's just slightly too short in the nose, not that it detracts from his dapper charm. Garnet's gleam colours the 'ridges that run along his spine - on any other dragon they would appear overlarge, but they're balanced here by the sheer girth of his neck. His wings lack width, questionably stubby as they are, with verdigris tracing the equivocal lines of 'spars and adding filigree contrast to his shallow 'sails. Aeronautical ability aside, there's no doubt this lad, with his smooth shiny hide and its glossy red highlights, has strength beyond measure.

lineart by Virenn